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Cashmere Cat – Grog Shop Cleveland – WEDS 3/3/15

Cashmere Cat, Ganjaology, Grog Shop

Young Norwegian producer, Cashmere Cat will be performing at Cleveland’s premier east side venue The Grog Shop this Wednesday March 4th. CC aka Magnus August Høiberg has made serious waves on a global scale in the last few years since the release of his debut EP Miru Maru in 2012. Famous for his intelligent remixing of some of todays hottest hip hop and R&B acts Cashmere Cat has cornered the market with this a creative style of future bass all his own.

He will be supported by Cleveland locals Sean 2:16 and DJ Corey Grand. Plus be sure to head down to The Grog’s sister club B Side Liquor Lounge after the show for sounds by Noah Peele.


People Music presents… Brenmar // Self Evident // NovaTRON vs. Shapey // H$H – Tonight at Lofi

Ganjaology, Brenmar, Lofi

Tonight in Seattle, People Music is hosting an exciting showcase of smashing electronic musicians to mash up the dance floor. At the top of the bill is Chicago raised, Brooklyn based producer Brenmar. Known for his unique sound, Brenmar intertwines popular R&B hooks with chicago style juke, UK bass, and a his own NYC club crusher style. Next up is one of our favorites out of Vancouver.  Self Evident is known not for any specific style, but rather for his impressive display of mixing multi-genre sets which are as deep as they are alive. Both of these heavy hitters, will be performing for the first time in Seattle tonight. Don’t miss it!

Also, be sure to get there early to catch the superb local talent which will be supporting.  We have novaTRON vs. DJ Shapeshifter on a dual set, as well as H$H (DJ’s Domino MF and Bobbi Rich). The event, which will be held at Lofi in Seattle, will be turned up with custom sound by Starbourne!

Looking forward to seeing you all out at Lofi tonight!!

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Tokyo Dawn Records : The Boogie Volume 3

Tokyo Dawn Records is bringing back the boogie with their recently released compilation album, The Boogie Volume 3.  This 17 track album is made up of artists from around the world, who collectively share one common knowledge.  What is that one common knowledge?  Understanding what it takes to make your feet move, no matter who YOU may be.

This is a really refreshing album to listen to.  It’s the third installment of the Tokyo Dawn Records Boogie series, and they’ve made quite a splash in the international dance community with this one.  With my inbox being flooded with glitch-hop and dubstep, it was really nice to open this gem and experience the cool positive vibes each track pushes from the speakers.

My favorite track on The Boogie Volume 3 is Eternal Wisdom by Reeno.  From the 80’s opening synth line all the way down to the clear muffled drums, this track flows like water.  It’s the kind of song you start moving your body to and all of a sudden 4 minutes has gone by!  The simplicity and concentration on the synth lines really brings the atmosphere being projected from Eternal Wisdom  to a whole new level of chill.

If you like beats inspired by hip-hop, funk, soul, and R&B, you’ll love The Boogie Volume 3.


Going Somewhere – DubxR&B

It’s only a matter of time before dub sounds begin to make their way into commercials for sports cars and credit cards. But for the time being we get to reap the benefits of dubstep colliding with more mainstream tunes, with songs like “Getting Nowhere”. The collaborators: Music project Magnetic Man and famed R&B artist John Legend.

This dark, almost satirical song is only heightened by the eerie content of the video.  With night riders portrayed as what can only be assumed as the riders of death from Lord of the Rings, this video certainly captures the feeling of struggling to get nowhere.

Props to Magnetic Man and John Legend for creating a song that is bearable to listen to on the radio (something to be thankful for in this lifetime).

Lapalux – When You’re Gone EP

As bass music infiltrates the auditory environments of a wider an wider audience, we are seeing the intersection of beautiful bass and the sounds of another wonderful genre of music, rhythm and blues.

Set for release on February 7, Stuart Howard aka Lapalux will be dropping his new 7 track EP, entitled When You’re Gone.  Lapalux has made a name for himself through a number of bootleg edits of popular R&B songs along with his casette only release, Many Faces Out of Focus.

Take a listen below to the sampler audio for the new EP set to release next month with California recording label, Brainfeeder [BF027].

I’ve included a couple additional tracks so that you get get a feel for this cat’s style. Soothing, I’d say…

Bless up.