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Land – Ganjaology Exclusive Guest Mix

Land, Ganjaology, Guest Mix

Just in time for NYE, Seattle based producer and DJ Land has provided for us this revelatory mix. Probing deep into the sexy and curious sounds of DnB, footwork and future bass, the mix features sounds which will caress the ears and sooth the senses.

The story begins at the end, that is to say that the mix starts off with a sample from the Epilogue from Brave New World. Quickly setting things in motion, this mix takes the listener full tilt into a land of magic and mystery, where one can bend the laws of physics. It is here in this strange land we may learn a little bit about the man, the magician, the creator – Philip Frost aka Land.

From his time as a youth in North Carolina, Frost was fascinated with the sounds of new and different music. He found excitement in alternative frequencies and was specifically drawn to the stimulating future sounds of Jungle. After purchasing his first pair of Technics in 1995, Frost began learning the craft of DJing. Using the moniker FROST, Phillip shared the stage with many large acts including Method One, Icey, Diesel Boy, Decoder, Tech Itch, and more.

In the year 2000, Frost moved to Nashville and began his journey into production. He was working simultaneously with Altruistic Productions to launch a new nightclub. Frost soon learned that his preferred style, which is more focused on the IDM side of the sound spectrum would be supported better in an alternative environment. After an exciting few years of production, promotion and planning in Nashville, Frost left his south eastern roots and headed west.

For the past few years, Frost has resided in Portland, OR where he has been involved in a number of large scale productions including participation as an event planner for the large outdoor event known as TECH TREK. Working with Horizon Events, he was pivotal in manifesting the hugely successful RESOLUTION which kicked off 2012.

Currently, one may find Land performing up and down the North West Coast of the United States at any number of clubs or festivals. His focus in sound centers around 2step, Bass, DnB, Techhouse, and Techno. In 2013 he launched his label AmitiGroup Recordings. Look out for big things from this man in 2014 as he’s clearly on a path toward greatness.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this mix of seriously engaging selections which will keep your ears excited for the next hour. Enjoy!

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Pále – Silverstair (J. Hanna Bootleg) [Free DL]

J. Hanna get ’em! Coming with a silky smooth unofficial remix of Pale’s single, Silverstair (which was a dance floor killa in 2012), the young Cleveland/Nashville based producer brings together the sounds of yesterday and today all into one beautiful re-work.  J. Hanna did a nice job of keeping the energy of the original track the same, while creating a new higher energy beat to back up the melodies.  You’ll be hearing a lot more from J. Hanna in 2014 and the following years!  Big ups everyone involved in the original project and big ups this exclusive J. Hanna bootleg!

J. Hanna




GoldfaceMoneywatch – Yellow Planetary Suns

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.  A GoldfaceMonewatch single. This video is dope(and on drugs)!  Gain some knowledge. Show some support. BIG UPS!  !

Konnor – Bubbly

Do you ever feel like you’ve been to space before?  Maybe in a past life…maybe in your dreams…maybe you went yesterday with Richard Branson for $200,000…What if I told you I knew an electronic duo that could take you there?

Konnor, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, has officially touched down on Jupiter with this track entitled, Bubbly.

The whole Konnor EP was made over the course of 2011 and 2012 and features production by none other than Cleveland’s Joe Manfredi and  Atlanta’s Connor Shirley.   As for the album art, it’s another BIG BLUNT (also known as Evan Edwards of Thumbnugget) original design.  Check out this spacey track Bubbly, and if you’re into the tunes follow Konnor on Bandcamp HERE.