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Damian Lauderbach – No Bass No Fun [Mix]


Check out this Reggae mix from one of Cleveland’s finest selectors, Damian Lauderbach. This hour and a half mix is filled with nothing but positive bass music, and good vibes. One after another Damian sifts through nothing but beautiful tunes so sit back, relax, and enjoy the mix!

Fall Days – An Autumn Mix From Callisto

With fall right around the corner, Callisto decided to release a new mixtape showcasing some new production from himself & fellow Ganjaology member J. Hanna, as well as an assortment of beats from a few of his favorite producers at the moment.
This 17 minute mix is perfect for bringing in the cool days ahead.

Light some of your finest, kick back and enjoy the sounds that are brought to you by Ganjaology.

1. Midnight Dreams – Callisto & J. Hanna
2. Codeine Demons – DJ Smokey 666
3. Of Medici – Nightizm
4. Lowkey – Rochelle Jordan (clip)
5. I’m Sorry – SpaceGhost
6. Yo Tambien – Siete Y Catorce
7. Yungin’s – Shamana
8. Toronto – Eric Dingus
9. ♂ – Kamandi & Polo
10. Blunted – Ben West Feat. Bankie Travolta (J. Hanna Remix)

Thanks for love!

MAN AMEN – Celestial Ion [Ganjaology Mix]

Man.Amen is bringing in the low end you’ve been missing throughout this high energy summer with a 45 minute long deep dubstep mix.  Featuring artists such as Michael Red, J. Hanna, Self Evident, Truth, LX One, Alpha Steppa, and J: Kenzo, the Celestial Ion mix is built for those with subs.  Low frequency 140bpm music has a special place in the EDM scene today and there are a number of people, Man.Amen being one of them, who are really pushing to keep the sound alive.

Big up all the artists featured in this mix, and big up Man.Amen of Ganjaology for putting this smooth 45 minute mix together complete with a tracklist and free download so you can take it with you wherever you are!

~ Enjoy ~



Featured Labels include:


Big thanks to all the creators for providing their many unique sounds!

DJ Professor Stone – WTF?! DJ Mix from the OMG Lounge

Just a couple weeks ago one of the North West’s most notorious music fesitvals, What The Festival?!, was going full force down in Oregon.  With dozens of top notch artists from around the world performing, it was pretty difficult to make it everywhere you wanted when you planned and often times I found myself at a stage listening to music from an artist I was previously unfamiliar with.   One of the best instances of stumbling upon a “surprise performance” was when our crew made a quick stop by the OMG Lounge and DJ Professor Stone was throwing down some heavy, bass drive, reggae inspired dubstep & trap.  There were so many jaw dropping tunes coming back to back that our original plans were immediately cancelled and the OMG Lounge was our final destination for the evening.  Representing Seattle’s, ZION GATE RECORDS, DJ Professor Stone has been around the reggae scene for several decades now, and is showing that he’s still in his prime.  His DJ set was versatile, full of heady tunes, and downright fun.   Stone had the whole dance floor quaking!  Check out this mix and feel the vibes from WTF?!!

Digital Mystikz – BBC Radio 1 Vintage Mix (2005)

This is 25 minutes packed full of nothing but dubstep classics, mixed by two of the scenes finest producers, Mala & Coki, aka Digital Mystikz.  This mix is from 2005 and carries a heavy and undeniably awesome vibe throughout the entirety of the BBC Radio 1 performance.  I just had the pleasure of seeing Mala and Coki play a 2 hour set in Portland a couple months ago and let me tell you… today in 2014, these two pioneers of dubstep have not lost touch with their original sound.  Enjoy this mix from Digital Mystikz.

Kruxx – Back To The Lab – Mix

I’m in love with this mix.  Houston producer/DJ, Kruxx, has done an impeccable job of blending yesterdays southern rap with todays hard hitting 808 sound.  The funny thing is, unless you know the tunes being dropped, you won’t really be able to differentiate what’s old and what’s new.  This mix is pure fire.  Enjoy this heat from the Texan who goes by KRUXX.


Cosmic Revenge – Crystal Skies (Nikes Remix)
Trae x Jayton x Lil Boss x Three 6 Mafia x Paul Wall – Cadillac
Wen – Spark It
Desto – 4 A.M.
Three 6 Mafia – N 2 Deep
Commodo – Wish
$ines x Kruxx – Eff Tizzy Riddim
Footsie – Scars (Remix)
Rabit x Strict Face – Much Beef
Blackwax – Grimace
Matty G – West Egypt
MssingNo – 124th
MIK – Ice Rink ($ines Remix)
Kruxx – 5th Street
Matty G – Bongo Rock
Chango – Lift It Up
Paul Wall – 2 Cups (Intager Trunk Mix)
Three 6 Mafia – The End



In anticipation of the legendary reggae party, Reggae Consciousness 2014, presented by Culture Yard, Bassdrop, and Say What?, Selekta Raiford (one of the performing DJ’s of the evening) has put together a beautiful 35 minute mix of all the attending artists.  This includes international reggae stars, Alborosie and Warrior King, Seattle’s own, Clinton Fearon, as well as an incredible selection of opening acts.

February 16th!! Mark your calendars! Reggae Consciousness 2014!


Chalice In Wonderland – A Mix By : BC DUBCATS

In the midst of a cold winter in most parts of North America, a couple cool cats from British Colombia have recently released a mix that is nothing but pure summer vibes.  I feel that this is a little reminder from our northern neighbors that summer isn’t as far away as you might think…or it may feel.  You should probably crank the heat to about 85*F and roll up a couple fatty’s to properly enjoy this mix.  Big ups BC Dub Cats for this incredibly chill mix!


Tony Goods – Voodoo Village Mix

This is an awesome mix from Seattle’s, Tony Goods!   There isn’t a much better way to end/start the year than with some proper beats.  Big ups!


Here is an all original mix from Kaytranada consisting of unreleased beats the Montreal native made over the last couple years.  There is no tracklist for this one…but you are able to download the mix for free.  Enjoy these vibes!

Westerley Live @ Shambhala 2013 – Living Room Stage

Big shout out to Westerley for this huge dubstep mix!

:Michael Red on the Mic:

1) Author – After Time
2) Dubtek & Chewie – Primitive
3) The Others – One Man Show (J:Kenzo Remix)
4) Dcult – US
5) LAS – Blood
6) Karma – Smear Dub
7) Gantz – Lifebound
8) Deafblind – Humanism
9) Gantz – U Wont Mind
10) Catacombs – Badman Culture
11) Piezo – The Omen
12) Daega Sound – Rainmaster
13) Sleeper – Species
14) D-Operation Drop – Genesis
15) LAS – Minus 2
16) Commodo – Space Cash
17) Gantz – Stayer
18) Amit – No Mercy
19) Killawatt & Ipman – Killa In A Jungle
20) Chewie – Mesmerized
21) Catacombs – Music Mi Luv
22) Perverse – Tribute
23) Killawatt & Ipman – Darkplace
24) Benton – Wormholes (Soap Dodgers Remix)
25) Thelem – Elemental Fears
26) J Robinson – Mysticism
27) Matt U – Frequency
28) Daega Sound – Under Pressure
29) Demon – Door 13
30) Biome – Black Widow
31) Asylum – Blindfold
32) J:Kenzo – Ricochet
33) Daega Sound – The Ridge
34) Westerley – Keys Of Time
35) Daega Sound – State Of Mind
36) Amit – Acid Trip
37) Fatboy – Sick (Artikal Remix)
38) Ipman – Persistent Dread
39) Goth Trad – Born To Know
40) Ipman – Sensory Deprivation
41) DJG – Time Is The Fire VIP
42) Killawatt – Static Tension
43) Sunchase & Nickbee – I Speak & Spell
44) J:Kenzo – Cause & Effect
45) Icicle – Caffeine
46) J:Kenzo – Bloodlines
47) Ipman – Signal Motion
48) Thelem – Synthetic Artifacts
49) Chapta – Late Night Jazz
50) Asylum – Afterlife
51) Wayfarer – Reflections
52) Dub Phizix – Yukon
53) Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptikal Remix)
54) J:Kenzo – One Drop
55) Chimpo ft. Dub Phizix & Skeptikal – Buzzin’

Chestplate X Daily Dubstep

I hadn’t been hearing too many dubstep mixes that have been hitting my sweet spot lately… Until I caught wind of this gem last week.  Big ups Daily Dubstep and Chestplate for this incredible mix!  This is a full hour the deep heavy sounds Chestplate is known for, so if you’ve got something special rolled up and your subs cranked you’re all ready for this ride.

Sasquatch Presents : BADBOYS III

This mix is one of the best beat tapes up on SoundCloud at the moment.  Take an hour and enjoy the smooth vibes of Sasquatch as he takes you on a journey through an array of samples and all original beats.  This is the first I’ve heard from the Vermontian, but his minimal hip-hop beats laced up with a plethora of easy listening melodies have got me interested in what’s to come from Sasquatch in 2014.   Enjoy!



Dub Selekta – Decompression Series – BARISONE

 After a long summer of festivals and the autumn rolling in with a nice cool breeze, it seems like everyone is ready for a little decompression.

Dub Selekta has been putting out superb mixes for the last couple years and the latest Decompression Series mix by Portland’s, Barisone, is continuing that tradition.

This mix is the perfect combination of sensual melodies laced up with deep, smooth bass lines… All you need to do is light up that spliff you’ve got and click play…





Artwork by Vasho (
Barisone photo by David P. Staley, who is in everyones heart.

FrumLater – Live at The Living Room :: Shambhala 2012

FrumLater, Shambhala, Ganjaology

Here’s a nice heady dance mix for ya… Caught this set by FrumLater last year on the Living Room Stage at Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, BC. He was filling for someone. Someone awesome, which is why I was there. But honestly, I don’t remember who that was now. I do know that this man waxed the dance floor that evening. DAMN.

Catch him at Shambhala again this year. See you there!

Sashwat – Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz [Volume 47]

This mix is massive! The name says it all…Dank N Dirty…enjoy!

Sashwat – Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz (Volume 47)
@sashwat –
@dankndirtydubz –
01 ENiGMA Dubz – Neeky [DUBPLATE]
02 Synkro – Recognition [Apollo Records]
03 Experiment1 – Nice Moves [DUBPLATE]
04 B9 – Altoids [DUBPLATE]
05 Adele – Skyfall (Trashbat Bootleg) [DUBPLATE]
06 Grafta – Adaptation [Forthcoming Nauseous Vibez]
07 Kromestar – Live ‘N’ Experience [Dubstep for Deep Heads]
08 Breakage – Rain [Digital Soundboy]
09 Jay 5ive & Kromestar – Hands In The Air [Bass N Love Records]
10 Silkie ft. Truth – Feel [DEEP MEDi]
11 OSC AKA Antiserum & Roommate – Version For Version [War Series White Label]
12 The Widdler – Strong Dub [DUBPLATE]
13 Radikal Guru – New Decade of Dub [Dubbed Out]
14 Synkro – Dub Specialist [Smokin Sessions]
15 Skream – Rimz [Tempa Records]
16 Dubtechnicians – Damnation Check [Forthcoming dubliminal]
17 Blynk – Metropolis [Sincerious]
18 K Man & Benji – Deep Outboard Input [DUBPLATE]
19 Erothyme – Language of the Birds [DUBPLATE]
20 K Man & Benji – Deep Outboard Input [DUBPLATE]
21 Trentemøller – Moan (Trentemøller Remix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
22 My My – Fast Freeze [Cocoon Recordings]
23 Bloc Party – Where Is Home? (Burial Remix) [Wichita Recordings]
24 Dubtechnicians – Read my Mind 0243 mix [Forthcoming dubliminal]
25 Quest – Deep Inside [DEEP MEDi]
26 2562 – Moog Dub [Tectonic]
27 G Squad – Assumptions (Benga Remix) [RINGO]
28 DJ Madd – Someone [Black Box]
29 Swindle – Mood Swings (VIP) [Butterz]
30 Synthetic Epiphany – Reckless Doubts [DUBPLATE]
31 Inkarv – The Rivers Flow [DUBPLATE]
32 Detz – July [DUBPLATE]
33 Tri-Funk – untitled 749,10 [DUBPLATE]
34 Von D – Bonda Love [Perk Recordings]
35 Blasta – Your Dub Delay [Argon]
36 Amun – Streets [DANK ‘N’ DIRTY DUBZ]
37 Calski – Be With You [DUBPLATE]
38 The Widdler – Come Home [B-Sides & Bootlegs]
39 Lojik – Secrets [DUBPLATE]
40 Synkro – Come With Me [Z-Audio]
41 DFRNT – Dark Jazz (DJ Madd Remix) [On The Edge]
42 The Others – Bushido (Caspa Remix) [Dub Police]
43 Oceania – Fading [Analogic Recordings]
44 Eskmo – Harmony [Ancestor]

Michael Red’s Sunday Morning Living Room Mix – Shambhala 2012

Today I just want to kick back and relax.  I need some good thinking music, some good smoking music, and some calm energy being cast through my speakers….

It’s time for Michale Red’s Sunday Morning Living Room Mix.

This mix will get you in the zone.  The chill zone.

Tune in.


koreless – lost in tokyo
kline – snapback
andrea – work the middle (kodak to graph rmx)
duct – blackheath (fybe one rmx)
oceania – postable
fybe one – irenidae
evy jane – ohso (andy dixon rmx)
clams casino – swervin rmx instrumental
saydo – before time
frank ocean – pilot jones
clubroot – inviolable
darling farah -fortune
deft – clotting
lianne la havas – lost and found (ifan dafydd rmx)
james blake – pan
illum sphere – blood music (indigo rmx)
pariah – signal loss
james blake – klavierwerke
saydo – rhino
jools – summa
v.i.v.e.k. – strategy
unltd – power decline
oceania – you live in me (feat n)
synkro – lost for words
sanctums – ghost forest
kryptic minds – a glimpse of hope
lorn – the well (intro drums loop)
airhead – paper street
zomby – a devil lay here
sexytime – inamorata
drop dead – basic state
clouds – rest of the cycle
actress – raven
mekha – aneurism (dsve rmx)
peek – devil’s side
l_ow – diver
cube face – called you
lianne la havas – forget (shlohmo rmx)
phon_o – die maschinistin
sbtrkt – hold on

Peanut Butter Wolf’s 12hr 12/12/12 Set

This set is legendary.  12 hours of music from Peanut Butter Wolf on 12/12/12 for Boiler Room.  Enjoy!

Hour 1

1. Richard Dimples Fields – “If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another
2. Brian Auger – “Beginning Again”
3. Heath Brothers – “Smiling Billy Suite”
4. Rick Wakeman – “March Of Gladiators”
5. Jeremy & The Satrys – “In The Glass Teardrops”
6. Bruce Haack – “Incantation”
7. Michael Adam Pollack – “Evening Visitors”
8. Polar Yet Tropical – “We Will Fall”
9. Billy Cobham & George Duke – “Almustafa The Beloved”
10. Lutz Rahn – “Dracula’s Kuss”
11. Barrabas – “Lady Love”
12. Omega – “With Magic Stone”

Hour 2

13. SBB – “Strategia Pulsu”
14. Reinhard Lakomy – “Das Geheime Leben”
15. Human League – “WXJL”
16. Jimmy Hendrix – “Have You Ever Been”
17. Aqua Fragile – “Cosmic Mind Affair”
18. Touch – “Waterdream”
19. Dwele – “Dime For Your Thoughts”
20. Touch – “Gethsemane 1”
21. Stereolab – “Spinal Column”
22. Sly & The Family Stone – “If It Were Left Up To Me”
23. Sly & The Family Stone – “Babies Makin’ Babies”
24. Quasimoto – “B.S.”
25. Marvin Gaye – “Heavy Love Affair”
26. Gil-Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson – “Back Home”
27. James Brown – “Bring It Up”
28. Mobb Deep – “Burn”
29. Phat Kat – “Destiny”

Hour 3

30. Yesterday’s New Quintet – “Funshine”
31. Madvillain – “Money Folder (Instrumental)”
32. Medaphor – “Now U Know (Instrumental)”
33. Peanut Butter Wolf feat. Encore – “Undercover”
34. Guilty Simpson – “Coroners music”
35. Herman Kelly & Life – “A Refreshing Love”
36. Ohio Players – “Sleep Talk”
37. Brand Nubian – “Allah & Justice”
38. Great Pride – “She’s A Lady”
39. The Beatles – “I’m So Tired”
40. Snoop Dog – “Dog Food and Drank”
41. The Moments – “Theme”
42. Wu Tang Clan – “Shaolin Brew”
43. Booty’s Rubber Band – “I’d Rather Be With You”
44. Bobby Nunn – “She’s Just A Groupie”
45. Electric Light Orchestra – “Fire on High”
46. Sister Nancy – “One, Two”
47. Scientist – “Night of the Living Dead”

Hour 4

48. TCQ – “Start it Up (Instrumental)”
49. Stevie Wonder – “Don’t Drive Drunk” Inst.
50. James Pants – “Tape Rolls”
51. Kinfunk – “Morris the Cat”
52. Irv Ski – “One Man Only”
53. Race – “Split Personality”
54. Funkadelic – “Super Stupid”
55. Ohio Players – “Love Slips Through My Fingers”
56. War – “Smile Happy”
57. Electro-Graphics – “Sloog”
58. Clint Eastwood – “Brotherman”
59. Grandmaster Flash – “Scorpio”
60. Ana Roseli – “Velhos Tempos”
61. Landscape – “From The Tea Rooms Of Mars”
62. Lord Finesse – “A Little Something For The Homiez”
63. Jungle Brothers – “Because I Got It Like That”
64. Steve Hackett – “The Toast”
65. The Click – “Tangi”
66. 14 Karat Soul – “Lover’s Fantasy”
67. Art Of Noise – “The Army Now”
68. Larry T. & The Family – “I’m Moving On”
69. Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix – “Testify”
70. Project Blowed – “Strength of ATU”
71. Trouble Funk – “Sping – Time”
72. Will Powers – “Smile (Dub)”
73. Throbbing Gristle – “What A Day”
74. Bobby G – “Lollipop Girl”
75. Just Tony – “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”
76. Extra T’s – “E.T. Boogie Inst”
77. The Residents – “Woman’s Weapon”
78. Ariel Pink – “She’s My Girl”
79. Cody Chesnutt – “The World Is Coming”

Hour 5

80. Family Fodder And Friends – “Sunday Girl #1”
81. Rick James – “Cold Blooded”
82. Prince – “Paisley Park”
83. Que Dee – Cash Flow
84. Homeliss Derelix – Cash Money
85. TCQ – “Bound To Wreck Your Body”
86. Paul McCartney – “Temporary Secretary”
87. Andy Bey – “Celestial Blues”
88. Sammy A – “Try Me Out”
89. Hiko featuring the Great Peso – “She’s Wild”
90. Charlie – “Spacer Woman”
91. Rated X – “Be Cool To Your Girl”
92. Konstruktiaits – “Kalm”
93. Bo Hansson – “The City”
94. The Wire – “Two People In The Room”
95. Big Kwam – “I Don’t Give A Fuck” PB Wolf Remix
96. Giorgio Moroder – “Theme From Midnight Express”

Hour 6

97. Nice N Smooth – “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow” Remix
98. Carly Simon – “Why”
99. Star Wars Christmas – “A Christmas Sighting”
100. Too Short – “Freaky Tales”
101. Schooly D – “Saturday Night”
102. Goblin – “Black Forest”
103. Grauzone “Film 2”
104. Chappell Electronic “Marathon Man”
105. Cybotron – “Techno City”
106. Pink Industry – “Is This The End”
107. Ingram – “That’s All”
108. Jonathan Brown – “Def Defiance”

Hour 7

109. Curtis Mayfield – “No Thing On Me”
110. The Turtles – “I’m Chief Kawannamannalaya”
111. Riuichi Sakamoto – “Participation Mystique”
112. Cosmic Overdose – “Oktoberfragment”
113. Neuronium – “Invisible Views”
114. Unit Band – “You Fool”
115. 415 – “Mr. Groove Is Home”
116. Al Hudson – “Spread Love”
117. Mystic Journeyman – “Depths Of Survival”
118. Ange – “Biafra 80 Introduction”
119. Dickey – “Acid House”
120. The Gadgets – “Kyleaking”
121. Todd Rundgren – “Johnee Jingo”
122. John Renbourn – “Bransle Gay”
123. YMO – “Behind The Mask”
124. Mac Dre – “California Livin”
125. 94 East – “If You Feel Like Dancin’” Feat Prince
126. Burundi Black – “Burundi Black”
127. Madvillain- “Curls”
128. Dorothy Ashby – “Soul Vibrations”
129. Roy Ayers – “DC City”
130. Robotiks – “Electromagnetic Seduction”
131. Slave – “The World’s On Hard”
132. Diva – “Glow Worm”
133. Spinners – “Games People Play”
134. Future – “Progressions”
135. Was Not Was – “Wheel Me Out”
136. Ideal – “Ride Me”
137. Cabaret Voltaire – “Three Mantras”
138. Egyptian Lover – “Egypt, Egypt”

Hour 8

139. Dam-Funk – “Galactic Funk”
140. Fast Eddie – “Most Wanted”
141. Duane & Co. – “JB On The One”
142. Todd Terry – “It’s Just In House”
143. Lootpack – ” Long Awaited” Inst.
144. Lootpack – “Crate Diggin’”
145. Peaking Lights – “Beautiful Dub”
146. Bruce Haack – “EIO”
147. Homeboy Sandman – “The Carpenter”
148. Impulse – “Girl Over There”
149. Blaine L. Reininger – “Nural Haj”
150. Can – “A Spectacle”
151. New Musik – “The Planet Doesn’t Mind”
152. Human League – “Hard Times” Inst
153. Nas – “New York State Of Mind”
154. Guilty Simpson – “Clap Your Hands”
155. Charizma PB Wolf – “My World Premier” Inst.

Hour 9

156. East Flatbush Project – “Tried By 12”
157. Jeru The Damaja – “Come Clean”
158. Public Enemy – “Shut Em Down” (Pete Rock Remix)
159. KMD – “Nitty Gritty”
160. Tristan Palma – “Good Bye Baby”
161. King Island Errison – “We Must Say Goodbye”
162. Wayne Jarrett – “Brimstone & Fire”
163. Gary Wilson – “6.4”
164. Z – Climax One
165. Coventry – “Nightklub”
166. Slave – “Snap Shot”
167. Non PL – “Picks Me Up”
168. Ricky Clark – “Flam”
169. The SNAP Band – “Can You Feel My Love”
170. Hurbert Laws – “Family”

Hour 10

171. Stairsteps – “Throwin’ Stones Atcha”
172. New Order – “Ceremony”
173. Todd Runagren – “In & Out Of Chakras We Go”
174. Lover II – “I’m Still Hurt”
175. Marley Marl – “Get Get Get It Now”
176. Madlib – “Steppin’ Again”
177. PB Wolf – “Casio Beats’
178. Love Joy – “Long Lost Lover”
179. The Second Coming – “New World A Coming”
180. Dam-Funk – “Don’t Go Swag” Live
181. Lonnie Liston Smith – “Expansions”
182. Ray, Goodman, & Brown – “Another Day”
183. Steve Miller – “Steve Miller’s Midnight Tango”
184. New Birth – “Pretty Busy”
185. James Taylor – “Automatic Reverse”
186. Sergio Mendes – “The Real Thing”
187. Pharoah Sanders – “Love Is Everywhere”

Hour 9

156. East Flatbush Project – “Tried By 12”
157. Jeru The Damaja – “Come Clean”
158. Public Enemy – “Shut Em Down” (Pete Rock Remix)
159. KMD – “Nitty Gritty”
160. Tristan Palma – “Good Bye Baby”
161. King Island Errison – “We Must Say Goodbye”
162. Wayne Jarrett – “Brimstone & Fire”
163. Gary Wilson – “6.4”
164. Z – Climax One
165. Coventry – “Nightklub”
166. Slave – “Snap Shot”
167. Non PL – “Picks Me Up”
168. Ricky Clark – “Flam”
169. The SNAP Band – “Can You Feel My Love”
170. Hurbert Laws – “Family”

Hour 10

171. Stairsteps – “Throwin’ Stones Atcha”
172. New Order – “Ceremony”
173. Todd Runagren – “In & Out Of Chakras We Go”
174. Lover II – “I’m Still Hurt”
175. Marley Marl – “Get Get Get It Now”
176. Madlib – “Steppin’ Again”
177. PB Wolf – “Casio Beats’
178. Love Joy – “Long Lost Lover”
179. The Second Coming – “New World A Coming”
180. Dam-Funk – “Don’t Go Swag” Live
181. Lonnie Liston Smith – “Expansions”
182. Ray, Goodman, & Brown – “Another Day”
183. Steve Miller – “Steve Miller’s Midnight Tango”
184. New Birth – “Pretty Busy”
185. James Taylor – “Automatic Reverse”
186. Sergio Mendes – “The Real Thing”
187. Pharoah Sanders – “Love Is Everywhere”

FreQ Nasty – Bass Nerd Mixtape Vol 3: Trapped In Dub

FreQ Nasty dropped the third edition of his Bass Nerd Mixtape series at the beginning of the new year and appropriately titled it TRAPPED IN DUB.  As you can imagine, this mix contains songs that all share similar qualities of being extra dubby while maintaining that poppin’ 808 sound.  The track list is super heady, Check it out! It’s impossible not to vibe to this mix.

1- Turbulence – “Notorious” (Radioclit remix feat. Trim)
2 – Ori Shochat x Dango – “Ganja Smugglers”
3 – Major Lazer feat Flux Pavilion “Jah No Partial” (Nonsens remix)
4 – The Partysquad – “Pull Up” (SNAILS vs OOKAY Remix)
5 – Acid Youths – “When I was a Yout” (Pablo Gad – ‘Hard Times’ remix)
6 – Major Lazer – “Original Don” (Flosstradamus remix)
7 – Skrillex feat. Damian Marley – “Make It Bun Dem’ (Bro Safari & UFO! Remix) – [FN Edit]
8 – TC – New Style
9 – Sister Nancy – ‘Bam Bam’ (BabyFace Killa remix)
10 – FreQ Nasty feat Tippa Irie & Solar Lion – “Not Givin In” (Rido Remix) – [FN Edit]
11 – Pharoahe Monch – “Simon Says” (Etc &Etc Brillz Bootleg) – [FN Dubbed Edit]
12 – Lil Jon – “Snap Yo Fingers” (Candyland’s OG remix)

Ill-Esha – Making Friends At Altitude – A MiniMix

Ill-Esha has been known for making some of the funkiest and moving gltich-hop this world has ever seen.  This mini mix entitled Making Friends At Altitude, is just another display of the talent this West Coast based producer poses.  Here is what Ill-Esha has to say about this mix in her own words…

“The “Imaginary Friends” 6-track EP was released on Muti Music on November 1st and is a painted sonic daydream of wishful thinking and intention. The product of years of self-induced solitude, this was the love I always wanted to have in my life and it was my sole way of expressing it to others from the depths of the studio.

“Altitude Sickness” is a brand new, 4-track unreleased EP written as a love letter to the state of Colorado and the transformation it has affected throughout my life. Paying homage to the raging glitch hop basslines and midtempo funky vibes of the mountains, but also the sincerity, love and pure energy that its people have shown me and inspired in me.

I thought I’d weave the two EPs together to make this minimix, and throw in a verbal layer of friends both real and imaginary through acapellas. Featuring three of my extremely talented MC friends – ProbCause (Chicago), Chadio Treetrunk (Vancouver) and Joe Mousepad (San Francisco) – plus some people I wish I actually knew, I hope you enjoy this montage of original music and fresh energy!!!”


Cover Art excerpted from Aaron Geeraert’s piece created specially for the track “Imaginary Friends”

Tracklist (All Tracks Produced by ill-esha, x = acapella)

The Only Cure (Imaginary Friends)
Mood Swings (Imaginary Friends) x ProbCause “Flex” (The Recipe, Bonafyde)
Imaginary Friends (Imaginary Friends)
Lakeside (Imaginary Friends) x ill-esha “When The Bass Drops” (original w/I-Cue, Envloop)
Altitude Sickness (Altitude Sickness) x Chadio Treetrunk “Victoria Block” (unreleased)
Tropic Thunder (Imaginary Friends) x Joe Mousepad “Chicken Scratch” (Joe Mousepad vs Glitch Hop, Street Ritual)
Oxytocin ft. Ronnie Sumrall (Altitude Sickness)
Capricious Nights (Altitude Sickness) x Outkast “Ms. Jackson”
SwaySway (Imaginary Friends) x Aaliyah “Rock The Boat”
Mountain Opus ft. Samuel Wexler (Altitude Sickness)