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Metrik – Between Worlds EP

ANOTHER MASSIVE VIPER RELEASE!!! Although there isn’t much to know about this upcoming Metrik EP there has been a few teasers and I think that’s all you need to hear to know that this is gonna be one of the bigger DnB releases this month. One of the songs I am really excited for is T-2000 which sounds like a drumstep track (my favorite), the other tracks you’ll have to assess for yourselves cause I gotta get goin’ and they are only clips. I’ll have more posts up when there’s more info, as for now check out these previews!!

[UPDATE] Nightdrive has been released for free by UKF Drum & Bass, check it out below and download the 320!! Big ups to UKF & Metrik for their kindness and generosity!! Definitely just made my day!

Metrik – Nightdrive

EP Sample

T-2000 Sample