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Joell Ortiz & !llmind – HUMAN

2015-08-5 - Ortiz & !llMind

Joell Ortiz & !llmind have teamed up to create and release what some already consider a hip-hop classic album, HUMAN.  The initial recording of HUMAN began in March.  Over the course of the following month, Joell Ortiz & !llmind had written and recorded 11 songs which they decided to compile into an album and release on Roseville Music Group.  The name HUMAN derives from the idea that this project was as ‘human’ as a music project could get.  The month Joell Ortiz & !llmind spent in the studio recording was all about the vibe created and music collaboration between themselves.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Joell Ortiz & !llmind are going to be performing their new album, HUMAN, on August 5th at Cervantes’ Other Side.  Come out and get down to this spectacular album live!



Westerley Live @ Shambhala 2013 – Living Room Stage

Big shout out to Westerley for this huge dubstep mix!

:Michael Red on the Mic:

1) Author – After Time
2) Dubtek & Chewie – Primitive
3) The Others – One Man Show (J:Kenzo Remix)
4) Dcult – US
5) LAS – Blood
6) Karma – Smear Dub
7) Gantz – Lifebound
8) Deafblind – Humanism
9) Gantz – U Wont Mind
10) Catacombs – Badman Culture
11) Piezo – The Omen
12) Daega Sound – Rainmaster
13) Sleeper – Species
14) D-Operation Drop – Genesis
15) LAS – Minus 2
16) Commodo – Space Cash
17) Gantz – Stayer
18) Amit – No Mercy
19) Killawatt & Ipman – Killa In A Jungle
20) Chewie – Mesmerized
21) Catacombs – Music Mi Luv
22) Perverse – Tribute
23) Killawatt & Ipman – Darkplace
24) Benton – Wormholes (Soap Dodgers Remix)
25) Thelem – Elemental Fears
26) J Robinson – Mysticism
27) Matt U – Frequency
28) Daega Sound – Under Pressure
29) Demon – Door 13
30) Biome – Black Widow
31) Asylum – Blindfold
32) J:Kenzo – Ricochet
33) Daega Sound – The Ridge
34) Westerley – Keys Of Time
35) Daega Sound – State Of Mind
36) Amit – Acid Trip
37) Fatboy – Sick (Artikal Remix)
38) Ipman – Persistent Dread
39) Goth Trad – Born To Know
40) Ipman – Sensory Deprivation
41) DJG – Time Is The Fire VIP
42) Killawatt – Static Tension
43) Sunchase & Nickbee – I Speak & Spell
44) J:Kenzo – Cause & Effect
45) Icicle – Caffeine
46) J:Kenzo – Bloodlines
47) Ipman – Signal Motion
48) Thelem – Synthetic Artifacts
49) Chapta – Late Night Jazz
50) Asylum – Afterlife
51) Wayfarer – Reflections
52) Dub Phizix – Yukon
53) Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptikal Remix)
54) J:Kenzo – One Drop
55) Chimpo ft. Dub Phizix & Skeptikal – Buzzin’

GRIZ // Pressha // Dirty Byrdz // Physix // FEB 8TH

For the last couple weeks I’m sure you’ve seen all of the GRIZ flyers around the city, and getting passed around through the internet.  Last Friday while I was down in Portland, Oregon, for a TMK1 art show, I caught wind that GRIZ was playing that night at the Refuge.  The TMK1 art show was over at 11pm, so as soon as the whole crew was packed up and ready to go, we were in route to one of the most entertaining electronic music shows to hit Portland in a while.

By the time a couple Swishers had been burned and a few people had been dropped off, Ganjaology and TMK1 arrived at the Refuge at half past midnight, just in time to witness GRIZ captivate the entire building with an extraordinary saxophone solo that led right back into some funky glitch-hop madness.  For the next couple hours, GRIZ held the crowds captivated while he bounced between the harder sounds of dubstep, the bouncier side of glitch-hop, and his own live instrumentation intertwined through out the performance.  Unfortunately, I was having so much fun that those couple hours seemed just like a few minutes.

Next Friday, February 8th, Seattle is going to have the wonderful treat of seeing GRIZ perform live at The Crocodile with support from BassDrop Music artists Pressha, Dirty Byrdz, and Physix.  The show is ALL AGES, everyone is invited!  There are going to be a lot of heads out to support GRIZ and the BassDrop crew so grap pre-sale tickets for this event.  The first two tiers of pre-sale tickets are sold out, but it’s not too late to grab the 3rd tier pre-sales for $20 after taxes.


This is going to be a show you don’t want to miss!!


~ – ~ – ~ – ~

Detroit, MI
Liberated Music

~ – ~ – ~ – ~
Seattle, WA
Bassdrop Music

~ – ~ – ~ – ~
Seattle, WA
Bassdrop Music

~ – ~ – ~ – ~
Tacoma, WA
Bassdrop Music


Julian Sartorius – Beat Diary

Felt tipped pen. Sticks on an elevator shaft. Cymbal Monkey. Mallets striking harvest wheat.

These are only a few of the dynamic instruments that Swiss drummer Julian Sartorius has used in his year long Beat Diary project. The mission was to create one beat, each day for a whole year; using only the sounds of his environment. No effects, no loops, just Julian and his drum kit, plus any interesting sounds he could throw together using a field recorder with an overdub button.

Covering a wide range of music, Julian has been studying percussion and sound from a young age. While much of his work could be called jazz, hip hop, experimental or world music; his style cannot be classified. Specializing in unusual, unprocessed, acoustic sounds – Julian’s music embodies the soul of an artist. Though different than pretty much anything I’ve heard before, the Beat Diary work is enriching and enlivening. Spirited and full of life,  this music is sure to make you move.


The sounds are being released today through Swiss label Everest Records as a 12 LP set which includes each of the 365 beats accompanied by 365 photos to tell the story. Also included is a download code for digital copies of the songs. Only 365 of these exclusive box sets are available, so get it while you can.


The Cannabinoids featuring Erykah Badu – Decibel Festival 2012

How many MacBooks does it take to produce pure magnetic harmony? In the case of Erykah Badu and the Cannabinoids, 8 is the magic number. Run by a team of 9 high vibrational beings, these computers aid in the synthesis of a simply awesome array of sound. Using keyboards, turntables, drum sequencers on top of live drums, and a theramin; the Cannabinoids combine synthetic and organic elements of production to create a symphony of intelligent vibes.

At Decibel Festival this year, these guys packed the Paramount Theater in Seattle with an excited crowd of Seattlites and travelers alike. It felt like quite a few of the folks I met at Decibel this year were from out of town. Makes sense…

Who wouldn’t travel to see such an incredible lineup of artists?

EB and the Cannabinoids were just one of the amazing acts this year at DB Fest. Exploring the science of addiction, this team of sound scientists has come up with a powerful hypothesis: that the combination of synthetic and organic can produce simply stunning results.

Big up to The Confluence Group for the crystal clear footage!

Check out more of DB Fest from Confluence here.


Post Decibel Artist Highlight – MIMOSA


Remember when dubstep first hit the states and all of your favorite DJ’s were playing this new sound from the UK?  That’s pretty much what is going on with ‘TRAP’ at the moment.  Producers and DJs who are definitely NOT from ATL have taken the Dirty South sound stemming from producers like Lil’ Jon, Zaytoven, Drumma Boy, and Lex Luger, and given it a new spin that incorporates all sorts of EDM genres into the mix, ultimately creating a new EDM sub-genre, appropriately entitled, TRAP.

Thursday at Decibel Festival I spent the day and night running around from party to party and literally EVERYWHERE I went I heard the distinct sprinkler snare drum rattling and the ever so distinct Trapaholics sample “DAMN SON WHER’ED YOU FIND THIS!?” before I entered each venue. Oh yes.  I was entering the trap.  I heard a quite a few DJ’s dropping a LOT of the same songs from artists like UZ, Flosstradamus, and Bauerr, which is cool…all the songs are hot, but their stage presence and energy didn’t quite compare to the music they were playing.  I wanted to see hands up in the air, DJ’s singing along to the songs they were playing, I wanted to see them on the mic, and most of all I wanted to see the DJ getting the crowd hyped!

My last destination of Thursday night was The Showbox to go check out Mimosa.  Now…I’ve been keeping up with Mimosa for a while now and having heard some of his newer mixes over the last year I already knew that the young Californian bass prince was going to be bringing a next level energy for this Decibel Festival, and would outshine a lot of artists due to his ability to captivate the crowd.  As I was walking up to The Showbox, I didn’t hear any snare drums…no Trapaholic samples…no 808 kicks…was I at the right place?  As I got inside Tipper had just finished up his set and Mimosa was walking on stage.  I had arrived at the perfect moment.  Mimosa came on stage and blew everyone out of the water.  With a joint lit, he proceeded to play more than an hour of next level, future trap beats, most of which I had never heard.  I’m pretty sure a lot of them were unreleased original tunes that he was saving for that night.

My homie Galen, of The Confluence, was there shooting video of Mimosa and got this SICK shot of Mimosa dropping Antiserum and Mayhems Brick Squad Anthem (which is the PERFECT example of trap), with the tightest images of the Space Needle, Smith Tower, and other Seattle buildings booming in neon colors behind him.

As I expected, Mimosa absolutely destroyed (I mean that in a good way) the showbox and left everyone sweaty as ever with a smile on their face.  If you’ve got talent…might as well use it! Big ups Mimosa.  You did it again.

Photo Credit : Eva Blue

Vibesquad & Opiuo – Live in Seattle this Saturday!

After a successful showcase at Decibel Festival last weekend, Bassdrop is taking no breaks and getting ready for another bass filled night, this time, featuring VibeSquad and Opiuo.  The party is taking place this coming Saturday at Chop Suey (definitely one of my favorite venues in Seattle!) on Capitol Hill and will kick off with the support of Bassdrop artist Pressha, and Supervision.  Tickets are $15 if you buy ’em in advance, and a little bit more at the door.  I’d say just buy your ticket now and make sure you’re locked in for the party!  Okay enough reading…it’s time for you to check out the superb sounds of VibeSquad, Opiuo, Supervisoin, and Pressha!

Post Decibel Festival Artist Highlight – Nina Kraviz

One of my favorite things about Decibel Festival is going to showcases where you know nothing about the artists playing, except that they play damn good music, and leaving the club craving to hear the new sounds you just experienced again and again.  Saturday night of Decibel Festival was a huge night for music.  There was basically just too much to pick from so I let my buddy make the decision.  We opted to go for a show he was extremely stoked for and I knew nothing about.  I was diving into an unknown realm of bass.

The Russian techno queen I went to see goes by the name of Nina Kraviz.  She is one of Moscow’s most sought after DJ’s at the moment, and made her way into many peoples sound systems earlier this year with her debut on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix.  Upon my arrival to Q, the new Capitol Hill night club, I really didn’t know what I was getting my ears into.  I walked inside, and instantly a thumping low frequency being projected from Funktion-One speakers settled deep with my body.  It was a thump that would not sway, a thump that always hit on the quarter note, and was interlaced with metallic splashes, dings, with a sexy voice over top. I had entered the world of Nina Kraviz.

For the next hour and half I grooved and boogied my heart out at the front of the stage with the speakers with giant disco balls blessing the club with spectacular lighting and everyones energy thundering around me until it was time to move to the next venue to continue my musical exploration.  It was hard to leave.  Q was filled up with techno and house lovers of all ages, all backgrounds, and all with the same love for the music, but I had another showcase to go check out, so I had to go.

What’s the moral of this short story?  Listen to Nina Kraviz’ music, GO SEE HER LIVE, and let’s hope she’s invited back to Decibel Festival next year!

Video Credit: Galen Oakes courtesy of The Confluence.

Gaudi In The Studio

There are a lot of reasons why Gaudi is one of my favorite artists out there today.  A few reasons would be his high levels of positive energy, his classic analog production style, his ever so entertaining live performances, and because he makes videos like this one to really show you himself in his creative process.  Enjoy.

New highly anticipated Gaudi album coming soon…

Beats Antique Show at the Newport

You can tell a lot about a band by looking at their audience. As the crowd trickled in early Tuesday night to the Newport in Columbus, the wide array of influences bestowed by Beats Antique could be seen reflected in their followers: festival-goers donning the latest in glowstick technology, leather clad Danzig disciples, aspiring bellydancers, and a substantial amount of 40-somethings of various Indo-European descent.

Much like their audience, the “Animale Mechanique” show put on by Beats Antique was remarkably unique as far electronic music performances go. It stood out from any other acoustic, visual, or dance performance I’ve ever seen, for that matter. The word “eclectic” comes to mind, but I’m not sure it does justice to what i experienced. A combination of acoustic Eastern European instrumentation and 808 drum machines, glitchy samples, and belly dancing would deem this show more worthy of the “Performance Art” category.

The show started out with belly dancer/frontwoman Zoe Jakes doing a dance routine to a minimal bell percussion loop. As her performance moved forward, drummer “Sidecar” Tommy Cappel and multi-instrumentalist David Satori came in, adding dirty drum machine rolls and violin phrases, until finally bringing in the full array of samples and loops along with the more dramatic side of the light show. With the addition of a live drum-kit to the already big-room sound, the atmosphere took on a dramatic, almost movie-trailer feel to it.

As the 2-hour set rolled on, Jakes changed into different elaborate outfits according to the tone of the music, and Satori got more and more experimental with his plethora of instruments in constant flux. At one point, Satori was playing a banjo with a drumstick filtered through a wah-wah pedal while Jakes danced behind a blank projection screen, her silhouette accented by a large headdress and other bulky but elegant accessories. I also heard melodica and trumpet from Satori, and a dueling drum feud between him and drummer Cappel. Other highlights of Jakes’ dance display included a mermaid love song with opening act Lynx, crystal-clad deer antlers, and a giant white linen dress puffed up by a fan (Marilyn Monroe style) with blue polka-dotted lights projected onto it. The audience was constantly receiving new forms of stimuli as the live performance progressed.

The band upped the tempo toward the end of their set in logical fashion, flexing more of their EDM, post-dubstep muscles for the kids. For one of their cinematic finales, they covered BassNectar’s “Voodoo” and brought out the super hype lights to reveal a sea of people jumping in unison. By the end of the show, the band was prancing around in animal masks, along with some of the better dancers in the crowd who were brought up on stage to join. Top it off with confetti canons and you’ve got yourself an awe-inspiring experience.

Below are a few favorites from the group’s latest EP entitled “Contraption Vol.II

The first track is number four off of the  eight track EP and it’s truly a beautiful one. It’s sort of drunken rhythm will have a crowd swaying side to side as if they were an old western saloon hanging out with Tom Waits. The smooth sung vocal harmonies drive the song along as they are accented by perfectly timed strings and raw acoustic guitars. The song’s title “Crooked Muse” should give you a good idea of the song even before listening. You may find yourself singing along by the time the chorus comes along.

The second is actually the next track on the EP and it shows truly what group can do production-wise. The track entitled “Hero” is a perfect mix between the past and the present, the analog and the digital, the live performance and the studio. It opens with beautifully crafted string harmonies that have so much emotion in them that you cant wait for the beat to drop in. As the complex percussion comes in, there is a equal mix of organic sounding drums and chopped audio to give a nice EDM accent. As the song flows through the groups complex arranging style they continue to build up until such an epic synthesized drop with an incredible tremolo synth mixed with the pre-existing instruments. This track is truly a remarkable composition that accurately depicts, as they put, a ‘Hero’.

Check out Beats Antique: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, or their website

more photos c/o Vince Frascello can be found here

6 Days ’til Decibel Festival – B. Bravo – Teeko

So there’s two purposes to this post. First off the tune below, which is part of an EP released yesterday, is just downright funky. The perfectly crafted grooves that have the feel of the 70’s but the production quality of today, accurately show the two producers talents and capabilites. The duo hailing from the Bay Area, California have been musicians for quite sometime. Although the two have created quite an electronic feel, they have both been influenced by many jazz and funk artists, which can be heard in their music. Teeko, who has toured from coast to coast, as a DJ and as a Jazz musician has made quite a name for himself today. B. Bravo is nothing short of that himself, starting the label Frite Nite and touring as a DJ and live performer as well.  The EP is available on iTunes as well as directly from the Record Label’s website, It’s available in digital and vinyl so go and grab it!

The second part to this post is that B. Bravo will be performing on Sept. 28th, at DECIBEL FESTIVAL!  So you can hear him live on that friday if you’re in the Seattle area!

Preview of the entire EP:

Callisto – Dulcimer Dubs (Forthcoming on Ganjaology)

This is my first single entitled Dulcimer Dubs.

It is being released on Ganjaology in January 2013.

I put my heart and soul into the production of this track.

The hammered dulcimer was played by my friend Jardee.

Dulcimer Dubs was made for you to enjoy.

Thanks for listening.

-Nigel Callisto Crocodile, aka The Ganjaolgist

Art by Nicooleo.

AfroMassive – Sunrise [Live in Fremont Thursday!!]

This is a calling to the masses! Peoples of the planet, students of the anti-system – California’s own AfroMassive will be performing tomorrow night at Nectar Lounge in Fremont. Ganjaology invites you to step up your Thursday and head down to Nectar to party with us and experience a dancehall unlike what you’re used to. AfroMassive will be bringing a team of bad boy musicians to keep us rocking all night. Tune in with us tomorrow night at sweet, sweet Nectar in Fremont.

AfroMassive brings a sound that is sure to keep you moving. I would maybe describe them as an afro-beat, electro-funk bass team. Turned up and tuned in, these guys rock it. With live ingredients including drums, bass, guitar, percussion, keys and horns along with synths n’ triggers, AfroMassive is busy producing the riddims that will make you vibrate. I had the chance to join these guys for a few shows when I was recently down in the Bay, and their vibrant energy is FRESH. Check back in the next few weeks for an interview with this big up and coming group!

The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi

Tim and Puma Mimi are QUITE an interesting duo.  Their glitchy, electro, pop, hip-hopish music is just about as positive, fun to dance to, and original as music gets these days.  Today marks the day of their latest release The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi.  What really caught my eye about these two is the story behind all their music.  Let me sum this up for you real quick…Listen while you read!

Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, and Tokyo, Japan, Tim and Mimi started off as school mates at university in Utrecht, Netherlands, met at an old-school santa party, went on a three week music making binge, said a sad goodbye due to Mimi having to return to Japan, released four tracks onto the ever so intricately woven world wide web, which then made their way into ears in every part of the earth.  From here they continued to shock the followers they already had, and pick up new ones with ease through playing a live show together through…skype?  Yes.  Skype concerts.  Mimi would sing live in her kitchen over a webcam and Tim would have a party set up somewhere in the Europe.  People loved it…and so this was their most familiar and recognized form of musical connection for three whole years.  Now…Here is the best part of the story! In 2011, after 8 years of having known each other, they got married, and are now are releasing their latest full length album, in the year of the dragon, through Mouthwatering Records, an independent record label from Bern, Switzerland.  SO much work has gone into this album, years of sweat and smiles, practice, and….web cams.  Below is a list of all the tracks and the source of inspiration for each song.  Enjoy!

1. Acchi Kocchi
Our friends, Tokyo based band YMCK, inspired us to produce this song. They developed a plug-in (free to download
on the net), producing 8-bit sounds. However, the hi-hat is still Mimi’s “tch”.

2. Surrealism
Inspired by Mimi’s small flat in Shinagawa, Tokyo. 1DK = One Dining Kitchen Apartment

3. Ohayo Baby
Dedicated to Tamaki Takanaga, the newly born Baby of their best friends in Tokyo. For her birthday, they built a little
monster puppet with an mp3-player in it.

4. High 5 Low 5
Inspired by the mood of Tim and Mimi, up and down. Tibetan bells and a wooden flute from Tim’s grandfather.

5. Spiderweb
Inspired by Pastor Leumund’s instruments in Berlin, an old piano and a keyboard that makes funky beats.

6. Tamago
Töbi Tobler: Hackbrett (dulcimer). Tim’s first record he got from his parents was “Töbi Tobler”. He loved it! 25 years
later he asked Töbi, whether he can record him.
Text is inspired by Hans Arp and heavy summer rain.

7. Tigerbalm
Töbi Tobler: Hackbrett (dulcimer), Tim: Flute

8. Belleville Rendez-Vous
Cover song from the crazy animation movie: “Triplettes de Belleville”.

9. Shinjuku
Inspired by the Tokyo train ring tone. Each subway station in Tokio has its own melody, ringing each time, when a
train enters or leaves the station.

10. Green Blood Circulation
Inspired by the Tokyo train ring tone

11. Q-cumber
Song of the electronic cucumber. (Yes the electronic sounds comes from the cucumber!)
Watch Cucumber performance here:

12. Musik Business feat. Zebra Baby
Inspired by IFPI Switzerland (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry).
Currently there are investigations running, on whether the IFPI has adulterated the Swiss charts. As guest rapper
on this track: Zebra Baby (Char Johnson + Ali Ramos) from New York.

13. Toryanse
Inspired by the traffic light ring tone in Kyoto. It’s an old Japanese folk song, that is played when the traffic light
changes to green. It’s about crossing borders.Mimi sings the song with a Casio VL-1



Also, Don’t miss this epic music video for their song High 5 Low 5!

Strictly Steppas mix – The Attic, Bristol, 7th June 2012

BO! BO! BO! Here is little promo mix for a party going down at The Attic, in Bristol, from one of the freshest reggae-bass DJ’s in the UK, Cut La Vis.  I’m wishing I was able to make it to this…but hey…you can’t be at everything awesome.  This mix represents nothing but good vibes, incredible bass, and pure fiyah tunes.  Show some love for Cut La Vis and let this 30 minute mix of steppin’ music ring out worldwide before he blesses the sound system at The Attic on June 7th.  Big UPs!

BassDrop Presents : The Polish Ambassador Live @ Neumos (TONIGHT)

Womp! Womp! Zoom! CRASH! Boing! Boing! REWIIIIIIIIIIIIIND! The Polish Ambassador has been brought to town (Seattle) by Bassdrop  to throw down some grimy, glitchy, funky, sexy, and EXTRA spacey bassy beats.  You had better make sure that only thing on your agenda tonight is to get your ass on the dance floor at Neumos.  Tickets are only $15, so no excuses not to show.  On top of having one of California’s finest in the building, the opening line up is off the hook too! With Tonzafun and Sunny Chiba representing Seattle, and Glitch & Swagga coming in from Wenatchee, WA, there will be nonstop incredible tracks back to back…to back…to back…to…back.  See ya’ll there!


The Maneken – Reactable Live Show

When I walked into the club…and I saw the dj using this…I thought to myself…WHAT THE FUCK!?

Banditz – BPD

Ganjaology team member John Hanna aka @itsthejhanna has a new project in the works with Florida native, Billy Da Kid, better known to the Orlando bass scene as Dozur.  Together they now go by Banditz.  With a new release this past week and shows in both Florida and Ohio over the next few months, these two Full Sail University producers will have their work cut out for them while they finish up 2011.  Follow Banditz on SoundCloud HERE, ‘like’ their Facebook page HERE, and click play below to hear their new track BPD. 

Doctor P – Tetris

Hot Damn!! Good God DAMN!!! HOLY SHIT!!! WHAT THE….!!!!!!!  I don’t even know how to begin describing this song! Okay thats a lie. Lets start with the intro…it sounds like…TETRIS!! The Tetris theme song is easily recognizable by everyone from the ages of ancient all the way down to the three year old in the back seat of the soccer mom van playing on their GameBoy.  So knowing Doctor P’s style after hearing his hits like Sweet Shop, Big Boss, and Neon, weekend after weekend in every club I go to for the last 24 months, I had high expectations of this track when I first heard someone mention it to me.  After searching for the song on youtube the only thing that came up was a video of Doctor P dropping his unreleased track at a show in Melbourne, Australia, and DAMN THE CROWD GOES FUCKING NUTS!!! Look at the dudes face at 0:18 in the video! He has me laughing super hard every time I watch it.  Anyway, on the 13th of this month the Doc released Tetris for the world and has had the club crowds going insane ever since.  Doctor P is definitely one of the biggest names in dubstep right now and is getting ready for his first trip to Seattle next month! Stay posted for info about the upcoming show.