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DAMNN! is all I can say right now, this track is fucking nuts. It brings so many elements to the table and if you are searching Ganjaology for some heavy bass STOP and take a listen.

Bukez Finezt is actually trying to get to 5,000 likes on his Facebook page, and once that goal is reached he will give out a free EP!

Tell everyone you know to go like this artists page and support him!

For Bukez Finezt Facebook page click HERE!

For Bukez Finezt Soundcloud page click HERE!

Gravity – Rage (BadKlaat & Requake Remix)

Haven’t posted something in a while, and today I was on Soundcloud and saw that Requake and Badklaat released this for a free download! Definitely need to click that download button, and put your speakers on LOUD. Dont forget to support these artists by buying their music and clicking on these links!

For Requake’s Facebook page click HERE!

For Requake’s Soundcloud page click HERE!

For Badklaat’s Facebook page click HERE!

For Badklaat’s Soundcloud page click HERE!


Kinzy – Smash n Grab

Kinzy is a mad man! this tune is only 4 days old and iv’e listened to it hundreds of times already. That deep descending bass gets me everytime, big ups to Kinzy for giving this for free! Be sure to check out his pages and support him!

Click HERE to download this tune for free (Via Mediafire)

For Kinzy’s Soundcloud page click HERE!

For Kinzy’s Facebook page click HERE!

Murdok & JBZ – Mooncake

Both coming from the UK, Murdok and JBZ going hard with this one. This tune isn’t all that new but it definitely needs more plays!

For Murdok’s Soundcloud page click HERE!

For Murdoks Facebook page click HERE!

For JBZ’s Soundcloud click HERE!

Support them and spread the Bass love!


As I was looking thru Trom’s Soundcloud I heard the most insane sounds imaginable. I couldn’t decide on which one to share so I decided to share my three favorite ones.

Trom – Mancies

This tune is probably one of the heaviest songs I have heard in a while. Definitely getting it when it comes out, and you should too!

Trom – DOPE

This one feels less dark then the last one but it still has those dark robotic vibes.


This ones got tight samples, if you like Epic Meal Time then you will love this one. Heavy with very bassy UK vibe. BIG UPS!

Check out more of his tracks! There are seriously a lot more sick tunes. Share the love and help this artist get their music out there!

for Trom’s Soundcloud click HERE!

For Trom’s Facebook page click HERE!

FrostByte-Not Funny (Clip)

FrostByte killed it with this new track! Taking his dope robotic sounds and adding some Zach Galifianakis samples is just pure genious. This song isn’t out till the 4th of july, but here is a clip that will leave you anxious and wanting more.

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents : Stereo Express – Shadoorack

This week we have an artist named Stereo Express that has crafted a song that not only is Tech house but its got a swing feel to it. Definitely need to listen to his other tunes cuz this man is blowing up!

For his Soundcloud click HERE!

For his Facebook Page click HERE!

Coffi – Got that good (Clip)

Here’s another HUGE track from the UK that has a MASSIVE sound, and very heavy bass that makes your whole house shake. Wish it wasn’t just a clip but it will do till the full version is out. The song starts out all glitchy and then takes off and kicks you right in the throat with all the bass. If you like what you hear then be sure to check out Coffi’s Soundcloud over HERE.

Requake – Duo Flex (BadKlaat VIP)

So maybe a lot of you have heard Duo Flex by Requake… If you haven’t, check it out HERE!

Now BadKlaat from the UK has an insane VIP for Duo Flex, the wobbles are intense and the bass hits hard. Here is the VIP, im not sure where you can buy it yet, but I will definitely look into it because its a must have! If you like Requake then i suggest you check BadKlaat out!

For Badklaat’s Soundcloud click HERE

For Requakes Soundcloud click HERE

Don’t forget to turn your speakers up as loud as they can go!

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: UMEK – Jack The Groove

Uros Umek coming at you from Ljubljana, Slovenia, kills it with this track! Maybe not many people here in america have heard of this man, but if you’re from another country or you know the deal, then you’re definitely going to love this one! Soo groovy and such a feel good tune, its one of those songs that you just have to bump to make the party that much better. Make sure your speakers are on loud and your bass turned up for this dope track…

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: Khainz – All Night Long

So Khainz was supposed to be done with his album already but, im guessing it got held back a little longer. However! he did release a new banger today called “All Night Long”. Its got a very Tech-house feel to it and it is a HUGE tune on his part, stay tuned for more info and updates on when his album will be out. In the meantime if you want to check more of his stuff out click HERE

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: Format:B – Gospel (Super Flu’s Antichrist Remix)

Ahhhh…Tech house, so chill but yet so full of energy. The original track by Format : B, which consists of Franziskus Sell and Jakob Hildenbrand from  Kreuzberg ,Germany, is a flawless banger!  Super Flu totally ripped it on this track starting with its funky basslines, and its beats that make you wanna get up and jump all over the place. Coming from Germany, this duo definitely has the potential to make it big, ‘specially after putting out this monster track that is not only fun to dance to but to mix too! It just makes your sets that much funner to spin, not to mention all the swag that will pour out the speakers…Check it out!

If you want more of Super Flu you can listen to them HERE

If you want to hear the originial track by Format B and more check them out HERE


Heavy basslines, dark grinding , and zombies everywhere I look, thats what I feel like everytime I listen to one of Hijinx tracks. Coming from Miami, Florida Hijinx is starting to be a name brand, however this particular track was a collab that Hijinx did with Invader!  This song is very different than a lot of the heavy dubstep thats out there, the percussion hits so hard and not to mention those high pitched whines that give you the Hijinx trademark. It makes me feel like I am walking around the earth 50 years from now, where all I can see around me is dirt, crumbled buildings, fire, and an army of zombies throwing it down to Hijinx spinning. Keep your heads up and your ears open because i have a feeling that this kid is going to take over the world. The track is going to be released on Heavy Artillery Records sometime in March-April…Look out!

To see Hijinx on Facebook click HERE

To listen to Hijinx on Soundcloud click HERE

To see Hijinx on Twitter click HERE

To see Invader! on Facebook click HERE

To hear Invader! on Soundcloud click HERE

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: Steve Prior & Thomas Penton – Shift Cycle (Khainz Remix)

Okay maybe you’ve heard of Steve Prior & Thomas Pentons’s “Shift Cycle”, but this is the remix made by the one and only Khainz. The original is an amazing track but I feel like this one has more creativity and a bigger sound in general. Khainz has proved himself yet again, as being one of the biggest names in Minimal… Enjoy “Shift Cycle”

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: Federico Scavo – You Know (Original Mix)

Federico Scavo has been spinning minimal since 1991 and has been producing it since 1994. I guess you could say hes been around for a bit now and has some experience, that is why his tunes are super dope. This one is chill but keeps your head boppin the whole time, this song is a perfect example of what this Italian producer can do.

Check out this mix by him too! Super chill…

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: Khainz – Simple As That (Album Teaser 30 mins mix)

                          So Khainz is releasing a new album soon titled “simple as that”, he said it should be done by the end of January and released sometime in February – March. However for the people who can’t wait, he made a 30 minute mix with all the songs on his new album, kind of  as a preview to show us what he’s got for us. Khainz BABY!

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: Luke Porter – Metropolis (Khainz Remix)

This song is super simple, but it goes hard and just makes you wanna dance. It blends in so well with most minimal, I have been having a blast mixing it in. Be sure to listen to it real loud and enjoy!

Sukh Knight – Diesel Not Petrol

Sooo dope! You definitely need to check this guy out!

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents: Nick Hook – Enhanced (James Harcourt remix)

Damnn! A little late on this one but this song is nuts and insanely dope, every time I listen to it I feel “real fuckin hi”. Crank up the volume LOUD on this one cuz shits about to get real weird!

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents : Underworld – Holding The Moth (Audiojack remix)

Whenever I hear this song I feel like everything around me starts bouncing. Just look around… start enjoying the work the two geniuses  in Audiojack created.