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New Forms Festival 2012 – Vancouver, BC

This weekend Vancouver, BC will see the the twelfth installment of The New Forms Festival. The city-wide event will bring about a multitude of creative intelligence in a dynamic array of music, art, science and culture. Stemming from a seed planted more than a decade ago, The New Forms Festival has blossomed into an organism of beauty and brilliance.

For any of you Seattle-ites that just can’t wait for Decibel Festival, I would recommend heading up to VanCity to catch a few nights of intelligent bass. Both Decibel and New Forms are a part of an international network of non-profit festivals called ICAS, which promotes the development of advanced culture through music and sound, art and expression, and creativity and connection.

Among those performing are some of particular interest to me including Kode9, Sinjin Hawke and Teebs to name a few. Check the NFF website for a full listing, and take a listen to the mix here. Big up to Michael Red for not only mixing these tunes, but also taking part as a curator for the event.