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Kruxx – Back To The Lab – Mix

I’m in love with this mix.  Houston producer/DJ, Kruxx, has done an impeccable job of blending yesterdays southern rap with todays hard hitting 808 sound.  The funny thing is, unless you know the tunes being dropped, you won’t really be able to differentiate what’s old and what’s new.  This mix is pure fire.  Enjoy this heat from the Texan who goes by KRUXX.


Cosmic Revenge – Crystal Skies (Nikes Remix)
Trae x Jayton x Lil Boss x Three 6 Mafia x Paul Wall – Cadillac
Wen – Spark It
Desto – 4 A.M.
Three 6 Mafia – N 2 Deep
Commodo – Wish
$ines x Kruxx – Eff Tizzy Riddim
Footsie – Scars (Remix)
Rabit x Strict Face – Much Beef
Blackwax – Grimace
Matty G – West Egypt
MssingNo – 124th
MIK – Ice Rink ($ines Remix)
Kruxx – 5th Street
Matty G – Bongo Rock
Chango – Lift It Up
Paul Wall – 2 Cups (Intager Trunk Mix)
Three 6 Mafia – The End


Pressha – Everything In Moderation

Sexy…Bassy…Glitchy…Wobbly…Fifty minutes long…what’s not to love about this mix from Seattles own, Pressha?  After getting back from Envision Music Festival in Costa Rica and being surrounded by artists such as Gladkill, Chris B, Ill-Esha, KllSmth, and Russ Liquid, I’ve been on a serious glitch-hop/sexy bass hunt.  Luckily, I’m not the only one who’s been feeling the energy of the gorgeous tunes coming from countless artists across the West Coast.  This mix Pressha released through BassDrop on 4/20 is absolutely ridiculous.  Whatever it is you’re doing at the moment will probably get that much better as soon as you click play and tune into the sounds that have been inspiring one of Seattles most well known bass DJ’s.  FIRST, here are a few words from Pressha himself regarding Everything In Moderation.

“When I set out to make this, I wanted to make a sequel to Sex to make Dubstep to. I found myself wanting to push a very similar sound but yet the tempo increased as I chose tracks I wanted to use over and over. Midtempo and Sexy Bass music has taken a stronger hold of me than I expected and it comes through on this. There are a few unreleased tracks by a couple of my favorite producers at the moment, the whole thing is meant to be played and replayed while making love, partying, enjoying the sunset, and just generally anything that makes you feel good inside.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you.”


1). A Gift To-Sugarpill
2.) Stay Awake-Gladkill
3.) Walking Away-Kastle ft Mc Armanni
4.) It’s when I miss all of you- Goldrush (Gladkill Remix)
5. ) Say you want to- Sugarpill (Unreleased)
6.) I know-Kastle (Bokator and Jock Styles Remix)
7.) November 18th-Drake (Stratus Remix)
8.) Tanktop-Sugarpill (Unreleased)
9.) Roof Back-Minnesota
10.) Cats used to harmonize- Sugarpill (Unreleased)
11.) Back to the Bay-Matty G. ft. Ugene
12.) Pony-Ginuwine (Molecule Remix)
13.) Space Leaf Dub-Polish Ambassador (Gladkill Remix)
14.) Something for Everyone-Frequent C and kLL sMTH
15.) Waking-Guttstar
16.) Sail-Awol-Nation (Slim Thugz Remix)
17.) So Precise- Paper Diamond
18.) Be Cool- Chris B (Unreleased)
19.) Tickle Parts -Oh Tebins
20.) Capture the Flag- Samples

Distance – Knowing

Oh man, just featured on Matty G’s beatport chart and released on halloween comes Knowing by Distance. For starters, this tune would’ve been perfect for a halloween post haha. Knowing has got a lot of eerie synths, but above all… the bassline is absolutely filthy. Distance absolutely kills it with this one, have a listen below and check out Matty G’s Back to the Bay EP!

On a side note, check out Benga in the pink polo!

Scion AV presents: Dub Police

It’s rare these days to find a record shop that sells any dubstep that isn’t something that has been bought out by the corporate machine. You know, all that britneystep bullshit. The majority of the sound I speak of lives online.. if not in legitimate shops that sell vinyl which likely call London, home. Fortunately, I live in a place in which a record shop that specializes in Metal, Dub and Reggae can thrive. Believe it or not, there are DJs in Seattle that still spin vinyl.

So while perusing and purchasing some sounds new and old, I was gifted a sampler CD sponsored by none other than… yup, you guessed it. SCION. Now I don’t know if it helps them sell any cars, but they sure as hell can pick some legitimate tunes.

This particular compilation showcases Caspa’s own recording label, Dub Police. Established in 2004 during the early ages of the genre, Dub Police has been committed to seeking out and aiding in the development and drive of the globe’s best bass music artists. With names like Matty G, LD, Orien, L-Wiz, Emalkay, Trolley Snatcha, and Subscape among others, Dub Police has brought to the world a colossal lineup of artists for which I am truly thankful. Check below for a comprehensive listing of the tunes from the sampler and be sure to check back for the newest Dub Police releases on