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The Bloom Series – Community Screenings [Tonight in PDX!]

The Bloom, A Journey Through Transformational Festivals

If you happen to be in Portland this evening, be sure to check out the premier screening of the Bloom Series. The Bloom, which will be shown tonight at The Academy Theatre, is a special opportunity to tune in to the Fundamental Frequencies with which our emerging culture resonates. Director Jeet-Kei Leung and his team have been around the globe gathering footage and interviews in an effort to document the cultural renaissance that is occurring through the advent of Transformational Festivals.

Tonight is the flagship screening in Portland which will be followed by US screenings in Denver, Worcester, Austin, Minneapolis and Seattle along with Canadian screenings in Victoria, Calgary, Vancouver, Enderby and Ottowa. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to link, laugh, love and elaborate on all the wonderful ideas that make our reality so enlivening. See you there!

Learn more about The Bloom here and purchase tickets here.

One Love


Midnite, KRSNA, Blessed Coast Sound System – Live at Neumo’s // Seattle // April 21, 2013

Midnite, Seattle, Neumo's, Roots, Reggae

Lift up Seattle! This is a calling. To all children at heart, young and old, big and small. On this day the 21st of April, 2013 there will be held a gathering. A session to give thanks and praises and to commune with one another in the presence of I.

The night will include performances by the almighty roots reggae band Midnite of St. Croix, along with supporting artists KRSNA Band and Blessed Coast Sound System!

For those that have not yet had the pleasure of knowing personally the music of Midnite, this is an invitation to invest. An invitation to adjust your I, to tune in through heart and head, and to improve our unified overstanding. The band which are led by brothers Ron and Vaughn Benjamin have been performing and spreading the positive message since their birth in 1997. With over 40 published recordings with many different labels, and many many praises and recognitions from across the globe, Midnite is one of the premier roots reggae bands of our time. This will be a performance to be remembered.

Get tickets for the show at Neumo’s here!

Midnite, Neumo's, Seattle, Roots, Reggae

Be sure to pick up the latest release from Midnite entitled, Children of Jah Dubs. It will be available digitally and on CD this month, just in time for the show. Get your copy pre ordered here.

And remember

…time is not counted from daylight, but from midnite

Here are some tunes to get things moving.

Until time, we hold love in our hearts and smiles in our faces.


Thanks and praises to everyone whose beautiful energy has gone into the production of this event. We would like to extend special thanks to Ises Productions, Rebel Lion Music, Higher Reasoning Reggae Time, and Neumo’s.

Thank you!

Bevvy Swift – Feelings Mix Series [Ganjaology Exclusive Interview]

Bevvy Swift - Feellings - Ganjaology

When it comes to music that resonates your soul as deeply as it rattles your speakers, the frequencies radiating from Vancouver native Bevvy Swift are truly turned up and tuned in. Since his start as a DJ and producer in 2004, Bevvy has focused primarily on creating hip hop influenced bass music. Incorporating sounds from the future into rhythms of the past, Bevvy’s compositions are as deep rooted as they are high tech.

His work with DJ partner Shaun Galaugher and their duo Glitchy & Scratchy has been a platform for which Mr. Swift has been able to turn up the dial on his musical output. Together, through a combination of in depth studio work and many club and festival dates across Canada, the pair has an impressive resume of both performance and production. We had the distinct pleasure of catching these two together for the first time at a NYE after-after-house-party on New Years Day in Vancouver in 2011.

Though much of his creations may be dance focused, siding on the glitchy trip hop – Bevvy Swift is by no means a man of shallow ears. His mix series Feelings, which we are featuring here, can attest to his deep knowledge of the power of sensitivity, emotion and love when incorporated into music. The three part series features songs which paint emotional landscapes for the listener. With an intimate connection to each tune, Bevvy has moved from DJ to story teller with this series. Let these sounds sink in as they wash over you, and pay attention to what you feel. Are you too, moved by this music?


We had a chance to speak with Bevvy about the Feelings mix series, giving him the opportunity to provide his own account of the project. We also touched on his recent endeavors, upcoming projects and plans for 2013. Let’s here what he had to say!

GANJAOLOGY : What’s up. Let’s start with what’s your name, where you from? Any musical affiliations to note, labels, partnerships, etc.

BEVVY : Bevan Marco Ruebsaat Bartlett, born march 3rd, 1986, Grace Hospital, Vancouver BC. I’ve been going by Bevvy Swift since I started DJing in 2004, while Glitchy & Scratchy came about a few years later. I’ve released music with San Francisco’s Muti Music; Vancouver-based label East Van Digital; and’s sister label, Woofercookers.

GANJAOLOGY : How long have you been involved in music? Tell us a bit about your roots.

BEVVY : My parents were traveling folk singer/teachers before they settled down to have kids – so needless to say music has been a huge part of my life since day one. I started collecting records at age 5 (the beatles mostly), and started playing guitar at 13. Around the same time I fell in love with hip hop, and was lucky enough to be in a high school that was just starting a digital music composition program. I wanted to make beats for lyrics, but most of the rappers in my school either sucked or wanted some mainstream ass beats or both, so production at that phase was not taken too seriously. I was experimenting with sounds and having a great time doing it. Once I got out of high school I got my first job, and turntables were the first thing I bought. I spent the next couple of years gigging around vancouver’s rave scene mostly, playing breakbeats, hip-hop, and drum n bass. During that time I met and befriended DJ Global (aka El Mongoose, aka the Greenskeeper, aka the other half of Glitchy & Scratchy) and he lit a little fire under my ass to get writing beats again. Our idea was to take the elements we liked from the rave stuff (big bass, punchy drums, blippy, drippy synths) and write hip-hop beats for the future. Once we realized that someone, somewhere might actually want to hear what we were doing, it was game on!

GANJAOLOGY : Your bio says, “Bevvy draws from the electronic sounds of the past to make the hip hop of the future.” Tell us about some of these influences.

BEVVY : Videogames and sci-fi mostly. I grew up without TV, and thus found myself very susceptible to its influence when exposed. I was deeply intrigued by people in the past speculating about what the future was going to be like. Games like Metroid, Contra, Chrono Trigger; movies like Dune, Star Wars, Total Recall… It was like this beautiful marriage of nostalgia and possibility, and i think those are two things that influence my music more than most.

GANJAOLOGY : Tell us about your involvement in the BC Bass scene. What makes the culture so rich?

BEVVY : As soon as I started going to raves around age 16, I knew I wanted to get my hands dirty. I used to help promoter friends flyer, that kind of thing; started DJing very soon after that. I didn’t put on any shows of my own until 2007, when Global and I teamed up with fellow glitch hop producers J.Me.J and Application to form the Integrated Grime Unit, whose purpose was to make sure everyone in Vancouver knew about this awesome new style of music… haha, and then the world! At that time, the old guards of broken beat – DnB & breakbeats – were fast losing peoples interest, and dubstep was just catching hold of vancouver’s underground. It is much thanks to other local sound pioneers (namely vancouver’s “Lighta!” boys), and the musical open-mindedness of the day that we were able to reach anybody.

GANJAOLOGY : I caught your sets at Bass Coast and Shambhala this past year. What other festivals did you play? 2012 highlights?

BEVVY : In 2012 I played at Loki Music Festival, Diversity, Sync, as well as Basscoast and Shambles… hope i’m not missing any. Diversity was my fave time this summer i think. So low key and relaxed, only getting ravey when called for. Shambles & Basscoast are always a good time too, no surprises there. I love driving long distances – and post-festival driving, when everyone else is passed out. It’s one of my favorite times to be alive!

GANJAOLOGY : Today we are listening to your Feelings mix series. The selections are a bit more deep and lovey than what you usually play. Any words to go along with the sounds?

BEVVY : Big personal paradigm shift for me this year, further in the direction of disclosure and honesty. Disclosure as in saying what you truly feel, and honesty, as in truly meaning what you say. The tunes included in the series are all very close to my heart, so much so that if asked, I could tie a specific emotional experience to each one… but don’t ask. My first few weeks in montreal left me listening to my “on repeat” playlist and steeping in all these feelings, and it felt like i needed to do something to release – to get it out there – so i could move forward, musically and personally. I never thought recording mixes would take so much out of me, but i am infinitely glad it did. If we dont let music affect us, what’s the point in listening? And by the same token, if we don’t let life affect us, what is the point in being alive? Open that heart thingy. You’d be surprised what finds its way in.

GANJAOLOGY : The wisdom creeps in. This is very true. Any upcoming events or festivals on the horizon?

BEVVY : Late march will see me open for NASTYNASTY in Montreal; all night, secret location! That same week I’ll be playing at a graffiti battle. I had a chance to play at the last graff event my first week here, and was blown away. Montreal has a really diverse arts scene, one I wish I had more time to get deeper involved in. As for summer 2013, only time will tell…

GANJAOLOGY : Surely it will. You have an upcoming release, want to talk about that?

BEVVY : Sure! on March 12th, Muti Music (home of Herobust, ill-Esha, Mimosa, Ill Gates, R/D…) is putting out an EP of remixes from my first album, Monochrome. On the release are diverse re-workings from label boss Dov, BC future music homies HxDB (who is going to be here in MTL soon), and the Philthkids, with a leftfield/dancefloor hybrid from cali native, Hypha. as i said, its pretty diverse for a four track ep, but thats the true beauty of remixes.
I also have a remix for the homey Mylesaway coming early summer on Mat the Alien’s imprint, Really Good Recordings. Myles goes deep and dark with this release, and my remix of his Badman Drone is probably one of the heaviest tunes ive ever written – so much so, that i was considering releasing it under one of my many yet-imaginary aliases.

GANJAOLOGY : Looking forward to hearing all that! What more can we expect in 2013?

BEVVY : My next album for muti is in the works, keep an eye out for that later this year. Chunky drums, neck-snap rhythms, and funky ass basslines. Future retro shit. I also have a couple of side projects on the go, which may at some point this year become front projects. Late night stuff, vocal stuff. Late night vocal stuff.

Big Shout to Bevvy for all his hard work and willingness to share his thoughts.

Today he celebrates his 27th birthday.

Happy Birthday Bevvy!

Much love and respect from the whole team here at…


Bevvy Swift

FEELINGS (a love story) full tracklisting:


Lift You Up………………………………………ViLLΛGE
Cycles…………………………………………….M. Constant
Highest Jump…………………………………..OL
Motivation……………………………………….Frank Grimes
Another Girl [Machinedrum rmx]…………Jacques Greene
Pyramids (epic ass video version)…………Frank Ocean
Birds……………………………………………….Subp Yao
Bottle Service [ft. Shlomo]…………………..Groundislava
See You In The Morning……………………..Anxious Forbes
Alone [Kastle rmx]…………………………….JMSN
Columbia Clock & Dagger Pt. 2……………Aalo Guha
I’m God…………………………………………..Clams Casino

PT. 2 – OVER (& over & over)

3rd Soul…………………………………………Jim-E Stack
Nothing Between Us…………………………ViLLΛGE
Roll With The Punches………………………Peverelist
Seven…………………………………………….Max Ulis
Sunshine………………………………………..Submotion Orchestra
Forgive Me (for messin’ up)……………….Two Inch Punch
Saudeleur……………………………………….Sick Whips
On My Roost……………………………………Shoulda
Ol’ Lady Love Songs………………………….Imaginations Treetrunk

PT. 3 – HEAD (over heels)

Ode to Bear……………………………………Mount Kimbie
Fifth Ave………………………………………..Gold Panda
Andrew’s Dead………………………………..Jonwayne
Candyman……………………………………..Prison Garde
Right on Time…………………………………B.Bravo
Trying to Get Over…………………………..Prison Garde
Pad Kontrol…………………………………….Georgia Anne Muldrow
Afternoon Soul………………………………..Gramatik
Orbit162………………………………………..Decepticon Bootleg Machine
Get Free……………………………………..Major Lazer ft. Amber

Bevvy Swift

Typesun – The PL [Single]

Typesun - The PL

Here’s to a relaxing evening. Typesun of Bristol paints elegance into the score on this stellar tune, released this winter with Root Elevation.

Throw this one in the mix and let your senses slide into the infinite. Feel yourself falling in love. Don’t have a lover? Whatever, find something to spark a little light in your life. Maybe you love… lamp.

…and we’re lamping.


Shouts to Deep Heads for the tip.

Get the tune here.

Grounded TV Network – Festival Photographer Contest 2013

Heads up to the film and photo community, Grounded TV Network has the contest that will surely blow the minds of 5 fit photographers this summer. This BC based media company has been responsible for some of the highest quality footage and photos of many of the most extraordinary and extravagant parties on this side of the planet. They will be selecting 5 candidates to represent them this summer at the festivals of their choosing.

Yes, you heard it right…

Win this contest and go to any festivals you want this summer!

Here’s how it works.

To enter, email 10 examples of your best work (.jpg) , along with an introduction to yourself and your work, and a list of the festivals you would like to work with. Email –DEADLINE MARCH 25TH. Out of 15 finalist, 5 winners will be selected by public voting.

-Must be 19 or older.

-Not paid work, but you will usually get 2 tickets to the festivals you shot, as well as the option to sell or trade ad space in your online photo sets.

-Winners will also get a bunch of prizes from our sponsors (more being added soon), a hard cover book of their photography at the end of the year, and the option to sell this book, along with prints of there work through an online store of Grounded, all money going to the artist.

Check out some examples of photos and film from the Grounded TV Network below and be sure to head over to their site for more footage, photos, an awesome blog and much more!

Grounded TV Network

Let your energy be a part of maybe the most important movement of our time. Check out the Bloom Series in this intro film below to get a better idea of what you might be getting yourself into.

And remember, this is all love!

DJ Cure – Dub Selekta Podcast & Ganjaology Exclusive Interview [Residual Frequencies from Bass Coast 2012]

Many ancient cultures used rhythm and dance to draw out the negative energies that cause illness. The once great shaman figure which appeared in every tribe often doubled as a musician. The sound of the drum reminds us of the universal heart beat. The rattle reminds us of our breath.  Moving the body in sync with the energies of the cosmic sound provides all the healing necessary for a life of health and positivity, full of abundance and free of illness.

Today, there is a movement in which the shamanic energies are awakening, but not in the way that many would expect. Rather than using the traditional tools, these modern day mystics are spreading sound as their potion, rhythm as their antidote, and bass as their blessing.

Here we have an awesome example of the healing power of music. DJ Cure of Vancouver, BC has graced us yet again with an impressive display of talented mixing, production, and organization of some superb bass. This mix for Dub Selekta features a simply stunning array of production artists, many of whom have worked with DJ Cure’s own Aufect Recordings. The multi-tempo mix features tracks by HxdB & Ryan Wells, Nina Kraviz, Philthkids, Justin Martin, Bassmynt, Dan Solo, Hudson Mowake and more.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with DJ Cure this August at Bass Coast where we chatted about birds, bees and bass. Though it hasn’t been posted yet, this is definitely an interview worth sharing. Who couldn’t use a little residual Bass Coast in their life. This is a gentle reminder  that this weekend marks the BCE (Bass Coast Equinox). We now begin the count down to Bass Coast 2013. Don’t miss it!

Interview with DJ Cure – Bass Coast 2012

GANJAOLOGY : This is Mickey Mars of Ganjaology, and we’re here – in the forest – with DJ Cure. Do you want to just state your name and where you’re from…

DJ CURE : Ya, DJ Cure. Repping Vancouver, Aufect Recordings and Lighta Sound.

GANJAOLOGY : We’re here at Bass Coast 2012. What’s here that you think is worth talking about?

DJ CURE : It’s totally a celebration of community. Lots of local talent as well as worldwide talent. Just all good things basically.

GANJAOLOGY : We’ve heard some excellent music. Any standout acts?

DJ CURE : I like Danny Corn’s set. Machine Drum was good. Who else? Looking forward to D-Bridge, Christian Martin was good last night too.

GANJAOLOGY : Very nice. I hear you head up a music label. Do you want to talk a little bit about that?

DJ CURE : I run Aufect Recordings… been around since 2008. Right now we’re releasing mainly future bass kinda stuff, little bit of house. But bass-centric kinda stuff. Hybrid I guess. Check us out,!

GANJAOLOGY : Awesome! So, what can you say about the community here at Bass Coast!

DJ CURE : Oh man… It’s like where to begin really. There’s so much talent here. Just even local stuff. This is the one party i look forward to every year. Nothing really like it. It’s a bit smaller than Shambhala or some of the other festivals around here. You get the nice tight knit vibe… lots of celebrating of great local talent too!

GANJAOLOGY : Thanks for sharing, One Love.

Big up the the man with the antidote! Thanks to DJ Cure for dropping these booty shaking, simply delicious, syrup sippin’ selections to keep us feeling good. Here’s a taste of what he was serving up at Bass Coast this past year.

For those that don’t know, Bass Coast is a magical gathering of souls that takes place along the Elaho River in Squamish, BC each August. The gathering features the brightest and the best musicians of British Columbia’s undeniable bass scene along with some superior international talent. Check the link below for more info!






Keyboard Kid – Don’t Leave Basedworld //// Noah Calhoun

Last time we spoke about the very rare and talented North West Based producer, Keyboard Kid, he had just released his album #RARE DROPS FROM THE SUN, which was a huge release for him halfway through December, 2012.  Since then has been hard at work in the studio and recently released TWO new albums.  The first one I’d like to present is called DON’T LEAVE BASEDWORLD. This is a 27 track album compiled of really smooth, atmospheric, beats that ultimately touch on the mellower side of Basedworld and leave you feeling nicely chilled out.  My favorite track off this album would have to be Corpse Bride.   This track opens up with a ghostly female voice nicely chopped up, and then the beat promptly drops in, perfectly fitting right behind the sample.   What really left a footprint of Corpse Bride in my memory is the heavy bass line that’s got such an old school analog sound to it.  It’s downright dirty.  Check it out, you’ll know just what I’m talking about.

Here is what Keyboard Kid had to say about DON’T LEAVE BASEDWORLD

“This Album Is #Rare, Treat It As Such..Let It Guide You On Your Based Journey..These Are Musical Scores For Your Lifes Movie.. This Music Is For The Based Community.. The True Based Supporters. The BasedGod Has Told Me To Spread The Based Knowledge And The Positivity.. Stay In BasedWorld..It’s Hell Outside….It’s Hot Whoadie.. It’s Hell On Earth..But I Got The Heata..Don’t Leave BasedWorld..Protect Me.. Protect Lil B..We Will Protect You.” – Keyboard Kid

Next up is Keyboard Kid’s latest album (released 12/1/13) Noah Calhoun.  While DON’T LEAVE BASEDWORLD carried a darker tone throughout the entirety of the album, Noah Calhoun is the opposite of that.  I’d call this an album of purely inspirational beats.  Each track makes me feel like I could climb a mountain…like I could sail around the world tomorrow…like I could win the Olympics with no training…It makes feel like Noah Calhoun.



Happy Holy Daze From Ganjaology!!

Today is the day on which we celebrate the birth of Christ, and this year it seems all too appropriate. As the Mayan calendar ends and the Age of Aquarius flows in, we stand on the shores of an ocean of truth. We are ready to honor Christ for the values that he truly embodies. Forget the bible – Here at Ganjaology, we know what Christ was really all about…


And with that, we will revamp, refresh and renew the music we sing to celebrate this stellar holiday. For starters, here’s Lafa Taylor’s rendition of the classic tune, “Sleigh Ride”.



Gaudi Celebrates 30 Years of MUSIC Making! [Ganjaology Exclusive Interview]


From the ripe age of seven, the man we know as Gaudi has been passionately producing the one thing that fuels him – MUSIC. Now celebrating 30 years in the making, Gaudi’s MUSIC is massive! If you’ve caught one of his sets this year you know how hard this fella throws it down. With an abundance of dubbed out bass lines and an impressive display of analogue instruments to shake the room, Gaudi’s performances smoothly move the dance.

Performing this weekend in Egypt as a part of the Great Convergence gathering taking place at the Great Pyramids of the Giza Platuea, Gaudi is at the top of the world! Over the past 30 years, Gaudi has been creating and compiling sounds which have been heard across the cosmos. His journey has taken him through punk, rock, reggae, soul and many other world musical styles. For this man, MUSIC is no past time. For Gaudi, MUSIC is his heart, his hands, his base and his breath.

Gaudi’s newest album is up for release in March 2013 with Six Degrees Records, and we can surely expect a masterpiece.  His 13th album will feature a number of guest recording artists including the legendary Michael Rose of Black Uhuru, dub master Lee Scratch Perry, and his musical partner Danny Ladwa, plus many more.

We had the distinct pleasure to link with Gaudi for an interview this past month in Nevada City, CA where he was performing at The Haven. Let’s hear what he had to say.


GANJAOLOGY : This is Ganjaology… and we’re here with Gaudi, the international bass man!! So you’re celebrating 30 years in the music industry this year. And Right now we’re sitting in Nevada City, CA.

GAUDI: Green room, back stage!

GANJAOLOGY : I guess let’s just start off with, tell us a little about yourself… About who you are and where you’re from.

GAUDI : Who am I? I’m just a normal person who loves… “something”, that “something” has always been so strong for me… the calling from that “something” was so intense that it made me do a few drastic turns in my life in order to follow that “something” called MUSIC. [When you spell it for this interview please spell it all in capital letters, because for me this word has to be written, in capital]. That beautiful big thing called MUSIC, no genre of music, but more “style” than genre. Genre has been located by humans into music  – this is called reggae, this is called rock, this is called funk and so on – but MUSIC in reality is for me just one big unified entity, divided only in two big sections:  good MUSIC…and bad music.

So let’s try to… not pretentiously, but realistically, try to explore the good music territory, and then of course I have my music preferences, as you know my passion, my love, my natural direction is reggae music. For my original sound I combine the deep dub bass lines from Reggae music – very sexy and curvaceous, very provocative and seductive, very feminine – with electronic production techniques – solid groove, definitely masculine, like a muthafucka unstoppable train in full speed, determined and well solid on the track!! You can’t really stand still with those two combined ingredients can you?

GANJAOLOGY : Awesome, that’s a perfect start!

GAUDI : Yeah, so I professionally started my music career as you correctly stated, 30 years ago. But it was even earlier at the age of 7 when I was studying piano, that I knew for certain that my life would have been related with music! Problem was that my parents were totally contrary to my vision, you know, parents of that generation were not so open minded to consider music as a “real job”, so in order to make them happy I became an orthodontist, which is the person who creates teeth, and worked for a few years in the early eighties following that specialization; well to be precise, I was working in the day time and I was play my music in the night time with my new-wave punk band… I was playing my analogue synthesizer KORG MS20, and I was also “playing” a piece of corrugated metal that I was hitting with a hammer on stage! Yes that was my music in 1981.

Success…? Zero. Money…? Zero. Happiness…? One thousand smiles per hour! And that happiness was my determination that helped to over-cross all the obstacles of my early career. My very first music experiment was my 1981 electronic album recorded in partnership with Italian eclectic music producer Diego D’Agata. Our project name was “Paranoise Rhythm and Noise”, the album title was “Doctor, I am a fish!”…  Wow, it was simply atrocious. But perfectly atrocious, an atrocious album for atrocious people; we sold 11 copies of it. Hehehe, a great start.

GANJAOLOGY : Beautiful. Let’s fast forward to 2012. We are here on the West Coast in California. I’ve caught a couple of your sets this summer. Big successes – big, big shows. I saw you at Symbiosis as well as Lightning In A Bottle. I think my most exciting moment with you was at LIB. With no prior expectation you showed up in an art gallery the last night of the festival, after your official set on the main stage, and played a renegade set. Wow! Ya, so how was that?

GAUDI : I personally loved that set. Ya, they requested me to play a DJ set after my show. I love The Do Lab guys so I accepted, easy. The energy in the crowd was so amazing, genuine and authentic, I played a set 100% improvised, going entirely with the flow of that night, man it was simply phenomenal!  Do you remember Danny? (Danny Ladwa is Gaudi’s vocalist and beat-boxer).

DANNY : I fucking loved it man. That was an epic set!

GANJAOLOGY : It was really cool. So that was really in the spirit of the festival. At festivals, renegade sets are something that happen often. I really enjoy those types of performances. As a performer, whether in a festival or otherwise, what’s your favorite aspect of performance? What is it that makes you love being a performer?

GAUDI : There are two important factors that I consider for my live performance: the technical aspect is very important, making sure that everything works on stage, as u see I play fully live, no computer on stage; so I need to make sure that all my synthesizers, tape echoes, Theremin, Dub sirens, vocoder, and gear in general works, and make sure that my sound engineer is ready and prompt to solve any potential problem….   Then when everything works technically, I need to consider the second important factor, which is the live show itself, the interaction with my crowd, the concentration and flow of the performance.

GANJAOLOGY : Ya, the crowd interaction is big time. So I caught your set at Burning Man last year. You played the last night on the Playa and that was my first exposure to hearing you play. Which was phenomenal.

GAUDI : Thank you, much appreciated.

GANJAOLOGY : But at that time you were playing solo, now you have…

GAUDI: Danny Ladwa “my partner in crime”, on vocals and percussion

GANJAOLOGY : Yes, Danny, I’ve seen a few sets with him as well. How does his presence play into your performance?

GAUDI : Well, I really wanted another talented artist with me on stage in order to enforce even more the live element that always distinguished my performances from all the other electronic artists, I need to be fully live in order to enjoy my performance, it is my “old school” approach to live activity, since when I started in the 80s. What I do on stage is very hard and requires a lot of attention, I play multiple instruments, sometimes I sing, I dub Danny’s voice and percussion live thru my analogue mixer, most of the time when I am performing one track for example, I have to think about the following track and simultaneously program my synthesizers for the next song etc. As I said there’s no computer on stage, I don’t want to use the computer on stage, I just want to keep it analogue in that way until I can. I’m coming from the old school analogue electronic music and I know how to work in that territory…. and I have fun doing it. I also play a real air-horn on stage thru my tape-echo, it gives an instant authentic “reggae flavor”, engaging!

GANJAOLOGY : I’ve never seen someone use air-horns so gracefully. Seriously, it’s really awesome. So, Danny gives support when you need it?

GAUDI : Oh yes, he gives me a lot of support and help, after many many gigs together, on stage we are extremely connected with each other. Five years ago I announced an audition for singers, I needed a vocalist for my tour; I auditioned 11 singers and I selected two, which I both liked a lot. The first singer went on tour with me for a year then something went wrong, the other singer was with me the following year but there was something that didn’t make me fully happy. They were both good, they both did their job correctly… but “good” for me is not enough, I need VIBE, which is one of the most important elements for my music! Everything in those days can be “good”, this for example (pointing to his plate of food) is good food but frankly it’s not excellent, and if I have the chance to choose between a good dish and an excellent dish, like you will do, I will certainly go for the excellent. Basically after several auditions I found my “excellent dish”, called Danny.

DANNY : Gaudi found his restaurant!


GAUDI : Ya man, I found my restaurant. This gentleman came to my studio in London and as soon as he started his audition, I was like “fuck” (pardon my French) and I’ve handcuffed him to me since!

GANJAOLOGY : Haha, excellent!

GANJAOLOGY : You have an upcoming release, do you want to talk about that?

GAUDI : I have an upcoming album which is my number thirteen, it’s gonna be released worldwide in March 2013 by legendary label Six Degrees Records, I’m really enthusiastic about it. There are really good music guests on this album: a track features reggae legend Michael Rose from Black Uhuru, there’s also a track I wrote with Lee Scratch Perry and The Orb, Mr. Danny Ladwa of course involved in two tracks, Twilight Circus, Hedflux, Jahmai, Deadly Hunta to name a few.

GANJAOLOGY : We are certainly looking forward to that! Last question. If there was one thing that you wanted to say to all of your listeners and everyone that’s grooved with you over the years and any future listeners, what would you say to them?

GAUDI : I would say that, in relation of my 30 years of music activity, that all the big mistakes that I made during the path on this beautiful journey; those big mistakes, which at that precise moment you feel you going through a catastrophe – they are the key for my… let’s call it establishment. Because those mistakes, so bad at the time that happened… made me much, much stronger and created a sort of armor around me and gave me even more determination. I’d suggest to try to transform the negative thing of the mistakes you’ve done in a positive constructive future foundations. That’s my singular opinion, that’s what happened to me.

GANJAOLOGY : That’s cool, that’s particularly useful for me on a personal level. Seriously…

GAUDI : I think it is an useful formula to keep in consideration every day.

GANJAOLOGY : Thank you.

GAUDI : And for the non-musician peeps…. the “normals”… Haha, and I say ‘normals’ because the musicians are not normal. We all are a bit cookoo I think.  For the non-musician friends I just want to send an invitation in the air, an invitation to support music!

Yes, MUSIC is free, it travels free and it enriches you for free, no boundaries, so beautiful… But please never forget that behind a record there is a hard, hard work. This includes a solid investment of energy, money, passion, love, effort etc. If you see a pair of shoes in a shop and you like it so much that you wanna buy it, you’re going to save your money and you’re going to buy these shoes right? If you fancy a raw food meal, you just go to the restaurant and you buy your raw food meal, and if you like that specific shirt that unfortunately is quite expensive but you really really want it, you save some money and you go to the shop and you buy that specific shirt, then you are happy right?

So… if you really like an artist – forget about me, I’m talking about MUSIC in general – If you really like an artist and you really like his music, or her music, or their music; you save your money and as you would do with your fucking shoes, you go and buy that beautiful music, simply because you want to support that artist, or that label, or that producer, that music genre et cetera.

So I’m just kindly asking, think about it.  You can use the “music piracy” in a constructive way, as I absolutely do: I download an album that I want to listen to, I listen to it because with the modern technology I can listen to the album for free, and if I like it I buy it!  Done. If I don’t like it I don’t buy it, simple. If you don’t like my music do not buy it, I respect you 100%. But you can surely explore it for free first, then you make your decision, right? Lets use the piracy mechanism in a constructive way. Let’s not be scared about anything. Lets transform all we need in a positive way!

I personally always bought my music, with happiness… always, all the fucking time, and I will always do it.

You know why?  Because…


– Gaudi –


13 Days ’til Decibel Festival – Tipper

Just 14 Days ’till Decibel and I’m feeling lucky, twice. Seven is my lucky number… which happens to also be the number of days in a week as well as representing the seven sacred directions. What this means is that in two weeks or two times seven days, the only direction I will be headed is to Decibel Festival.

Today we will have a listen to the world famous engineer of sound, Tipper. Well known to electronic music enthusiasts, UK producer David Tipper is an originator of what we now know as Bass. During the 90s when EDM was still in the womb, Tipper was in the lab experimenting with new and different frequencies never before introduced as music. Finding security in the science of bass, Tipper began his journey into the realm of experimental music performance.

One of the reasons I like Tipper is that when it comes to bringing the bass, this man booms! Around 2000, Like the Jamaican sound system engineers that forged the way for low frequency modulation, Tipper built a mobile sound system. In fact, with the help of friend Richie Warren, he built two. A pair of lucky 1970s black Dodge Chargers were outfitted with hydraulic lifted,  fully powered bass stations. Each consisting of 6×18″ subs along with Funktion One mid/tops speaker units; these babies bounced. They would roll around bumping tunes so loudly that they once received complaints from The Prodigy’s stage manager for disrupting the show by playing too loudly in the parking lot.


Since then, Tipper has produced for, played for, and partaken in just about everyone’s projects. As one of the world’s most advanced audio engineers, he is known for his experimental approach to creating some of the best dance music to ever be heard by earth people.

Here’s some music to keep your ears occupied until the next two weeks are up and my luck’s run out. Once that happens, I guess I will have to give in and get my tickets to Decibel Festival. I’ve been hoping to get some media passes so I can spend my money on buying music instead.

My fingers are crossed. All seven on each hand.

Pick up tickets at the DB website and check the schedule here!

14 Days ’til Decibel Festival – Erykah Badu and The Cannabinoids

15 Days until Decibel, and I’m feeling like it can’t come soon enough. Decibel Festival is a city-wide Seattle based electronic music gathering focused on providing a cosmic resonance chamber for the sounds of the times through the collective conscious of those attending. Featuring an extensive array of exciting electronic musicians from all over the world, Decibel 2012 is projected to be a week worth taking off work. Each day starting now, we will be updating you with new music to highlight the artists that will be represented at Decibel Festival.

We will be starting it off big on day one by highlighting the music of one of my favorite artists of all time, Erykah Badu. Teaming with an incredible band of outstanding musicians aptly labeled The Cannabanoids, Badu is redefining soul. I first became infatuated with the sounds of the goddess when she released her full length album Mama’s Gun in 2000. Ever since, I have periodically pressed play on the sounds of Ms. Badu, only to fall in love with her frequencies over and over again.

Tweleve beautiful years later, I have the opportunity to hear my favorite female performer of all time perform with a collection of creators that are sure to surpass any unfounded expectations I may have set for them. The following mix was recorded live at the Red Bull Music Academy through a symphony of 8 laptops, 3 turntables, 6 keyboards, 4 drum machines, and a Theremin. The artists featured include Symbolic One, Jah Born, Picnic, RC Williams, DJ Big Texas, Rob Free and A1, along with Erykah herself.

Don’t miss your opportunity to see this incredible showcase of real soul music.

Pick up tickets at the DB website and check the schedule here!

Commodo – Rec Room

Gotta get this one up… Here’s a toast to the jazzier side of life. Commodo comes full of expression with this beautiful tune featuring velvety bass, signing drums, and trading vibes, flute, piano. I first heard this on Commodo’s mix for Percussion Lab. It’s definitely worth the listen. The track was released in 2010 with Untitled Records. Tune in to the vibes!


Kastle – Coffe Shop At The End Of The Universe Vol. 2

As we proceed into the outer reaching ends of our atmosphere, more and more elegant artists begin to find their way into our ear space. Then as we pause to reflect, we begin to realize that our efforts need not take us far. In fact, some of the most extraordinary elements are available in close proximity.

In this case, Kastle of San Francisco has collected familiar sounds and compiled them in a way that makes us question what’s taken us so long to connect. With his series Coffee Shop At The End Of The Universe, Kastle brings us closer to home than ever. This mix series was created out of that element that lives deep within each of us, that divine data that directs our personal processors toward the light we long to embody. This is the element of love, and I believe that with this mix, Kastle has done just that.  He has created a collection of sound that comes from the heart and transmutes music into pure love.

It’s worth reading what Kastle had to say about the mix, which is listed below. Enjoy and be sure to give thanks for the beautiful life you’ve been gifted.

Bless up.

This mix is a love story; a space romance. Inspired by the relationship of Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan and the compilation of the Voyager Golden Record. WNYC’s Radiolab did an amazing story on the whole project with a very personal interview with Ann.

“Toward the end of the summer of ‘77, NASA launched two spacecraft as part of the Voyager Interstellar Mission. On board each craft was a golden record that included, among other things, the sound of a kiss, a mother’s first words to her newborn child, music from all over the world, and greetings in 59 different languages. The spacecraft were designed to take close-up pictures of Jupiter and Saturn, then continue into the great expanse of space beyond our solar system. The records on board were meant to survive for a billion years, in the hope that some day, against enormous odds, they might cross paths with an alien civilization.” – Radiolab

After a bit of sampling I’ve chopped the interview up and spread it throughout the mix. I hope you find the story as inspiring as I have: for the human race, for our place in the universe, for all that is possible and most importantly, for love.

Amazing artwork by Joyce Su –

Kastle – Coffee Shop At The End Of The Universe Vol. 2

01. Slabofmisuse – Diamonds
02. Portformat – U$ feat. Suzi Analogue
03. Vindahl – Down (Boom Clap Bachelors Remix)
04. Isaac Aesili – Can I B
05. Shlohmo – Places
06. Stac – Balls Bounce (Bonobo Remix)
07. Vondelpark – Hipbone
08. J Dilla – Two Can Win
09. Daru & Rena – Happy
10. Slakah the Beatchild – Things I Do (For Her)
11. Long Arm – The Waterfall Inside Me
12. Groundislava – Panorama feat. Jake Weary
13. Young Montanta? – Sacre Cool
14. Wanblake – Say To You
15. Vitaly Beskrovny – Love As The Dream


Here is a nice 22 minute all original mix from NastyNasty!  You can bump this whenever, wherever, with whoever.  On top of that, LAZERBRAIN is nothing but sexy, grimy, love for your ears.

01 NastyNasty – Waves (Bandcamp)
02 Quitter – Yadadada (unreleased)
03 NastyNasty – Prognosis (Robox Neo-Tech)
04 NastyNasty – Legionnaire (Rwina)
05 NastyNasty – Cylonn (unreleased)
06 NastyNasty – Marionette_edit (unreleased)
07 NastyNasty – Eleven (unreleased)
08 Quitter – Dirty Beard (Bandcamp)
09 Canblaster – Clockworks (NastyNasty contortion)
10 NastyNasty – ??? (unreleased)
11 NastyNasty – Cadburry (unreleased)
12 I’D n TELL n YOU x BUT s I’D a HAVE l TO v KILL a YOU
13 NastyNasty – Blind Samurai (unreleased)
14 NastyNasty – Warrior Path (unreleased)
15 NastyNasty – Aizen_edit (unreleased)
16 NastyNasty – Greedy (unreleased)
17 Quitter – Gravity (unreleased)

Pericles – Ancient Desert [DROPS TONIGHT!]

Tic, tic, tick. The new Pericles album drops at midnight and I feel like we’ve been waiting for ages!

For centuries the soul of Pericles has been searching; selectively sourcing incarnate bodies that have served him  in his quest for a unified consciousness. As the arms of time swing into alignment on the cosmic course of creation, Pericles has found a vehicle with which he can finally share the ancient knowledge he has amassed  during his travels. Ancient Desert tells the tumultuous story of a universe, torn from the ether and tossed into existence. Having become an ever expanding system of sacred beings, desperately drifting through the sands of time; our universe has created for us a key to unlocking the treasures of tomorrow. The vibrations that Pericles has channeled here will serve to share with us the lessons, learned over millennia, in order that we may one day return to that beautiful unity from which we were born.

Since his inception into the consciousness of Pericles in 2007, South Carolina’s premier bass producer has released two full length albums along with quite a few mixes and compilations from labels including Abstract Logic Recordings, Waveform Modulations, Glitch.FM and Vermin Street. With his heart burning a space in his soul, Pericles  represents the Wondrous Temple of Boom, and has played at South East burns such as Transformus and Alchemy. Artists that have shared the stage with this energetic creature include Shpongle, Ott, The New Deal, Nasty Nasty, Freddy Todd, Ana Sia, Alex B, Ben Samples, Pretty Lights, Eprom, Mochipet, Big Gigantic, Ooah, Quetzatl, Eliot Lipp, Signal Path, and Conspirator.

With remixes by Freddy Todd, Charlie P, and Brad Bitt, Ancient Desert will not go unnoticed. Check out this teaser tune, and pick up the whole album when it releases on BeatPort tomorrow!

Also, check the links below for more music from Pericles.

Sun Beams Album // Pericles Bandcamp [FREE DL]

Ancient Desert Mix //

Dolphin Crunk //


Artist Highlight – Animal Laughter

Kissimmee, Florida, is a place that I have heard of, a place I have passed through while riding the Amtrak from Tampa to Orlando many times, a place I have heard stories of, and also a place that sits in my head as an economically broken and beaten southern city that has very little left to offer. Or, that’s what I thought until I recently heard the beautiful and intriguing bass music of Animal Laughter.  With a style that would sit nicely on the West Coast, Animal Laughter is coming with a very smooth, sexy, 808 driven sound that you can play in any setting.  I can imagine hearing his tunes in a club setting…at a nice lounge style lunch restaurant on the beach…on one of my favorite mix cd’s on a long road trip…this cat is really versatile.  The two tracks that stick out to me the most are his Color Motion tunes (the original mix and 808 edit).  These are just downright sexy tunes meant for a bedroom.  The 808 edit of Color Motion has got that new juke bassline and you guessed it, that 808 drum kit that just smacks! I don’t have too much more to say about Animal Laughter, except you should definitely show some love for the Florida resident who is bringing positivity back to his town, and stay tuned for more coming from this youngin’.

Banditz – Infestation

Once upon a time there was a little bug named Alfred.  Now…there are lots of little bugs in this world. Some of them are kind and caring bugs that like to frolic in the sunny puddles of love, others are less forgiving and can be seen playing without care in the poo of larger life forms in various parts of the world.  Alfred didn’t fit into either of these categories…or any category in direct relation to what I just mentioned.  Alfred was a different breed of bug.  He traveled in a pack…came out in the dead of the night…attacked…and infested.  Alfred was a bed bug and he lived for Infestation.  TO BE CONTINUED…

 Enjoy the preview of the new Banditz tune.

HxdB and Ryan Wells – Splash

We earth beings are nourished, energized and enlivened by rain. Petrichor, the sweet smell of rain after a dry spell, fills our nostrils and reminds us of the beauty of life and our connection to the earth. Resulting from the oils secreted by plants and captured in clay, then released into the atmosphere; petrichor pulls our attention toward the skies. Enjoy the cool energy that flows from the heavens and let the droplets splash on your face… rinsing body, relaxing mind, and awakening spirit.

Art by Stewart.

Max Powa – Do You Love (Adam Prescott Remix)

Adam Prescott comes with the satin finish remix of this beautiful track by Max Powa. With vocals by reggae singer Horace Andy, this track spells splendor. Sit back and let this silky selection stream into your consciousness like a slithering serpent. Don’t be afraid of this image as it is well known that snake represents infinite life… that ideal state communicated to us through our heart chakra which can only be attained through love.

Do you love?

50 Carrot & Getter – Madman

Here is an absolutely massive tune coming straight out of the UK/USA by one of Britain’s hottest up and coming dubstep producers, 50 Carrot, and one of the States hottest young producers, Getter.  50 Carrot has been on my radar for a while now…Getter, I couldn’t tell you too much about him other than he’s from San Jose, California, and BLOWING UP.  Madman, is a collaboration between the two, and it’s currently shakin’ walls worldwide.  Enjoy.