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Distance – “A Result Of Sound”

If you like deep grimey dancefloor killers, Distance is definitely an artist to mention. His grungy bass lines make one cringe and dance at the same time. This tune has such a big sound with a beautiful dark melody to it. It is set to release on Distance’s label Chestplate at some point this year, however it does not have a date yet. Check out this one as well as the tune that will be along side it on the CHST020 release!


Eskmo – “Cloudlight”

This track just really needed to get a post. Everything about this video deserves recognition. The song is so original yet so catchy, from the weird groove to the moving synths, to the amazing vocoded vocals, this track gives the true feeling of “floating in magically colorful pieces of sky”. Eskmo is yet another dope artist from San Fran who has been in the game for several years already. Seems he’s got a dope thing going with his music as well as the San Fran bass scene as well. The track is a part of his full length album out on Ninja Step Records and is available on Beatport as well as other online stores as well.

Check it out. You wont be disappointed.

Lauwness – Rastafari Healing Of The Nation

Some tunes are so deep and contain such emotion that you just gotta put ’em on repeat for a few hours.  This is definitely one of those tracks.  Lauwness, of Rotterdam, Netherlands, is bringing some heat with this tune that he’s currently still working on entitled Rastafari Healing Of The Nation.  This song is absolutely beautiful.  You definitely need a sub to get the full effect of this tune too…otherwise you’re just missing…well…the most important part of the song.  Stay posted for the release of this track and for more tunes from Lauwness on Ganjaology.  

Positive Vibes From ‘Pogo’

This post is a little bit different than most of my others. These 3 tunes below aren’t bass heavy, they’re not dark, and they don’t have any wobbles. These beautifully crafted remixes have a very unique sound. The producer Pogo a.k.a. Nick Bertke takes sound clips from a set movie or show, chops and tunes them to his liking, then builds funky, melodic and beautiful tunes. The best part is, it’s not only music! The videos are edited to follow along with the song. Below are three that I found to be really cool, there are MANY more on his youtube channel though.

Check out his youtube channel at:

And his website at:

Enjoy these beautiful, positive songs!


Junkyard Bassics – “A Breach of Bass”

So this ones a little different than most of my posts, but I put the J. Hanna stamp on it! Shit is funky! I’d never heard Junkyard Bassics until now but they’ve got a real cool sound. They keep heavy feeling even though their synths are pretty smooth sounding. This song in particular has a cool melody and some nice synth switches that just make me wanna get up and dance. I don’t know much about the artist so just check the damn song out! Oh and by the way the song is available for free download on their soundcloud so grab it! J. Hanna out.