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Pericles – Ancient Desert [DROPS TONIGHT!]

Tic, tic, tick. The new Pericles album drops at midnight and I feel like we’ve been waiting for ages!

For centuries the soul of Pericles has been searching; selectively sourcing incarnate bodies that have served him  in his quest for a unified consciousness. As the arms of time swing into alignment on the cosmic course of creation, Pericles has found a vehicle with which he can finally share the ancient knowledge he has amassed  during his travels. Ancient Desert tells the tumultuous story of a universe, torn from the ether and tossed into existence. Having become an ever expanding system of sacred beings, desperately drifting through the sands of time; our universe has created for us a key to unlocking the treasures of tomorrow. The vibrations that Pericles has channeled here will serve to share with us the lessons, learned over millennia, in order that we may one day return to that beautiful unity from which we were born.

Since his inception into the consciousness of Pericles in 2007, South Carolina’s premier bass producer has released two full length albums along with quite a few mixes and compilations from labels including Abstract Logic Recordings, Waveform Modulations, Glitch.FM and Vermin Street. With his heart burning a space in his soul, Pericles  represents the Wondrous Temple of Boom, and has played at South East burns such as Transformus and Alchemy. Artists that have shared the stage with this energetic creature include Shpongle, Ott, The New Deal, Nasty Nasty, Freddy Todd, Ana Sia, Alex B, Ben Samples, Pretty Lights, Eprom, Mochipet, Big Gigantic, Ooah, Quetzatl, Eliot Lipp, Signal Path, and Conspirator.

With remixes by Freddy Todd, Charlie P, and Brad Bitt, Ancient Desert will not go unnoticed. Check out this teaser tune, and pick up the whole album when it releases on BeatPort tomorrow!

Also, check the links below for more music from Pericles.

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Pursuit of Beba – Kid Cudi VS Pantyraid (Boreta Mashup)

So Beba, produced by Pantyraid, was by far the most moving and womping song off the first self titled PantyRaid album.  Pursuit of Happiness, produced by Ratatat with lyrics by Kid Cudi, caught the hip-hop scene by surprise and was 2010’s theme song worldwide.  THIS MASHUP IS INCREDIBLE!  It makes sense that Boreta of Glitch mob would do this mashup since one of the members of Pantyraid, Ooah, is also part of Glitch Mob.  From the first kick drum this track thumps with intensity and is controlled by the beautiful melodic work of Ratatat. GOD DAMN!


Oh yes…yesaterday marked an extremely important day in history, as PantyRaid dropped their highly anticipated EP, Superior, on Marine Parade Records.  PantyRaid (made up of MartyParty and Ooah, of  Glitch Mob) is the type of group where every track they produce is going to come forward with a big, heavy, extremely distinct, driving sound.  They made their big crash into the dance scene with their debut album The Sauce, which opened up with a banger, was stacked with heavy bass hitting songs that are more than happy to blow your speakers, and yes, closed with a banger.  Apart from the fact that there are only four tracks as opposed to eleven, The Sauce is no different.  Every track is full-bodied, rich, FULL of the bass lines you love,  and overall leaves you wanting to put the EP on repeat (I think I’m on my 6th round of the album today).  Take a listen to the first track on Superior, cleverly titled, Superior, and then go buy the whole EP HERE!!!!