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Truth – Hollow World Album (Preview)

Attention sub stompers and low end listeners the Dubstep don’s by the name of Truth are getting ready to release their full length album entitled Hollow World. The 14 track album, filled through and through with their signature sound across the BPM spectrum, is set to release June 10th on Firepower Records and is sure to do numbers.

The two hailing from New Zealand are some of the most productive and consistent producers in all of bass music, and from the sounds of these previews, they haven’t held back a bit. They’ve collaborated with many different artists and have kept it fresh throughout this deep sub-bass experience by implementing the grimey sounds of Joker and the precisely rhythmic vocals of MC Flowdan to name a few.

Listen through to each of these tracks and take in fresh sounds these two talented guys have provided, and get set to grab it June 10th!

Squarewave (Feat. Dutty Ranks) – “Heartbeat Dub”

Yes! I’m loving that the deep dubstep community is still going strong. This pulsing subby tune is created by none other than the man Squarewave, and it was released yesterday on BOKA Records. Gwan and grab the release! Along side of this tune is two VIPs, one of which is done by the artist’s brother, Sukh Knight. Big up all involved with this one, check the tune below and get your deep sub skankin shoes on.


The three tunes below are so beautifully crafted. They have also been given as gifts to us bass music fans as a present by the Kiwi Duo. They have quite a minimalistic sound yet they still manage to keep a rather large sound. The percussion is what gets me initially, and then the genius that surrounds the rhythm sets in. The soothing melodies, the perfectly big ambience, the deep sub, all of its amazing. Check them out, I think you’ll dig.

Truth Ft. Datsik & Yayne – Too Late

Out of all the shows I traveled to and was able to add energy to by breaking out some very rare moves on the dance floor, one show I will never forget is Datsiks set at Shambhala a few weeks ago.  It was my first time seeing him, and for some reason (probably due to living in Seattle) I envisioned the crowd being overrun with Skrillex loving 14 year olds on too much ecstasy.  It was totally the opposite though!  The crowd was full of Datsik lovers from all over who were as positive, fun, and enthusiastic as you could find.  Shambhala is 19+ too so that really took care of a lot of the nonsense you see going on at his and many other big dubstep artists shows in the States. The Village stage at Shambhala was BUMPIN.  Datsik played everything from dubstep, to electro, to moombahcore, and beyond.  All of a sudden an hour and a half had gone by and I needed to sit down.   I can’t remember if this track was dropped at the Shambhala 2012 Datsik performance, but it’s dope and brings back some good memories.  It’s a song called Too Late  which was produced by Truth, some of the deepest dubstep artists in the game, and features Datsik and Yayne.  The melody is gonna be stuck in your head after hearing this one one time.  Enjoy!

Thanks to this one is a FREE DOWNLOAD too! Get this in your music library

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Ray Ray

Emerging from the sands of Wellington, New Zealand, Fat Freddy’s Drop roots themselves deep as musical connoisseurs.  This futuristic dub/electronic funk/jazzy/soulful masterpiece, “Ray Ray,” radiates with the raddest of rhythms suited for everybody’s infinite expression.  Wether its the beating of bass roping in your attention nodes or the breaks of laser flares inciting body grooving swerves, the simple question “what’s the world with no soul” will wrap your mind around this earful of a track.  Incase this one is new to you and you’re feeling this beat pay attention to these lines so powerfully presented.

“Tell me what’s the world with no soul?”

“The world to me, is more than evolution

More than money, more than technology

I believe, that there’s more than evolution

Like you can change your mind, but you can’t change your destiny

Blood is blood, and thicker than water

Men will die, to live forever

The race is on and I could be standing still

Cos I have faith in something more than my will”


Truth Chronicles Vol #3 – Mixed by TRUTH – March 2012 (free download)

Some straight evil tunes to start your day off proper! 

Truth – “Full Baked”

This ones another deep dubstep tune that truth has conjured up. The ambience is a nice filler to this bouncy yet deep tune. The new zealand producers have some very nice sounds coming out and have released several EPs in the last month. Check their soundcloud for the rest of the tunes but definitely check this one!