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Sonic Bloom Artist Highlight – CASPA


This year at Sonic Bloom, the dubstep legend, Caspa, will be throwing down some heavy sounds for all dub heads in attendance.  Having not changed his sound too much since his earlier production days in the early 2000’s, Caspa has kept the original dubstep sound alive, and to many peoples surprise, continues to bring new energy to the scene.   Heading Sub Soldiers Records, Caspa and his squad of producers are constantly creating some of the heaviest club music around.

Make sure you don’t miss him this year at Sonic Bloom!



Tunnidge – MEDI068 [Out 21/12/12]

Tunnidge is getting ready for a huge release on the 21st of this month on Deep Medi!  It’s an epic date in history and Tunnidges end of the year release will be one more thing to remember the day for.  I just had the chance to see Tunnidge at the Crown Room in Portland, Oregon, a couple weeks ago, and let me tell you…he has some serious tunes up his sleeve!  Twenty12, Orion, and Take Flight, are some of the groovier songs I’ve heard from Tunnidge, however, his heavy hitting, deeper than deep sound is still very much intact. You’ll vibe to these no doubt, this is definitely going to be a release to get on vinyl!

Rusko – Skanker – Roll Da Beats

I never really gave Rusko’s latest album, Songs, a full listen until a couple days ago.  That was my mistake. On his latest work of art were these two tracks Skanker and Roll Da Beats,  which I could have been listening to for a while now had a jumped on listening to this album earlier.  These tracks brings back some real good memories of my first encounters with dubstep…there are some serious vibes with these two.  Rusko has still got it.  Show some respect for the OG and peep these tunes!

Commodo – So Clear

So Clear, by Commodo, is nothing short of amazing.  This spy movie bass banger if filled with a suspenseful sound backed up with heavy riding bass that leaves a deep rumble imprinted on your sound memory bank.  Stay posted for more deep tunes from OG’s in the dubstep game on GANJAOLOGY.ORG.