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Daega Sound – Under Pressure EP [12″ Drops 9/15 on TUBA NYC]

Tuba NYC, Daega Sound, Ganjaology

BC bass music creators Daega Sound prepare for their newest release with NYC future dub label TUBA. The release, set to drop September 15th on 12″ vinyl and digital, features three stellar tracks which clearly demonstrate the creative talent held by brothers Ben and Josh Searles aka Daega Sound.

Each track featured on the EP has its own unique blend of sound while together they create a fully complete release. Technical drumming drives the tunes while deep sub bass and curious atmospherics lay the ground work. Intelligent melodies carry us home.

Have a listen to the preview here and be sure to grab a copy on digital or vinyl when it drops next month. Also, be sure to check out more from TUBA NYC. These guys are really doing some exciting things. Their catalogue includes releases from J:Kenzo, Truth, Compa, DJG, Moldy, Juss B, Subreachers, Prism, AxH, & D-Operation Drop, among others.

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Jim-E Stack – Is It Me (J. Hanna Bootleg)

Ganjaology, Jim-E Stack, J. Hanna, Bootleg

Cleveland native J. Hanna has stolen the show with this one. Not only has he effectively bootlegged this sultry tune from NYC based producer Jim-E Stack, but he’s done it with such imagination and vigor that I question whether he should even fess up. I guess, like with any bootleg, you have to give it up to the original… but seriously, J. Hanna comes with a crushing remix of what was already a super hype tune. Be sure to stay tuned for new music from both J. Hanna and Jim-E Stack.

Big up fellas!!

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Shlohmo – “Pretty Boy Swag Remix” / “Forgot I Was Here”

Damn, I just had to do a post about this dude. Shlohmo coming from the New York is killin it with the sounds. I hadn’t truly taken in any of his music until now, and it is SUPER dope. He’s got this loose organic feel to his experimental electronic music (generalizing of course). Every tune that I’ve come across on youtube has had its own vibe, melody, swag, everything. Check out these two tunes, the first being a remix of Pretty Boy Swag… so sick. The second is a more relaxed tune that has more of a steady beat than alot of his songs and such a beautifully crafted melody. Check em.

Toki – The Slug

This tune is absolute fire!  The repetitive and beautifully crafted wobbles Toki  created for this tune leave a really smooth bounce in your step.  Along with that new found bounce in your step you may find the need to start The Slug over a couple times.  Don’t worry…you’re not the only who’s having these symptoms…

Doe Paoro-Born Whole (Egon Brainparts Remix)

Egon Brainparts of Bossasaurus (Oakland, CA) has brought us an incredibly beautiful remix of Doe Paoro’s (Brooklyn, NYC) song, Born Whole.  This is some SEXY dubstep for all you bass ladies out there in the world.  For some reason the intro makes me feel like I’m in Miami in 1988…then the smooth melody distracts you and carries your heart and mind away to a world ruled by clean, hard hitting drums, crisp, bubbly wobbles, and an atmosphere consisting of glitchy goodness.  Egon Brainpart is just getting started this year, so keep an eye out for more tunes from him and the rest of this crew, Bossasaurus, here on GANJAOLOGY.ORG, on SOUNDCLOUD, and through their BANDCAMP.

Peace and Bass XXX