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Satele – reQUESTed

Ohio never seems to be lacking in the area of talented artists.  Columbus based producer, Satele, just released a nice re-work single of a couple Tribe Called Quest classics, incuding ‘Bonita Applebum’.  The energy is high!



INNATEK SESSIONS – Kickoff Event // Friday 3.20 // BSide in Cleveland


For those kickin’ round the rustbelt, Ganjaology Resident selector #MANAMEN will be teaming with Cleveland local THUNDER ST CLAIR to bring you INNATEK SESSIONS – an evening of high potency UNDERGROUND DANCE MUSIC. This fresh monthly event will feature local and national DJs mixing the best in internationally recognized high vibrational sound system music.

Get up and get inspired. This one’s for the true heads.


Big up our partners Heart & Sole, Ganjaology, Flower City Gift Shop, and RWD.FM plus all the homies that have contributed to the inspiration for this event. We GIVE THANKS to you!

Link up with us on Twitter #INNATEK SESSIONS #BSIDECLE


BSide Liquor Lounge & Arcade
2785 Euclid Hts Blvd
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106
Below Grog Shop

Maxo Kream – Clientele (Feat. Ski Mask Malley)

This song came out a few months back. Maxo Kream and Ski Mask Malley went in on it, check it out below. Free Ski Mask Malley!!

Hasta – Floral [Apothecary Compositions]

Hasta, Apothecary Compositions, Ganjaology

I picked up this release from Norwegian sound scientist and dubby bass progenitor Hasta about a month ago, and it’s been carrying me through this beautiful and bountiful spring season. The sounds emanating from this man’s mind are simply stellar. Seductive sound selections, crispy drums and driving rhythms laid over lose-yourself synths characterize this release from Columbus label Apothecary Compositions. If you’re not already hip, be sure to check out more from this talented team of producers. Apothecary Compositions… they put the HI in OHIO. Honestly. Dope sound. Listen!

If you love it, cop it on Cassette.

Hasta, Ganjaology, Apothecary Compositions

Self Help Goes To Moombahtown [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Self Help is on fire this year!  Self Help Goes To Moombahtown is his brand new three track EP that consists of remixes of songs by When Saints Go Machine, Busy Signal, and Tennis.  This EP is going to take you on a short musical road trip to Moombahtown where you’ll find nothing but 80 degree days coated in sunshine showers…free 32oz margaritas at every corner…and clubs that bump nothing but moombah vibes out of their front doors at all hours of the day.  Self Help Goes To Moombahtown is particularly cool because of the AWESOME sampling job Self Help conducted in the construction of each of these remixes.  Hearing Self Help’s versions of Parix, Cool It Baby, and Petition, followed up by the originals  lets you see just how unique Self Helps ear is and will give a little glimpse into the mind of the Ohio based artist.  Enjoy this summer energy!

Diluted – Sinking Coitus

Sinking Coitus.  Let’s break this down.

Sinking : a : to go to the bottom  b : to become partly buried (as in mud) c : to become engulfed

Coitus : physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by rhythmic movements

Ohio based producers Elliot Nash and Sal Miller, who together make up DILUTED, have been creating some extremely exciting and progressive music that falls into the way too vague genre of BASS MUSIC.  This is their song, Sinking Coitus, which is a sexy, smooth, downtempoesque piece of audio art.  Sinking Coitus features a gorgeous french vocal sample that does quite a good job at keeping you in a hypnotized state throughout the entirety of the song.

Unless all you listen to is heavy metal and Borgore, I think it’s near impossible not to find some level of enjoyment from this music. Enjoy! 



Loyal Divide – “Vision Vision (Selp Help’s 808s & Cartoons Remix)”

I thought that I’d share this gem with you all, it’ll really set your weekend off in the right manner. Check out this sick remix from Self Help, positive vibes as always! If you dig it, grab the free download as well.


Astronomar comes to Ohio via Dance or Die on Sunday

We are SUPER EXCITED to announce that next-level Bass Music Producer/DJ Astronomar will be playing in Ohio on Sunday and Tuesday via Ganjaology affiliates, the Dance or Die crew. He’s on tour all across the midwest and west coast via the Nebraska to Alaska Tour, and he’s coming to the B Side Liquor Lounge in Cleveland on Sunday and Three Kings (formerly Clique lounge) in Covington, KY (right across the bridge from Cincinnati) on Tuesday. Image

He is personally one of my favorite producers at the moment; his music is such a unique, crazy hybrid of ghetto dutchy electro and druggy tropical house.  That description only scratches the surface of doing justice to his style. Both Shows are Free, so there really isn’t a good excuse to miss this if you’re in Ohio. He’s based in Seattle, and this is a good opportunity for the rest of the world to experience one of his live sets.

Here’s one of my favorite releases of his via Top Billin.

For those of you not in Ohio, more info on the rest of his tour can be found via the Mad Decent blog here.

Astronomar Soundz…

Beats Antique Show at the Newport

You can tell a lot about a band by looking at their audience. As the crowd trickled in early Tuesday night to the Newport in Columbus, the wide array of influences bestowed by Beats Antique could be seen reflected in their followers: festival-goers donning the latest in glowstick technology, leather clad Danzig disciples, aspiring bellydancers, and a substantial amount of 40-somethings of various Indo-European descent.

Much like their audience, the “Animale Mechanique” show put on by Beats Antique was remarkably unique as far electronic music performances go. It stood out from any other acoustic, visual, or dance performance I’ve ever seen, for that matter. The word “eclectic” comes to mind, but I’m not sure it does justice to what i experienced. A combination of acoustic Eastern European instrumentation and 808 drum machines, glitchy samples, and belly dancing would deem this show more worthy of the “Performance Art” category.

The show started out with belly dancer/frontwoman Zoe Jakes doing a dance routine to a minimal bell percussion loop. As her performance moved forward, drummer “Sidecar” Tommy Cappel and multi-instrumentalist David Satori came in, adding dirty drum machine rolls and violin phrases, until finally bringing in the full array of samples and loops along with the more dramatic side of the light show. With the addition of a live drum-kit to the already big-room sound, the atmosphere took on a dramatic, almost movie-trailer feel to it.

As the 2-hour set rolled on, Jakes changed into different elaborate outfits according to the tone of the music, and Satori got more and more experimental with his plethora of instruments in constant flux. At one point, Satori was playing a banjo with a drumstick filtered through a wah-wah pedal while Jakes danced behind a blank projection screen, her silhouette accented by a large headdress and other bulky but elegant accessories. I also heard melodica and trumpet from Satori, and a dueling drum feud between him and drummer Cappel. Other highlights of Jakes’ dance display included a mermaid love song with opening act Lynx, crystal-clad deer antlers, and a giant white linen dress puffed up by a fan (Marilyn Monroe style) with blue polka-dotted lights projected onto it. The audience was constantly receiving new forms of stimuli as the live performance progressed.

The band upped the tempo toward the end of their set in logical fashion, flexing more of their EDM, post-dubstep muscles for the kids. For one of their cinematic finales, they covered BassNectar’s “Voodoo” and brought out the super hype lights to reveal a sea of people jumping in unison. By the end of the show, the band was prancing around in animal masks, along with some of the better dancers in the crowd who were brought up on stage to join. Top it off with confetti canons and you’ve got yourself an awe-inspiring experience.

Below are a few favorites from the group’s latest EP entitled “Contraption Vol.II

The first track is number four off of the  eight track EP and it’s truly a beautiful one. It’s sort of drunken rhythm will have a crowd swaying side to side as if they were an old western saloon hanging out with Tom Waits. The smooth sung vocal harmonies drive the song along as they are accented by perfectly timed strings and raw acoustic guitars. The song’s title “Crooked Muse” should give you a good idea of the song even before listening. You may find yourself singing along by the time the chorus comes along.

The second is actually the next track on the EP and it shows truly what group can do production-wise. The track entitled “Hero” is a perfect mix between the past and the present, the analog and the digital, the live performance and the studio. It opens with beautifully crafted string harmonies that have so much emotion in them that you cant wait for the beat to drop in. As the complex percussion comes in, there is a equal mix of organic sounding drums and chopped audio to give a nice EDM accent. As the song flows through the groups complex arranging style they continue to build up until such an epic synthesized drop with an incredible tremolo synth mixed with the pre-existing instruments. This track is truly a remarkable composition that accurately depicts, as they put, a ‘Hero’.

Check out Beats Antique: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, or their website

more photos c/o Vince Frascello can be found here

Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You (Self Help Ghetto Disco Dub)

When Self Help releases…we write…about everything…!  Ohio’s lead player in the underground bass music scene is stepping up the awesomeness of summertime with his new remix of Department Of Eagle’s song, No One Does It Like You.  What a proper title for this song too.  Why? You might ask?  Well…because no one does it like Self Help.  No One Does It Like You has all the addictive qualities Self Help has been pumping out through speakers world wide over the last couple years.  An unmistakeable bouncy bass line…samples chopped up with the utmost style…and melodic builds and breakdowns that have feet two stepping and percolating in every direction on the dance floor.  All the technical aspects of this remix are great and I could continue to say positive things, but my favorite thing about this track and a lot of the remixes Self Help has done is the fact that the originals are still worth listening to too.  A lot of producers are putting out remixes that sound great…but you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to the original song.  For Self Help that is not the case at all and this leaves him ranked very high up there in my top artists list.  He has a great ear for good, authentic, emotionally moving music, which is reflected by the tunes he chooses to remix and in his versatile, genre-limitless DJ sets.  Self Help’s Ghetto Disco Dub of No One Does It Like You is a free download so be sure to add this one to your library!  Also worth checking out is the video for the original song by Department Of Eagles.  Enjoy!

niceFingers – Intercontinental Beat Collection

Intercontinential Beat Collection - niceFingers

What are we supposed to do with all this great music!? I mean seriously, there have been more extraordinary musicians surfacing this year than ever.

Once again, here we have some stellar synth work by a pair of intergalactic sound boys with roots in our home land of Ohio. I met Nick Waterhouse and Dave Schneider of niceFingers while in school in Columbus. It was just a few years ago that they were beginning to get their fingers dirty while bouncing around town getting into what the ColumBASS scene had to offer. As their fingers grew and danced to the rhythm of their beating eardrums, Nick and Dave went their separate ways to collect inspiration from the far reaching corners of the globe. With one man in China and the other in LA, niceFingers stretched their imaginations skyward to create a symphony of satellite traded synthetic sound.

This is Intercontinental Beat Connection. The album is available via BandCamp for a suggested donation of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! But you know, pay what you will. 

niceFingers SoundCloud

niceFingers BandCamp [FREE DL!]

niceFingers Facebook

And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for another big album from this now reunited pair of killer creators set for release later this year.

Self Help – Gingko Biloba

Welcome Self Help back to Ganjaology as we present his brand new piece of sound art, which is (as you may have already guessed) absolutely incredible.  With the idea for this song stemming from an afro-funk sample and  over a year of thought and hard work put into every aspect of this “afro-tropical-house” beat, Self Help has come to terms with his beautifully bassy creation and is calling his finalish draft, Gingko Biloba.  Gingko Biloba also known as the Maidenhair Tree is a rare species of tree found in China that has no close living relatives and has been used in traditional medicinal practices in the past.  Is it a coincidence this song, which contains healing powers of it’s own, carries the name of an ancient healing tree?  I think not.  Self Help is one aware being, and this is his medicine that he’s giving out to the world, through one of the most ancient forms of administration. Through Music.   Enjoy this tune, it’s made up of nothing but love and positivity, and be sure to check back for more Self Help in the future!

Self Help on FACEBOOK


Self Help on Twitter

Thumbnugget – Allie Hams

The Cleveland based hip-hop group Thumbnugget is back at it again.  This time, bringing some presidential swag to the streets of North East Ohio.  It’s a well known fact that Cleveland produces (but may not keep) talent.  This video Allie Hams, which was filmed, directed, and edited by Evan Edwards & James Burke, is just another reason to believe in the growing musical and arts scene that is on the up and up in the Mid-West. These cats are bringing nothing but smooth smoking vibes, positivity, and a very important message…DON’T SMOKE RONALD REGAN!  Big Ups THUMBNUGGET!


Self Help presents : Clusterfunk part DEUX

Self Help has broken down all barriers of the genre limit often times associated with DJ’s in today’s electronic music scene with his new mix Clusterfunk Part Deux.  Take a listen for yourself. The mixing is incredible and the tracklist leaves me a little dumbfounded at its diverse selection of dj’s from about every corner of the globe.   No matter what type of bass music you crave the most, Clusterfunk Part Deux will fill that void in your life.

Antiserum & Ill Esha – Zephyr (Dub Police)
Metronomy – The Look (Because Music)
Darkel – Brighton Sun (Self Released)
Cassius – I Love You So (Skreams Made Zdar Feel Like He Was 20 Again Remix) (Ed Banger)
araabMUZIK – Streetz Tonight (Duke Productions)
Rustie – Surph (Warp)
SBTRKT – WIldfire (Paper Diamond remix) (Young Turks)
Don Diablo ft. Dragonette – Animale (Datsik remix) (Sellout Sessions, Cr2, Chrysalis)
Big Sean – Dance/A$$ (acapella) (Def Jam)
Hot PInk Delorean – Club Crashers (Caligula remix) (Overthrow)
Camu Tao (R.I.P.) – When You’re Going Down (Fat Possum)
Self Help – Nearby Hidden Planets (unreleased)
Hears Kra-Z – How Tall Are You? (prod. by Self Help) (unreleased)
Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Juan Loco (Rubyworks)
Major Lazer – Hold the Line (DJ Sega remix) (Mad Decent)
Mims – Move (If You Wanna) (Capitol)
Loyal Divide – Vision Vision (Self Help’s 808s & Cartoons edit) (Kilo)
Big Tuck ft. Gucci Mane – Not a Stain On Me (acapella) (Universal)
Self Help – Mind Set on You, Money (GoDieKid)
Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby (Columbia)
The Kills – URA Fever (Domino)
Hudson Mohawke – Cbat (Warp)
Alleyes Manifest – Burgers in Paradise (prod. by Self Help) (Crew932)
Tennis – Marathon (Underwater Peoples)
David Banner ft. Lil Flip – Like a Pimp (Munchi remix) (Universal)
Cults – Go Outside (glockenspiel) (self-released)
James Blake – Limit to Your Love (dj self help crunkdub remix) (Atlas Recordings)
Young Jeezy ft. Plies – Lose My Mind (Def Jam)
Self Help – Bumpy Flubnubber (unreleased)
Juj – Mbira Spirit (Huhwhatwhere)
Jorge Ben – Umbabarauma (Philips)
Young Montana? – Sacre Cool (Alpha Pup)
When Saints Go Machine – Parix (Self Help’s Moombahtown Bootleg) (!K7)
Phantogram – Don’t Move (Barsuk)
Will Bailey ft. Rico Moombah – Hit The Club (Moombahton re-edit) (Simma)
Gardens & Villa – Black Hills (Secretly Canadian)
Wale ft. Big Sean – Slight Work (Warner Bros)
Vampire Weekend – Horchata (Christian TV remix) (Universal Music Group)
Way Yes – Ties (Self Help Moombatwee remix) (Lefse)
Teeth – Flowers (Gross Magic Remix) (Moshi Moshi)
Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Lockah remix) (Stranger)
Aeroplane – Without Lies (Black Van remix) (Eskimo)
Freeze Tag – Tidal Wave (Field Day Recordings)
Matt and Kim – Cameras (Gucci Vump remix) (Fader Label)
Cut Copy – I Need You Now (Gavin Russom remix) (Modular)
Bibio – Lovers’ Carvings (Self Help Disco House remix) (Warp)
Gramophonedzie – Brazilian (Nocturnal Music)
The Generationals – When They Fight, They Fight (Park The Van)
Laberge – Just A Sign (Self Released)
Jodeci – Freek ‘N You (MK dub) (Uptown/MCA)
Brenmar – Taking it Down (Discobelle)
Treasure Fingers – It’s Love (Defected Records)
5kin & Bones ft. YG – Stomp (Cedaa remix)
Jamie XX – Far Nearer (Foamo remix) (Numbers)
tUnE-yArDs – Bizness (Self Help’s Electrofacemelt remix) (4AD)
Crookers and Savage Skulls – Bust ‘Em Up (Southern Fried)
Feed Me – Grand Theft Ecstacy (Mau5trap)
Jungle Jim Slim – Pussy On a Pedestal (self released)
Will Bailey – Hit The Club (Hot Mouth remix) (Simma)
Fellow – Come In (self released)
Bingo Players – When I Dip (Spinnin’)
Canblaster – Kapongo Dance (Dooze Jackers remix) (Moveltraxx)
Self Help – This is an Emergency (Dance or Die)
Ducktails – Killin’ the Vibe (New Images)

Banditz – BPD

Ganjaology team member John Hanna aka @itsthejhanna has a new project in the works with Florida native, Billy Da Kid, better known to the Orlando bass scene as Dozur.  Together they now go by Banditz.  With a new release this past week and shows in both Florida and Ohio over the next few months, these two Full Sail University producers will have their work cut out for them while they finish up 2011.  Follow Banditz on SoundCloud HERE, ‘like’ their Facebook page HERE, and click play below to hear their new track BPD.