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Danny Byrd – Blaze The Fire (Sub Zero Remix)

Golly I really need to start posting more, got way too many tunes to share with you folks. Anyways, it’s likely that many of you have heard this tune, since it went straight to the top of the charts when it was release a couple weeks ago. Sub Zero’s absolutely immense remix of Danny Byrd’s latest, Blaze The Fire, has been getting plays by almost all of the biggest names in the DnB scene. Crissy Criss has dropped it several times on his show, and of course all the other DJ’s out there haven’t stopped playing it either. This tune really reminds me of the pounding basslines of some of Sub Zero’s other tracks like, one of my personal favorites, Your Flex, but it also brings the upbeat vocals of General Levy. Gotta get back to the homework grind, but make sure you grab this one ASAP. Big up big up big up Sub Zero.