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Skream – Nefariousa (Scion AV)

 Here is a brand new video from Skream for his song Nefariousa, which is from the five track ep Skream & Benga released with Scion AV earlier in December.  Be prepared for an intense six minutes to take place before your eyes as soon as you click play.  Big ups to and Skream & Benga for entertaining the masses this month! FINISH OUT 2011 WITH A BANG MATE! THE WORLDS GONNA END NEXT YEAR!


Vita Mon C – Dubamine

Are you feeling alright?  Ugh…sick stomach..a bad headache…vomiting a little bit…hot flashes every other minute…ugh…TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Don’t forget to take some time some time out of your day to chill.  It’s as important as working.  Don’t overwork your body.  You need all the energy you can get this winter.  We are not halfway through the season.  Stay healthy.  Promote positivity through your daily interactions with strangers.  Wash your hands. They’re dirty.  I see girls open doors with their feet.  Your feet smell. Wash those too.  Stay up on your daily dosage of vitamin C  Last but not least, BIG UP YOURSELF!

Habstrakt – “Nasty EP”

I stumbled upon this producer as the ganjaologist and I were cruising through soundcloud. As soon as I heard one song I needed to hear the rest. We listened to the rest of his tracks on the page and every single one of them had an awesome sound to them. This EP in particular stood out to me because not only is each song amaazing but all of the tracks as a whole seem to really fit well together as an EP. Now I’m not gonna go off on a rant about this, but its too bad that the concept of an album is losing its spot it the music game. Anyhow if you have 10 bucks to spend, buy the EP (its cheaper if you’re buying mp3s). If you don’t, check out the tunes below. Very cool stuff. Big Ups to the french producer Habstrakt on this truly nasty EP.

Bryzergold – Factory Mix Part 1

Here is the brand new mix from Bryzergold.  As usual, it is extra filthy, and goes hard as fuck.  Big ups to the young producer out of Orlando, Florida!  Now click play and enjoy the free download.

Track Listing:

D2 – Move Bitch
The S.K. & Traumax 0 Devill’s Snare
The Strangers – Bass
Latvian – Disapointment
Squalid Squad – Knuck If You Buck
Fable – The Bucks
Latvian – Pull It (Bryzergold Special)
Bryzergold – Motility (Refix)
Hizzle Guy – Murda Dem
Requake – Overdose VIP
Skream – Fick
Kutz – G742
Dismantle – Clone
Kutz & Walsh – Wanted
Requake – Damage Control
Hizzle Guy – Drunk Dub
SubFiltronik – Kenshin (Vodex Remix)
16bit – Boston Cream
Hizzle Guy – Ready 4 War
Latvian – Jungle War
Antikz – Shifty Circus
Ephibi & Vodex – Access Denied
Latvian – Lead Import (SubFiltronik Remix)
Voyager – Hustlin
Antikz – Human Error VIP
Audiak – Robotnik
Enigma Dubz – Badness (Pillijah Remix)
Latvian – Western Sound
The Strangers – Clank
Pubman – Busting Weight
Mala – Alicia
G-A – Undercover

Rufio – Pistol In My Pants

Betamorph Records has an insane arsenal of artists…Rufio being one of them.  This is his brand new track ,Pistol In My Pants, which was released today.  When playing the song for the first time I was expecting a verse to go over the filthy drumstep beat, but there are only a few lyrics that need to be said. PISTOL IN MY PANTS! ROCKS IN MY DRAWS! WOMP! WOMP! WOMP!  Get this free download HEEEEREEE

Slynk vs Ed Solo – “I Wish”

Here’s a remix of one of my favorite old school tracks, “I Wish”. Ed Solo took this hip hop track from back in the day, and put a new electro dubby groove to it. I’ve found myself listening to more and more Ed Solo  especially after The Ganjaologist turned me on to the work he did with Krafty Kuts. His sound is unique, clean, and funky. I’ve been vibing to this song a bit lately, so checker ‘er out!

Diplo & Skrillex – Amplifier

Ohh man, this one is sick. Two huge names in electronic music coming together to produce some heavy moombahton. The feeling I get from listening to this, is Diplo took Skrillex’s somewhat repetitive (yet heavy) sound, put his spin on it, and threw it over a nice moombah riddim. They really came together nicely on this one, diggin’ the melody and the grime.