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Flowdan 40 Minute Boiler Room Mix

 Peep this extra rare footage of legendary UK MC, Flowdan, absolutely crushing a boiler room party!  He’s bringing nothing but pure heat for ya speakers! BOOM!

Lightning In A Bottle – Rush N Get Em Tickets On Sale!

There is only 24 hours left to purchase your Rush-N-Get-Em discounted presale tickets for The Do Lab’s legendary music festival in Temecula, California, LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE.  Having moved locations this year, the energy at this festival is going to be like few other in the world.  Music, art of countless different forms, people from every corner of the planet, positive vibrations, and a beautiful landscape, will create an unforgettable and magical memory for all participants alike.


The lineup is still unannounced but stay tuned for more about Lightning In A Bottle….

Tonight! Ganjaology in Portland, OR, @ The Slate

Last FridayTonight in Portland, Oregon, the artist collective known as TMK1 is throwing their monthly art & music event at The Slate.  TMK1 has recruited Ganjaology, Abigail Press, and Dash EXP to bless the speakers with heavenly bass driven beats throughout the entirety of the event.  With 4 hours full of live painting, hung art, and some very rare tunes, this Last Friday is going to be a great way to get your night started.






This event is FREE and All Ages!
@@@ 2001 NW 19th Ave #104 @@@
Portland, OR

Featuring Art From Kristina Griffith

Keyboard Kid – Don’t Leave Basedworld //// Noah Calhoun

Last time we spoke about the very rare and talented North West Based producer, Keyboard Kid, he had just released his album #RARE DROPS FROM THE SUN, which was a huge release for him halfway through December, 2012.  Since then has been hard at work in the studio and recently released TWO new albums.  The first one I’d like to present is called DON’T LEAVE BASEDWORLD. This is a 27 track album compiled of really smooth, atmospheric, beats that ultimately touch on the mellower side of Basedworld and leave you feeling nicely chilled out.  My favorite track off this album would have to be Corpse Bride.   This track opens up with a ghostly female voice nicely chopped up, and then the beat promptly drops in, perfectly fitting right behind the sample.   What really left a footprint of Corpse Bride in my memory is the heavy bass line that’s got such an old school analog sound to it.  It’s downright dirty.  Check it out, you’ll know just what I’m talking about.

Here is what Keyboard Kid had to say about DON’T LEAVE BASEDWORLD

“This Album Is #Rare, Treat It As Such..Let It Guide You On Your Based Journey..These Are Musical Scores For Your Lifes Movie.. This Music Is For The Based Community.. The True Based Supporters. The BasedGod Has Told Me To Spread The Based Knowledge And The Positivity.. Stay In BasedWorld..It’s Hell Outside….It’s Hot Whoadie.. It’s Hell On Earth..But I Got The Heata..Don’t Leave BasedWorld..Protect Me.. Protect Lil B..We Will Protect You.” – Keyboard Kid

Next up is Keyboard Kid’s latest album (released 12/1/13) Noah Calhoun.  While DON’T LEAVE BASEDWORLD carried a darker tone throughout the entirety of the album, Noah Calhoun is the opposite of that.  I’d call this an album of purely inspirational beats.  Each track makes me feel like I could climb a mountain…like I could sail around the world tomorrow…like I could win the Olympics with no training…It makes feel like Noah Calhoun.



Keyboard Kid – #Rare Drops From The Sun

Keyboard Kid, the North West #BASED producer from Seattle, has just dropped a 34 track album entitled #RARE DROPS FROM THE SUN through his BandCamp page.  It features nothing but the finest of blessed beats fit for all those living in Based World.  Get your copy!  You won’t be able to find this forever.  If you’re in the NW region of the US you will be able to catch Keyboard Kid next Saturday, performing live at HOLIDANK, a Ganjaology & Kum Curek celebration of the recent ganja legalization and the fact the the world did not end.  Other artists who will be playing with Keyboard Kid are Dash EXP, Lisa Dank, OC Notes, and The Ganjaologist.  This is not an event to miss!  Now enjoy the sounds of #RARE DROPS FROM THE SUN.

Keyboard Kid on Facebook

Keyboard Kid on SoundCloud

Keyboard Kid BandCamp


Ganjaology & Kum Curek Present :: LIFTED HOLIDAY! – A celebration of all holidaze and the life of Tony Goods

Ganjaology has teamed up with Kum Curek (run by Dash EXP) to bring you a very special holiday party to kick off the month of December and to celebrate the birthday of Tony Goods. LIFTED HOLIDAY will be taking place December 1st at Culture Yard (Fremont) and is featuring some of the North West’s finest bass music producers.  Jason Burns, Novatron, Keyboard Kid, Tony Goods, Abigail Press & The Ganjaologist, and Man Amen will all be teaming up to provide all you lovely bass music enthusiasts with more than five hours of  very original and diverse electronic music.

Frequently Asked Questions

When? December 1st – Doors @ 9pm

Where? Culture Yard (120 N 35th St. Fremont, Seattle)

Lineup? Jason Burns, Novatron, Keyboard Kid, Tony Goods, Abigail Press, The Ganjaologist, Man Amen

Should I go? Yes. DUH!

Cost? 21+ $5/ 18+ 7$


Now it’s time to preview of some of the music you’ll be hearing on December 1st!

Jason Burns


Keyboard Kid

Tony Goods

Abigail Press

Callisto The Ganjaologist


16bit – Dazed Mix

This mix is FIIIIIIRE!  It’s all extremely upbeat bass music, but it’s not all extremely wild dubstep.  There is smooth stuff, groovy stuff, HEAVY stuff, some hip-hop, and then there’s 16bit! Although this mix is not brand spankin’ new it’s worth listening to all the way through. Check it out and download it (fo’ free, DUH).

Self Help – Cape Cassandra (Banditz Remix)

Banditz are on a roll this year!  With inspiration drawn from just about every aspect of life, Dozur and J Hanna have brought another beautifully crafted piece of art for your ears.  This time, it’s a remix they have done for Cleveland’s genre-limitless beat master, Self Help.  The remix is crisp, fresh, a little faster than the original, and really leaves you feeling the energy put into this tune.   Check it out!  While you’re taking in our small sample of the song, please enjoy the visual art of what  Cape Cassandra looks like (sunset hours)!  Our homie, Big Blunt, of Thumbnugget put the image together for us.  Big ups to everyone involved with this project! 

Banditz on SoundCloud

Thumbnugget on Facebook

Self Help on SoundCloud


…and here is the Cape Cassandra original…

Get your feet moving!

More from Banditz and Self Help coming soon…

Daedelus – The Third Degree

Daedelus has brought another crunchy, glitchy, abstract piece of art for our ears that goes by the name, The Third Degree.  The first feeling that is pulled out of my body by Daedelus’ masterfully crafted sounds in The Third Degree is actually a rather uncomfortable feeling.  Anxiety seems to be pouring out of me.  I feel almost claustrophobic…well not quite… but, that feeling of being in an open space but smothered by the other people taking up your personal space.  Ever been lost at a music festival?  And is this beat really going to come together?  Of course it is.  That is the beautiful thing about Daedulus’ production.  He can create such a frantic, and seemingly unorganized rhythm which draws you into the song for long enough that when the beat finally catches up you’re already moving your head to…well…SOME beat!  I’m excited for what Daedelus will be bringing to the music world in 2012.  Enjoy!

Skream – Nefariousa (Scion AV)

 Here is a brand new video from Skream for his song Nefariousa, which is from the five track ep Skream & Benga released with Scion AV earlier in December.  Be prepared for an intense six minutes to take place before your eyes as soon as you click play.  Big ups to and Skream & Benga for entertaining the masses this month! FINISH OUT 2011 WITH A BANG MATE! THE WORLDS GONNA END NEXT YEAR!

Zomby – Hexagons

1:20am…nobody in the hostel is awake…erie tunes are keeping me feeling irie!  This track is deep…I hope you feel it like I do.  TURN IT UP! And watch out…