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Beat Garden Compilation III – Presented By: Gergaz NetLabel

Gergaz NetLabel, founded and still based in Slovakia, is a small record label putting out big releases from a diverse group of artists you’ve probably never heard of.   The label was started as a place for a few beat makers to display their music, and over the course of the last 6 years Gergaz has become known for releasing (mostly) free, non-commercial, electronic music, that often eludes any sort of genre classification.  The latest release on Gergaz NetLabel is entitled Beat Garden Compilation III.  As the title states, this is the third installment of a three year, three part album series compiled of strictly awesome beats called Beat Garden.  This album touches on all corners and tempos of electronic music today, and for the most party keeps a cool chilled out tone throughout the songs.

The compilation includes Headshotboyz feat. Dalma Berger, Kelpe, Mute Speaker, FVLCRVM, Oddlogic, Shatter Hands, Yuki Sato, Sina., Fallgrapp, The Black Arrow., sosiego/金, Jimmy Pé, KONCH!S, Stratasoul, Nolan House, Broc Berrigan, GLGN, Je$u$ and Jetsam.

This album is free, but if you want to donate some money to help keep Gergaz NetLabel going that is always appreciated! Enjoy the music, share it with your friends, and stay up with what Gergaz has got going on!

Bless up!



Artist Highlight : Future Simple Project

Future Simple Project was a name that wasn’t incorporated in my music library, and in fact, wouldn’t have meant anything to me at all until I went to Envision music festival earlier this year.  I came across Miraja and Mikey Fisher playing quite possibly one of the most energy packed and enthusiastic sets at this enchanted music festival.  With a crowd dedicating 110% of their energy to the dance floor, stars shining through the tree tops in the jungle, more beautiful women than you knew what to do with,  and Future Simple Project delivering an exclusive mix of grimey, glitchy, wobbles against smooth dub style bass lines, there was nothing else anyone could have asked for at that moment.  Needless to say, I left their show with a new love for the music these two artists are producing and am very proud to support their bass music & artist collective, Dub Animals.

Here are a few tracks to check out!




Caspa – Sell Out EP Preview

Ahhhh,  It’s gonna be a great end May with Caspa releasing his newest Ep entitled , Sell Out, on Dub Police.  Here is a quick little preview of what’s in store for your subwoofers for the rest of the summer.  My favorite tune out of Room 324, Jungle Juice, and You Sell Out, is definitely You Sell Out.  It’s such a heavy tune and really captures that classic Caspa grime that was one of the original driving factors in the development of my love for dubstep, however, all of the songs are so different, and EXTREMELY progressive in the realm of dubstep that I’m sure you’ll be amazed by them all.  It’s not ALL about the heavy stuff, and Caspa really shows that by bringing in some sexy synths and throwing a very liquid/downtempo element onto Room 324. As for Jungle Juice, I was expecting to hear some jungle when I clicked play! Nope. Guess again. It’s some four to the floor dubstep for ya!  Caspa has always been pushing the limits of what is considered possible in the world of bass and proves why he is a top player in the game, once again, with this upcoming EP, Sell Out.  Stay tuned for more Dub Police on Ganjaology.