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Digital Mystikz – BBC Radio 1 Vintage Mix (2005)

This is 25 minutes packed full of nothing but dubstep classics, mixed by two of the scenes finest producers, Mala & Coki, aka Digital Mystikz.  This mix is from 2005 and carries a heavy and undeniably awesome vibe throughout the entirety of the BBC Radio 1 performance.  I just had the pleasure of seeing Mala and Coki play a 2 hour set in Portland a couple months ago and let me tell you… today in 2014, these two pioneers of dubstep have not lost touch with their original sound.  Enjoy this mix from Digital Mystikz.

Commodo – IN SESSION w/ Mixmag

Commodo, Mixmag, Ganjaology

UK new wave dubstepper, Commodo spills magic all over the decks with this immense series of selections for Mixmag. IN SESSION: Commodo is easily one of the baddest mixes I’ve heard all year. Featured artists include Kahn, Kode 9, Goth Trad, Gantz, Lurka, Flying Lotus, Mala and even a tune from Madvillian to close it out.



Commodo – Floods
Commodo – Straight Reptilian
Smoke DZA – 4 Loko Instrumental
??? – Good Grief
Kode9 – Uh
Champion – Bowser’s Castle
Commodo – Wish
Flying Lotus – DMT Song (Feat. Thundercat)
Commodo vs Lurka – Capisce?
Lurka – Shall I
Headhunter – Technopolis
Goth-Trad – Meteor
Kahn – Over Deh So
Rustie – Tempered
Mala – Harvest
??? – F_ck Mountain
Gantz – Free Focus (Commodo Remix)
Boofy – Since When
Commodo – $pace Cash
Gantz – Exile
Mala – Miracles (Commodo Remix)
Madvillain – Rhinestone Cowboy

Kahn – Dread/Late Night Blues [Deep Medi]


These two deep ones are sure to do numbers on the day of the release, which lucky for us is within days. The Bristol based producer is set to release on the sub stomping label Deep Medi on December 5th, which if you don’t have your calendar right by you, is next Wednesday! Kahn’s production is so on point, these two tunes are just a couple examples of his many deep club bangers. I may have to grab this one on vinyl. Check the tunes and make sure you’ve got some low end capabilities with your speaks!

Mala – Changes

Here is a classic dubstep jam coming from one of the most well known artists in the game, Mala, of Digital Mystikz.   This is one of those tunes that’s never gonna grow old and stay blasting through speakers world wide on a day to day basis forever.  I’m loving the length of this song Changes.  At almost seven minutes long the listener is put into quite a calming environment and able to relax comfortably into the vibes being projected. Enjoy this one if you don’t already know it!

DMZ (Mala & Coki) Set at Outlook Music Festival 2010 with SGT Pokes

I just came upon this recording of Digital Mysitkz (Mala & Coki) set they recorded at Outlook Music Festival in 2010 with Sgt. Pokes blessing the mic.  I’m almost speechless at the seriously positive vibes thrown out into the world by this set.  From the moment this recording starts Mala, Coki, and Sgt Pokes leave the crowd dumbfounded by their volume, undeniably awesome track collection, and large presence they displayed on stage.  Here is the tracklist.  You’ll need to know what’s playing over your speakers for the next 30 minutes!

1 Pinch??? – ????
2 Twinkle Brothers – Faith Can Move Mountain
3 Digital Mystikz – Return II Space
4 Goth-Trad – Cosmos
5 Mala – Eyez VIP
6 Movado – Gangster for Life (Coki Remix)
7 Coki – Marduk Coki – Lucifer
8 Skream – Tapped
9 Digital Mystikz – Anti-War Dub
10 Mala – Bury Da Bwoy
11 V.I.V.E.K. – The Big Bang
12 Digital Mystikz – Haunted
13 Coki – Spongebob
14 Coki – Shock It
15 Mala – Changes (Distance Remix)
16 Truth – Fatman VIP

Bryzergold – Mini Mosh Mix

Here we go,  a brand new Bryzergold mix for ya!  48 minutes of non stop heat for ya speakers.  Tune in. This young Orlando based artist is doing big tings!  Don’t sleep on  his vibes.


Mystic – Menace vs. Gass VIP
Bryzergold – The Engineer
SnipaZ & Squalid Squad – Understand (SnipaZ VIP)
50 Carrot – Wiz Kid VIP
Megalodon – Rectify
Skeng – Say Nuttin
Unnatural Forces & Skoop – Party VIP
Standard Procedure & Unnatural Forces – Come Get Sum
Unnnatural Forces – Blackout
Akira – Orcrist VIP
Benzmixer – Chicken Bone VIP
Distinct & Saule – Smurfin Dub (Bryzergold’s Lean Wit It Edit)
SubFiltronik – Dark Lust
Benzmixer – Drone
Megalodon & Badklaat – Twisted Metal
Squalid Squad – Eazy
Megalodon – Mercy Killing
D2 – Master
Fable – Roots
Mutated Mindz – Brown Sugar
Lost & Hatcha – King of the Trees
Megalodon – Party Position VIP
RDG – Ironman
Mala – Lean Forward

Goth Trad – Airbreaker

For some time now, Goth Trad has been hidden deep in the shadows of Japan’s most sinister night clubs. Between intermittent journeys to and from the UK to slide slithering whispers past the ears of Mala and the Deep Medi collective, Goth Trad has been cultivating a sound that may not sit well with most. But for those whose ears have been warped and rattled by the deepest, and darkest of bellowing bass, this man’s music massages the most subtle of cerebral frequencies. Like a serpent, his sound has slithered to the surface, stretching inventively around corners, creeping quietly through crevices, burgeoning with life, infected with evil, bound by no man.

Released late in 2011 as a dual sided EP, “Airbreaker” is none but a stark example of Goth Trad’s sinister sound. Squirming synths, deep bass and deadly delay characterize this track. The video, produced by DBNK gives a view into the psyche of the creators.

For those interested in a more cerebral experience, check out “Cosmos” below, which gives a taste of Goth Trad’s more spirited side.

Both tracks appear on his newest album New Epoch , released just this past month on Deep Medi. Purchase the album on Juno.