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Seismic Shift Audio Podcast Vol. 10

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Below is the tenth installment of the sub bass rooted Seismic Shift Audio Podcast. This podcast consistently is showcasing fresh sounds in the dark, tribal, sound system production world. If you’re looking for whats going on in the true Dubstep culture, this podcast is a great place to start.

For this edition of the podcast, they have brought in Dank N’ Dirty Dubz head Sashwat. This mix is full of Low Frequency and Rinses through big tune after big tune. Check this hour long mix of dark, minimal vibes and subscribe to the podcast here!

4D Mix Series #063 – Freud

Camo & Krooked – All Night

First heard this song back at Snowbombing in April, and have been dying to hear songs off their upcoming album. After re-listening to All Night over and over again for the past day or so, I can only say that I am even more excited to see what new material they have in store. My favorite aspect of this song, which has been oddly controversial, is the so called ‘anti-drop’. Although artists like Enei, Mefjus, and Emperor have been dabbling with this form of drop in the Techstep DnB world, I haven’t heard much of it in the melodic stuff that Camo & Krooked are quite well know for. So have a listen, and deeeefinitely keep your eyes peeled for any new C&K stuff!

M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Nightizm Remix)

There are a ton of M.I.A. remixes from people across the globe, but the hottest remix of Bad Girlz I’ve heard is from Toronto’s, Nightizm.  With very minimal use of M.I.A.’s vocals, the Canadian producer has crafted a deep and smooth trap/dubstep remix that has got a wicked flute line in it! Check this one out and enjoy the free download and Nightizm’s vibes.

Skeptical – Untitled Dub

** BIG ONE ** BIG ONE **

Gosh I really want some more info on this one. The Native DnB producer Skeptical has some serious weight on the 140 end of bass music. Although Youngsta has been working his tunes into the rotation of his Minimal Mondays show, I can’t find any sort of info on the plate. Check this one and BE SURE to turn up your sub.

TMSV – “Haze”

While listening back through the Youngsta and J:Kenzo back to back set, this one crept in to the mix around 70 min and I instantly had to find out who it was. The Utrecht based producer TMSV has absolutely smashed it with this bassy percussive tune. This one’s a smooth one through and though.

No sign of a release yet, but it’s such a tune it would be a shame to not get to own this one. Check it out below and support TMSV on soundcloud!

Reamz – Fear (Compa Remix)

God I seriously can’t stop listening to this one. Compa’s remix of Fear really reminds me of a lot of deep tunes, but he really brings his own flavor into the minimal dubstep sound on this one. From the distorted basslines to the eerie synths, he really put together an amazing, and very dark, remix of Reamz’ tune. Luckily it’s out now on vinyl, so make sure you grab it here!! Keep your eyes peeled for more of Compa’s tunes, and check his Soundcloud to keep up to date. Check the tune out below, and I really urge anyone who’s into minimal dubstep to make sure you grab the limited edition vinyl while ya can. Big up Compa!! 

Genetix – Natural State

I’ve seriously been slacking with the posts on Genetix. But then again, there are just way too many tunes that they are putting out right now to post. I’ve heard this one a few times, but up until their mix on GetDarker, I had no idea who it was by. Natural State features their unique, intricate, and very tribal like percussion, accompanied by some super dark subs. This tune is just so smooth, and if I was to say to keep your eyes peeled for one artist, it would be without a doubt Genetix. I have no idea how many unreleased tunes they have right now, but I’ve heard a few others besides this one and they are all heavyweights. Check this one out below, and if anyone has details on the release, please leave a reply. Big up Genetix!

Toki – The Slug

This tune is absolute fire!  The repetitive and beautifully crafted wobbles Toki  created for this tune leave a really smooth bounce in your step.  Along with that new found bounce in your step you may find the need to start The Slug over a couple times.  Don’t worry…you’re not the only who’s having these symptoms…

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents : Khainz – ABC8

So its been kind of a while since I put up some Khainz, and I thought it would be a good idea to put ABC8 up. You can get this track here and the rest of his album. This song is a definite MUST have if your into tech house, will definitely make your sets much more groovier and will make people get up and dance. Big ups to Khainz for putting this MASSIVE tune out.

 Khainz Soundcloud

Khainz Facebook

ALSO, DJ PP came out with a remix for this song. You can listen to it here and buy it too!

Khainz – ABC8(DJ PP Remix)

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents : Mark Dekoda – Bionic Hazard (Original Mix)

This one is NUTS! Tech House is taking over and Mark Dekoda is one of the pioneers that will ensure that! Keep an eye on this producer from Munich, Germany cuz hes about to do it HUGE!

For his Soundcloud click HERE!

For his Facebook click HERE!

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents : Stebeats Tech Symphony Mix

Okay so this week I have a mix by Stebeats AKA mine and Dozur’s roomate. Every time i hear this kid mix its total madness, he has complete control over the decks and this mix definitely proves it. Very groovy Tech house at the beggining and then onto some Minimal, and to end it he threw in some Progressive house. Enjoy this mix and BIG UPS to Stev-ho!

Teknian – Crumpled Maniac

 Whenever I hear the word ‘Minimal’ I instantly think of a young Swedish producer who has made quite a ripple in the worldwide bass scene over the last couple years. Teknian is comin’ through loud on the speakers with some funky upbeat minimal bass for ya ears! HEAR ME NOW!  Well…hear TEKNIAN now…this track just rides…I’d be happy if he made an extended edit that was 30 minutes long.  This is road trip music, this is club banger, ass shaker, pussy popper music, this is sittin’ in the sun spliff lightin’ music…with Teknian on the beat your limits to what is possible are endless.  Tune in!



Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: Pachakroma – Volterete

Okay so this week we got a producer named Pachakroma, he is one of the artists that is in the group Terrakroma. Pachakroma is actually my roomates brother and he is killin it!  Coming from the underground scene in LA, this producer has many dope tracks that will blow you away. Be sure to visit for more information on him and all the other artists.

For Pachakroma’s Soundcloud click HERE!

For Terrakroma’s Soundcloud click HERE!

For Terrakromas Facebook page click HERE!

I listened to this mix by him and thought it was dope! Big up’s to him and the whole Terrakroma crew.

Proxima – Lie Detection

OH MY WORD!! Needless to say, this track is HUGE! Super minimal vibes, but heavy at the same time? If that makes any sense… Anyways, I just heard this one on the Shogun Audio Podcast with Icicle, and I nearly jumped out of my seat when the drop hit. It’s got some very deep and eerie synths, and the lead up brings the feel of a simple minimal track. As the drop hits the feeling is completely washed away as the tune kicks in with some heeeeavy basslines. Not even gonna explain more about this one, give it a listen and make sure you listen on good headphone or speakers, it makes a huge difference. Big up Proxima!!!

Sparxy – Battousai [Updated]

Super deep one comin from Sparxy, heard this one on Skream & Benga’s last show and haven’t been able to get enough of it. No news on what label it’s comin’ out on, or when it’s even coming out This one will be out soon alongside another track, Deadlock, on Bokane Records. At least a good 3 minutes of the song is up for a preview though! Battousai has that feel that many tracks on Wheel & Deal have, it’s a very dark and mellowed out groove while still keeping things somewhat energetic. Give this one a listen below, seeeeeriously can’t wait for the release on this one!!

Damn… this tune deserves a write up as well.. sadly I’m off so I don’t have enough time. Check Deadlock below though, huge one as well!

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: Khainz – Can You Stop

So its been a few weeks since Khainz album (Simple As That) has been out, if you dont have it yet you can buy it HERE!

Although its hard for me to pick my favorite song off of the album, this one comes pretty close.

Can You Stop starts out all calm and real slow, but then it turns into a storm of bass that you cant get away from. Turn your speakers up and buy this album! it wont dissapoint…

Icicle – Acid Step

Ohhhh my  god, I can’t even express how excited I am for this track. Icicle, known for his deep liquid dnb tracks, is also a phenomenal minimal dubstep producer! If you saw my post for Shogun Audio’s Way Of The Warrior EP, then you probably already know this with his and Distance’s ExhaleAcid Step is just a teaser of what is to come on his EP that is in the works, forthcoming on Shogun Audio. This track got it’s first play on Dj Friction’s Shogun Audio Podcast and the second I heard it I had to turn my system right up. This track has all the dark qualities of his liquid tracks but also brings the groove that only dubstep can put forth. Been hearing a lot of Skrillex-ish dubstep lately so this is a great refresher. Everyone check this one out and make sure to crank your speakers!!!! Big ups everyone and big up Icicle!!!

Compa – “Spektor”

This tune is huge. The Manchester based producer compa has killed it in a minimal dark way. Not only does this guy spin solely on vinyl, production-wise has quite an interesting sound to say the least. His drum work puts you in an almost entranced state, which is then driven along by these interesting wobble patterns that are not only appeal aurally but make you think as well. This ones a stinkah so throw it on, turn it up and let it fill your room with positive darkness.

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: UMEK – Jack The Groove

Uros Umek coming at you from Ljubljana, Slovenia, kills it with this track! Maybe not many people here in america have heard of this man, but if you’re from another country or you know the deal, then you’re definitely going to love this one! Soo groovy and such a feel good tune, its one of those songs that you just have to bump to make the party that much better. Make sure your speakers are on loud and your bass turned up for this dope track…