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MORchillstep – Dubstep Timelapse Films

I must say that it disturbs me when I see those televisions whose sole purpose is to display a fireplace in place of where a real fire should be. Recently I heard someone say that television is a great way for their kids to learn about nature. Seriously, that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever hear. It is sad that we live in a time when parents feel its ok for children to experience the world through a virtual reality. That said, if I’m gonna watch anything, I love seeing beautiful landscapes and awesome animal activity that I might not ever be able to experience in nature. If you are of the same mind, check out this beautiful photography overlayed with superb ambient dubstep. It’s a wonder that this is only now coming out. WE WANT MORE!!


And don’t forget to give thanks for the wonderful world in which we live. Go outside. Feel the earth against your feet. Feel the sun against your face. And enjoy the time you have here. It won’t last forever. But until then, kick back and vibe with this sweet media treat.

Here’s some more to keep your party grooving.