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Bassdrop Music Presents : The 5th Annual – LIGHT IT UP! 4/20 celebration.

Attention all stoners, recreational smokers, medical marijuana smokers, and first timer fiyah blazers!   Everyones favorite herbal holiday, 4/20, is just around the corner.  As usual, one of Seattle’s most successful party groups, Bassdrop Music, is hosting their annual 4/20 party called LIGHT IT UP!  This year, the fiesta will be taking place at the ever so stylish ‘Within Sodo’ warehouse space and is featuring a great selection of marijuana product vendors, artists, musicians and there is also gonna be a local cannabis cup!

Highest THC, Highest CBD, Best All Around, Best Sativa & Best Indica

CONCENTRATES CATEGORIES (including Wax, Shatter, Oil, CO2 & Solvent-less Products, cartridge):
Highest THC, Highest CBD, Best All Around & Best Cartridge

Best Baked, Best Candy, Best Drink, Best Savory Snack (Dips, Spreads, Crackers, Chips, Etc), Highest THC & Highest CBD

Best All Around

Highest THC, Highest CBD & Best All Around

Best Water Pipe, Best Dab Rig & Best Dabber Utensil/Accessory

MOST CREATIVE PRODUCT – All entries have a chance to win this category!
Trophies will be awarded in each category! Enter for your chance to win!

To make the night just that much better, Bassdrop has teamed up with Culture Yard, Ganjaology, Say What?!, Stashbox, and Splash, to assist in rockin’ the party properly.

Here is a highlight of some of the music you’ll be hearing on the 19th!

Located @:
2916 Utah Ave S
Seattle, WA


Cannabis Freedom March – Celebrating The Death Of Prohibition

This Saturday, May 11th, will mark the day of a celebration of one of the most sacred plants on earth, Cannabis.  This march has taken place for many years in the past, however this year is particularly special.  It is the first year that the Cannabis Freedom March, is indeed, taking place in a state where Cannabis is LEGAL.  With the recent passing of I-502, and the simultaneous legalization in Colorado, the end of 2012 made history as the most positive event to happen regarding drug policy reform in the US.

On Saturday at 11am in Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, join as the city makes a two-mile march that will head down to West Lake park accompanied by live bands and a hearse which is representative of the “Death Of Prohibition”.  There will be live music and guest speakers from around the state at the starting and ending point of the parade.

If you voted for I-502 and have any involvement with the cannabis culture or are just plain interested in learning more about it, then join Ganjaology and a massive crew of others as we celebrate this weekend.

Big up yaself!

4.20.2013 – A Ganjaman’s Holiday

We couldn’t ask to live in a more liberal area of the world when it comes to the acceptance of marijuana within our day to day society.  Seattle is known across the universe to be a leader in medical marijuana industry, and now a leader in the legalization of Marijuana and the casual consumption of the plant.  With that kind of reputation, it only makes sense that we would have some of the rowdiest  4/20  events ever seen, right?  Following a similar pattern to the previous couple years in Seattle, Bassdrop Music has booked an all star lineup of West coast artists to assist you in having the best 4/20 of your life.  Bassdrop has appropriately named the party LIGHT IT UP!, and turned this all night party into the official after party for the MMJ Cup which is, as you may have guessed, a competition who’s goal is to find the greatest MMJ coming out of Seattle.  This is serious business… Seriously FUN business.  Make sure to RSVP to both events and get your tickets early so you don’t miss out on this epic celebration of our lovely green goddess!



Artists that will be featured at LIGHT IT UP! are as follows…

A N-T E N-N A E 


S Y Z E   M A T T E R Z

(Dot Diggler, DJ Zara, & Blacklist) 

G L I T C H & S W A G G A

(FLY1N6M1K3 & DJ Welfed)


(Shiver & Hexidecibel)


(Shiver & Hexidecibel)


M A R K   S T A R R


K A T 1 L Y S T

S E A N   H O R T O N



B E R T & C H E W Y

S E A N   M A J O R S

A A R O N   S I M P S O N 


M C F U N K   B R O T H E R S


C H A R L I E   E O N

Yeah…that’s a LOT of artists…get ready!


1. The Artificial Emotion

by Papillon Philippe, Comte du Cray

There is a permanent fact engraved in the complex web of the homo sapiens’ psycho-physical wealth: emotion is the primary precursor of behavior, the primary decider of action.

Life is a moment to moment process that specializes in producing surprises after surprises. There is no way not to let events affect us. Emotions arise and drive our actions.

Sometimes, the event creates emotion that goes through our psychology prior to accessing our physiology. Sometimes, it works opposite: it hits the flesh before it hits the head.

In any case, we are presented with emotions that mysteriously stimulate us (or not) and that need to be processed by our system of being.

In order to be creative, we do not have a choice but to create a system that gets us to the emotion without going through the event; a system that gets us to a specific kind of emotion without going through a specific kind of event.

Once the “artificial emotion” is created and processed by both our psychology and physiology systems, we can get into gear, into action, into creation…

So, how do we create artificial emotions? First, we start with the thought process in order to create a thought; which could be a memory or something imagined. Then, we let that thought travel all the way to the emotion process, via the nerve, by means of numerous messengers called neurons that go back and forth.

The nerve is the connective route between our psychology and our physiology. It must be kept like a “state of the art” highway system so neurons can freely, fluidly take it and ride it at will.

Neuron transmission is the key to the creative process, because it allows the primary thought (the idea) to transform into an emotion (the reality).

Therefore, the nerve must be protected. So let us look at what is available here in America, as far as legal substances, to help us do that (those options will not include any pharmaceuticals, considering that their side effects are just too incalculable).

There are three compounds: alcohol, tobacco and cannabis.

Let us start with alcohol (we will not include here the wholesome, non synthetically “yeasted” red wine alcohol that stands as an exception when consumed in moderation; later in this essay, we will explore the specifics regarding this only source of natural alcohol the world possesses).

When alcohol enters our system, it helps us reach the specific kind of feeling we expect to experience as we prepare and create the original thought. A sense of calm and creativity starts to envelop us, which easily brings us to that emotion in question. But science has proved that alcohol damages our brain and the neurons in it. Our little messengers must be multiple and kept healthy (instead of being destroyed) so they can ride the nerve route in large numbers. Alcohol protects that same route by helping the neurons transmit their messages successfully (which gets us to the emotion from the thought) but it does it by eliminating those that have not started their trip yet, those that are still in the brain and not yet ready to leave it and venture out into the body via the nervous system.

The price to pay is just too high. Self destruction, even though it has been the mantra of some of the best of our past artists and pioneers, is to be avoided when it comes to learning the creative process. May be for the simple reason that it is year 13, a third millennium, and that our perception of things through science and other disciplines has changed. For instance, the concept of neuro-genesis (the reproduction of neurons, a notion that has only been accepted during the last 25 years), the opposite of the neuron destruction that alcohol is responsible for, has started to take hold within the society of scientists, savants and artists. We now know that our psychology and physiology systems possess receptors, including the nuclear one, that are sensitive to cannabinoids, the active compounds in cannabis. Besides, those same cannabinoids are, as we speak, being studied by scientists as potential precursors of that same neuro-genesis.

Tonight! Ganjaology in Portland, OR, @ The Slate

Last FridayTonight in Portland, Oregon, the artist collective known as TMK1 is throwing their monthly art & music event at The Slate.  TMK1 has recruited Ganjaology, Abigail Press, and Dash EXP to bless the speakers with heavenly bass driven beats throughout the entirety of the event.  With 4 hours full of live painting, hung art, and some very rare tunes, this Last Friday is going to be a great way to get your night started.






This event is FREE and All Ages!
@@@ 2001 NW 19th Ave #104 @@@
Portland, OR

Featuring Art From Kristina Griffith

“Ganja Rush”

“Ganja Rush”,

or the Regulation of a Natural in the Land of a Thousand Kisses,

by Papillon Philippe, Comte du Cray

The prohibition has ended. Welcome to the second G…. Rush.

For the first time in the history of American capitalism, the tobacco and alcohol industries are going to get some serious competition. Their markets will shrink a substantial amount; may be 25%.

How is this going to happen you might ask?

Very simply: the new kid on the block is called cannabis (C). Its consumption and its trade is now, as we speak, being legalized by the state governments of Washington and Colorado. You can now walk the streets of downtown Seattle while puffing on a (C) cigarette, freely. I was doing so last month one evening. A policeman walked by me. He did not say a word, nor did he even look in my direction. But he for sure smelled it. I suspected he probably smoked it too…

A new society awareness is being invented by the American population. One can draw a direct parallel with the 1930’s when alcohol became finally legal.

Only one must add to this comparison a fact of pure wonder, the one that will change the world as we know it: cannabis acting as the “health angel”, which in turn will prove alcohol (as well as tobacco) as “hell’s angels”. An iconic, societal combat is about to begin.

We will separate our study in two parts:

The first explains how cannabis teaches you the creative process, which starts with the thought process and finishes with the emotional one, while the link is played by the nervous system. Creativity is the voyage between the thought and the emotion. To travel the distance, we depend on the nerve. We ride on it.

We must therefore protect the latter — which is what alcohol (A), tobacco (T) and cannabis (C) do so well — in order to facilitate the creative process. Only we will explain how one of those three actors, (C), does it so much more effectively, because, among other reasons (those two being linked):

It creates much less side effects than the two others; which, in turn, makes (C) a much better actor on neuro-transmitters.

The second part will explain how the (C) makes you physiologically aware of the deficits of (A) and (T), and their taxing on one’s psycho-physical wealth. We all know about how bad those two compounds are for us (except for the moderate consumption of wholesome, pure, synthetics free red wine). But here, we will explore how (C) gets you to the feeling of such deficits, which in turn will subconsciously dictate behavioral and life style changes. And that for the better.

Photo by Noom Srisunakorn

Lauwness – Rastafari Healing Of The Nation

Some tunes are so deep and contain such emotion that you just gotta put ’em on repeat for a few hours.  This is definitely one of those tracks.  Lauwness, of Rotterdam, Netherlands, is bringing some heat with this tune that he’s currently still working on entitled Rastafari Healing Of The Nation.  This song is absolutely beautiful.  You definitely need a sub to get the full effect of this tune too…otherwise you’re just missing…well…the most important part of the song.  Stay posted for the release of this track and for more tunes from Lauwness on Ganjaology.  

Turbo Sonidero Futuristico – Donador de Organo

This video is , creepy, sexy, haunting, vivid, and extremely Halloween.   Oh, I forgot to add gangster too.

Ganja Highlight – Platinum Bubba Kush!

Yesterday I was just getting off work and had a killer headache after the long night, so on my walk home I stopped by my local medicinal clinic to see the doc for some good ol’ meds for my head.  I walked in and started examining what they had to offer that day.  I was too tired to make up my mind so I told the clerk to give me an 8th of some ganja that would help with my headache and help me relax before sleep.  Without hesitation she pulled a large jar off the shelf labeled Platinum Bubba Kush.  I’m familiar with the regular old Bubba Kush, and I love it, so I am all for trying this foreign strain!  I asked for some info about the Platinum Bubba Kush and this is what I got.  Platinum Bubba Kush is an indica dominant strain, encrusted in a thick layer of crystals, that is used medically to treat nausea, anxiety, glaucoma, and joint pain.  Yup, I’ll take it.  30 minutes later after a large glass of water and a big spliff filled with my new Platinum Bubba Kush ganji, I was laying in bed, thinking about how good my head felt, and ready to drift off into dream world.  The Ganjaologist approves this ganja.

 Sleep Dub by Bros On Parade