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8 Days ‘Till Decibel…GINZ

Everyone involved in the bass music world has heard the song Purple City, produced by Joker and Ginz.  You’ve experienced the vibes in clubs, on radios, bumpin’ out of cars, and soon to be bumpin’ out of The Islander Yacht on Lake Union this Decibel Festival.  Multiverse Music founder (also the man who teamed up with Joker to create the 2009 smash hit Purple City), Ginz, is going to throwing down a wicked performance at a day time boat party alongside Eprom, Starkey, B. Bravo, Danny Corn, and Tyler Tastemaker.  This is going to be a show worth calling off work for.  Many of you will have to…it’s on a Friday starting at 1:30pm!  Anyways, be expecting to hear hours full of of futuristic bass tunes, LOTS of exclusives you won’t be able to get your hands on for months, and then some all time classic dubstep anthems.  Here is a mix Ginz did last spring.  Of course, it’s nothing but pure fiyah! Enjoy.



Russ Liquid – PURPLEZ MIX

This is the kick start to a having the freshest and most stress free day of your week.  Russ Liquid…on a Saturday morning…with a fatty spliff… on the front stoop…accompanied by a mimosa (no not the artist).  Sound alright to you? Okay, perfect, have fun and enjoy!

The Californian bass scene is ON FIRE. GOD DAMN!

Take a ride in the ESOLADE : The Purple Tape

 Dj Eso, of Keyel, aka co-owner of Heart & Sole, aka Clevelands next local legend, brings a extra smooth mix for the world to hear entitled Take A Ride in the ESOLADE : The Purple Tape. I’ve known Eso for more than a couple years now and he’s always been one of the freshest cats on the block.   Whether it be the smooth vibes he’s pushing through the parties speakers, or fresh kicks that stay cemented onto his feet, you’ll always know when Eso is around!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more mixes coming from Eso in 2012.  And watch your girlfriend!




MartyParty – Six Shots Of Jameson

MartyParty’s music just gets better and better with each new release.  I love the progression you can see happening when you listen to his music in chronological order.  From Walkerville To The West Coast to Blueberry Kush to Sub On  and now with Six Shots Of Jameson released,  purple music is being pushed in a direction that will bring it to the masses sooner than later.  MartyParty let’s you feel his energy and emotions through each bass line…through every sparkling melody…and by that huge sound we all love to see and hear at all of the purple king’s live shows.  Enjoy the sounds of MartyParty and be sure to get a copy of Six Shots Of Jameson.

MartyParty – Pretty Thoughts

Here is some brand new purple music from MartyParty available for free download!  Pretty Thoughts is such relaxed tune.  I can’t wait to hear what else he brings with his new Six Shots Of Jameson LP coming out the 30th of this month.  I’m sure it will have the very distinct MartyParty characteristics such as powerful and smooth melodies and his hard-hitting hip hop beats, but will also be laced up with sounds drawn from new inspiration, from travels around the world the past year, and from the new year itself.  Everyone is going hard and doing big things in 2012, the whole Ganjaology Camp included! MartyParty is no exception,  I’m sure Six Shots of Jameson will not disappoint.

ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag


Mimosa – Out My Mind

The first thing that comes to mind when I click play is that the intro sounds like a twisted carnival re-make of the wobbles from Noah D’s Serious.  THIS track is serious!! It’s way heavier on the hip-hop side of the purple sound than a lot of the music Mimosa has been producing lately, and with the 808 kick drum thumpin’ hard you can’t help but love this one.  “SIPPIN’ SYRUP, BLOWIN’ DRO!” Even your mom likes this.  Big ups to all the moms blastin’ this out of the van.  SWAG.

Shotgun Radio – A Bad Place feat. Mimi Page (Minnesota Remix)

               Hypnotizing, mesmerizing, and definitely a song for all the ladies in the night scene, Minnesota brings the world another incredible remix.  This time it’s of Shotgun Radio’s, A Bad Place, featuring Mimi Page.  This track is fucking long!  That’s all good though…it gives your head time to dive into the song, come back out, and enjoy every second of it.  Minniesota has a powerful style that shares the likeness of fellow purple producers, MartyParty, and Mimosa (all three of whom played multiple times at Burning Man this year), that incorporates a deep driving bassline and a hyper melody.  The deadly combination leaves the dance floor filled with an ass shaking crowd of girls.  What a beautiful scene.  Minnesota is going to be on tour for the next couple months so keep an eye out for a show near you!  He brings more energy than than the crowd can handle and will be in Florida, California, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, Colorado, , Iowa, and yes…Minnesota, until the end of November.  The purple take over is on the way! 

Lil Wayne – PussyMoneyWeed (MartyParty Purple Remix)

WOW! This remix is heavy and a beautiful example of MartyParty’s PURPLE music.  The purple movement is in action and MartyParty is leading the pack.

Minnesota – Ancient Machines EP

Howdy cowboy.  I think today we gon’ try and wrangle us some bass lines and purple music! YEEEEE HAAAAW! 

MartyParty – Purple Ep + Deathstar FREE DOWNLOADS

The cover of MartyParty’s new album Purple, scheduled to be released on the 31st, says everything it could about the first three track preview that was posted on two days ago.  All three tracks on the Purple EP are cast with deadly basslines, riddled with ferocious lyrics, and commanded with seductive and beautiful melodies throughout every song.  Download Strictly Business, 808’s I Want Some, and Cocaine HERE.

Along with the free Purple EP comes the Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Deathstar Remix Feat. MartyParty & Minnesota).

This is an insane track!!  Deathstar is a new collaboration project that is made up of MartyParty and Minnesota who is also a West coast heavy bass producer.

Take a listen to Minnesota’s remix of Modeselektor’s heavy track Let Your Love Grow V2 and be prepared for an upcoming EP from the new duo.