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Dub Side Select – Thursdays at BSide CLE

DubSideSelect, Man Amen, Damian Lauderbach, Ganjaology, Cleveland, BSide


Rotating selectors playing the very best in sound system music.
Ranging from roots reggae, ska and steppas, to dub, contemporary and dancehall…
This night is built to inspire positivity, build community and create vibes.

Thursday May 7 – Damian Lauderbach + Man Amen
Thursday May 14 – Paulie Walnuts + Jorge Cervantez + D.Lauderbach
Thursday May 21 – DJ Red-I + DJ Candi Fresca
Thursday May 28 – DJ Gino XL + King Dom

#BSideArcade #DubSideSelect


BSide Liquor Lounge & Arcade
2785 Euclid Heights BLVD
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

Ganjaology, Dub Side Select, Cleveland, Man Amen, Damian Lauderbach


Tipper at Symbiosis Gathering 2012

Words cannot express the phenomenal magnificence of my experience at Symbiosis Gathering held at the astonishing Pyramid Lake, NE this past week. If I had to choose, I would call the event magical, momentous and exhilarating. While the terrain was a bit more than anyone was expecting, the overall vibe was phenomenal. We participants were up against the harshest of desert environments; navigating rocky earth, shielding our faces from narly dust storms and praying not to find any rattle snakes or scorpions inside our tents. As we ventured into the wild, we were uplifted by radiant healers, moved by marvelous music, inspired by seductive dancing, and amazed with eye-popping visual art. Symbiosis was a multitude of exotic energies brought forth by people from around the globe who had gathered to share knowledge and truth about our understanding of the universe. Most importantly, we gathered to experience an energetic alignment that manifested in the form of a solar eclipse. If you had the opportunity to view this as I did, you know that it can only be described as real. Following the Eclipse, Tipper played a set worth remembering. Big ups to UseYourHead20 for providing this unique footage.

More about the unbelievable music from both Symbiosis and LIB to follow. Stay tuned…

Don’t forget to thank spirit and bless up to the goddess. And most importantly, don’t forget to love.

Thanks to DJ Dick Trevor for the photo.

Kulture – Old Dubs Downloads

 Here is a nice and dubby 5 track playlist brought to you by none other than London, England’s, Kulture.  This is such a nice sexy, dubby, and smooth set of tunes to vibe to in the early morning.  I recommend a big cup of coffee, a medium-large spliff, a nice set of speakers, and 30 minutes to get into your chill space.  It can’t do anything but stick a little extra positivity into your daily flow.

PrettyLights – We Must Go On

Sooo sooo soulful. Pretty lights drops the funk on this one. The video includes photos and footage from all over the globe taken by PrettyLights and his lady friend during their travels during 2011. There is a distinct message in the lyrics of this song. How will you decipher these sounds?

“Times will get bad, and the whole wide world, will come down on you…. You must go on.”

Vibration Lab – Good Day Dub

It was kinda rainy today. The clouds were covering the sky for most of the day… But I did manage to roll out of bed, just in time to step outside as the sun peaked through the clouds to smile at me. And I smiled back. Today was a good day.

Dub Investigation – The Country Road

You have a car? You have a bicycle? You have two dollars to get on the bus? Head out to the country, to the mountains, to the river, to the valley. Spending time in nature is a great way to improve you vibrations this season. Oh ya, and while you’re at it… Big up yourself!

V.I.V.E.K – Eyes Down EP

Smooth and sexy, deep and dark, spacey and circadian. The Eyes Down EP, recently released by V.I.V.E.K, another shaman of the Deep Medi collective, brings it all together. Start to finish. From the creation of our known universe to the end of one being’s earthly vessel, Eyes Down tells a story with few words. Listen to it all the way through. Can you feel the vibration?

Relativity. Synchronicity. Positivity.

Bless up. She is listening.

Download here or buy it on Juno.

Taste the first track below…