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Highcast #018 – Daega Sound

This is the latest ‘Highcast’ featuring the Canadian deep dubstep legends, Deaga Sound, is straight fiyah!  With deep rhythmic bass lines and intricate, yet clean percussion patterns, this fifty minute mix is what any true dub head craves to listen to.

HighOnBeats did a very nice Q&A with the Daega Sound brothers to accompany this mix that’s worth checking out too…. Click here to read it.

Enjoy this heavyweight mix!

Track Listing
1. Daega Sound – Sea of Tranquillity (Intro)
2. Daega Sound – Abyss (Forthcoming Tuba 12″)
3. Daega Sound – Under Pressure (Forthcoming Tuba 12″)
4. Twisted & Rakoon Feat. Beezy – Secluded (Dub)
5. Daega Sound – The Ridge (Dub)
6. Daega Sound – Second Strike (Dub)
7. Gantz & Beezy – First Born (Dub)
8. Daega Sound – In Your Space (Dub)
9. Gantz – U Won’t Mind (Forthcoming Black Box)
10. Killawatt – Press On (Osiris Music)
11. Daega Sound – The Movement (Forthcoming Bass Coast Download)
12. Daega Sound – State Of Mind (Black Box)
13. Amit – Acid Trip (Tempa)
14. Kryptic Minds – Askum (Tectonic)
15. Daega Sound – Spirit (Forthcoming Tuba 12″)
16. Daega Sound – Fonica (Crude Recordings)
17. Killawatt – Mystic Vocation (Osiris Music)
18. Amit Feat Rani – Stay With Me (Exit Records)
19. Proxima – Thermal Vision (Tempa)
20. Daega Sound – The Way (June Miller Remix Forthcoming Fathom Recordings)
21. Daega Sound – Falsehood (Forthcoming DPR)
22. Daega Sound – Rainmaster (Dub)




Ganjaology Guest Mix – BLEED (Shift Recordings)

Ganjaology is proud to announce a new guest mix that our big homie Bleed, representing Shift Recordings, did for us to kick off the Halloween energy that is about us this month.  Bleed kicks off the mix with a HUGE original, unreleased tune entitled I LOVE HATERZ.  The sample is from one of Kat Williams stand up comedies that I’m sure most of you have heard 1000 times before…but never like this!  This mix is enormous.  It’s an hour and six minutes long and touches on all different areas of dubstep.  Your ears may or may not be bleeding after you’re finished listening to this one.  Enjoy the heavy vibes!






Corner Of Ya Block – Original Mix – High Rankin
I Call Shots (Symbl Remix)
Stomp – Original Mix – Richie August
Track 10 – Stenchman (Dub)
Teflon ft Kemst (Datsik & Excision Remix) – Kelly Dean & Steady
Supaskank – Kidonabike
Nothing – Culprate
Jane – Riskotheque, Triage
Kamikaze – AntiSerum, No Thing
Enemies – Bare
GearBox (VIP) – UltraBlack
Bad Bitches – Hulk
Mercy (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz) – Kanye West
Roughed Up – Mantis
Psycho Skank – The Widdler
Rise From The Ashes – SPL, Messinian
Let Us In – Tetsuo
Track 02 – Stenchman (Dub)
Smoke Screen – Surpass & Cease
Pull Up – Megalodon
Sippin On Some Syrup (Acapella) – Three Six Mafia Ft UGK
Simon Says (Dubstep Bootleg) – Pharoah Monche
Dumbo Riddim – Wulf
Track 01 – Stenchman (Dub)
Layer Cake – DJArtery
I Make Bass – High Rankin
AngelDust – Hulk
Forever (SPL Remix Alternate Version) – Drake (Ft. Lil Wayne & Eminem)
Sunset Trippin – Bleed
9.Left The Room – Skream ft P Money
Middle Finger – Skrewluce
Out for Blood – Bleed
Spitfire EQ – Tetsuo
MeetMeOutside_VIP – Symbl
Track 01 – Stenchman (Dub)
Sellin Bass [BLEED REMIX] – Lukki
Raw Eggs – Banana Bomber
A Millie (Excision & DatsiK Remix) – Lil Wayne
Fracture – Dubtek
Dark Circles – J:Kenzo, TZR, Bleed
Exodus (HavocNdeeD RemiX) – Bob Marley

Tony Goods – Lose It

Tony Goods, the bastard love child of Dash EXP, has just released some new fire to heat up your speakers and re-energize  all the positive vibrations in your world.  With his new song Lose It, Tony Goods is really showing that the North West is and will always be a leader in the North American bass music scene.  His take on juke is downright awesome.  What’s really caught my ear about this track is how nicely Tony Goods has made his sub, kick, and sample interact and play off of each other.  It gives the song a very liquid feel and keeps your feet moving nicely even though the percussion and drums are sporadic and on their own agenda.  Lose It is being released through Brapdem! Recordings on the first edition of their new multi-artist mixtape series called All Day.  The whole mixtape is really funky and definitely worth picking up.   It’s filled with a lot of fast, 808 packed, ass shaking, tunes that are laced up with extra deep bass lines and beautifully chaotic breakdowns.  Pick up the new Brapdem! mixtape HERE and be sure to check out Tony Goods on FACEBOOK, and SOUNDCLOUD to support his hard work!!!

Optiv & BTK – Dirty Tricks LP

Oh my god, I really don’t even know what to say. This album is seriously flawless. Optiv & BTK have been killing the dnb scene for years now and they are not slowing down one bit. Every single song off the new album, Dirty Tricks, is flat out amazing. No tune is repetitive and each one brings it’s own flavor into the mix. I could seriously spend days explaining each aspect of the album, so I’ll just tell you that of all the releases this year, this is the one to buy. Check a minimix of the album below and make sure to grab em on Beatport now!

Matt-U – “Uncontrolled”

I had never heard of Matt-U before I heard this song, but he’s a sick producer. I just copped the Hungarian producer’s EP off of Subway Recording’s bandcamp site, it’s pretty damn dope. The tune below is forthcoming on Blackbox Record’s at some point in the next few months so if you dig it, keep your eyes pealed. Check out this new one, it caught my ear and I hope you guys dig it too.

Caspa – Sell Out EP Preview

Ahhhh,  It’s gonna be a great end May with Caspa releasing his newest Ep entitled , Sell Out, on Dub Police.  Here is a quick little preview of what’s in store for your subwoofers for the rest of the summer.  My favorite tune out of Room 324, Jungle Juice, and You Sell Out, is definitely You Sell Out.  It’s such a heavy tune and really captures that classic Caspa grime that was one of the original driving factors in the development of my love for dubstep, however, all of the songs are so different, and EXTREMELY progressive in the realm of dubstep that I’m sure you’ll be amazed by them all.  It’s not ALL about the heavy stuff, and Caspa really shows that by bringing in some sexy synths and throwing a very liquid/downtempo element onto Room 324. As for Jungle Juice, I was expecting to hear some jungle when I clicked play! Nope. Guess again. It’s some four to the floor dubstep for ya!  Caspa has always been pushing the limits of what is considered possible in the world of bass and proves why he is a top player in the game, once again, with this upcoming EP, Sell Out.  Stay tuned for more Dub Police on Ganjaology.

Skream – “Mood2Fuck”

Here’s a Skream track that I’ve never heard, I thought I’d share it with you all. It’s not quite as loud as some of his other tunes, but its still maintains the Skream heaviness. Apparently this tune been around for a while, so if you’ve heard it, why not take another listen. If you haven’t… why not take a listen. If you haven’t heard of skream, check out more of his tracks here.

Haze – “Spazz”

Haze aka FuntCase has been doing major things in the dubstep scene. With his massive remix of Plan B’s track “Ill Manners” and his new Haze EP that he just released today, 2012 is looking to be his biggest year yet. Signed to Circus Recs for his FuntCase stuff, and to True Tiger for this Haze EP its impossible for someone to overlook this guys talent. The man has a bunch of stuff online, from his humorous tour videos touring around with circus, to the extensive list of tracks and live sets – all of it is good. This track is the first track off his Haze EP and it’s probably my favorite. From the hilarious “HA” sample in the drop to his deep funky wobs, haze kills the track and instantly gets my head bobbin. Check out this dubstep masterpiece and honestly check out more of his stuff if you haven’t already, he’s pure class.

Taiki & Nulight – “Bad Habbit”

These guys are sick. I first heard them about six months ago when Dream tweeted about their free EP that they had released. Their track “Defate” first introduced me to their signature heavy sound. Then while watching an episode of Get Darker TV I watched them spin a very energetic, fun, heavy set and I was instantly hooked. Their track “Bad Habbit” is set to release of off Benga’s new label cleverly named Benga Beats, and its a big one. Bad Habbit has been smashing dance floors and and booming over the english radio, now it’s ready to bless the public! Check out this tune:

go grab their new EP on subway:


Ying Yang Audio – Synergy/Sacred EP

I couldn’t find anything on the artist, but this is a big EP that will be coming out tomorrow on Soulstep Records. Really the only thing I can tell you is that the label is out of the UK (who would have guessed) and that the tracks are deep. Definitely baggin this EP in a few hours. Check the soundz!

Soap Dodgers “Rachel Went South/Belly” Release

Such a clean sound coming from these UK cats. This EP, which was just released on Wheel and Deal Records last night, has such a crisp and full sound to it. Both tracks which instantly make me want to dance, are definitely set for the club. Everything I’ve heard from the duo I’ve like so far, I’m interested to see where they go from here… expect big things. Check it!

“Drum Roll” – Soap Dodgers

Soap Dodgers released their EP Wheel & Deal Recordings about a month or so back. Both songs have a dark, heavy feel. But maintain a crisp sound by not overdoing the grimeyness – in my opinion the best way to do it. The Dozeman hit me up today asking me to drop him a .WAV of this tune, so I thought I would post it up. Check this tune out, and if you’re in the Miami (FL) area, watch Dozur spin it live at club Mekka tonight!

Truth – “Full Baked”

This ones another deep dubstep tune that truth has conjured up. The ambience is a nice filler to this bouncy yet deep tune. The new zealand producers have some very nice sounds coming out and have released several EPs in the last month. Check their soundcloud for the rest of the tunes but definitely check this one!

Trei & L.A.O.S. – The Light / Mumbo Jumbo

Viper has been putting out some major tunes as of lately, these (and the unreleased Metrik EP) are my favorite so far. Both The Light and Mumbo Jumbo are soooo smooth, it’s too bad I’m broke otherwise I would buy them both in a heartbeat! The Light really reminds me of a bunch of Netsky tracks, Your Way in perticular. It has that kind of mellow jazzy DnB sound. Mumbo Jumbo, on the other hand, has an older, more jungle type feel to it. Both are awesome tracks, check em out!!!

Tantrum Desire – “Reach”

Well, I hate to say this but I know nothing about the artist. The only thing I do know is that the song is set to release on Technique Recordings on November 27th. Skream and Benga opened up their show on radio 1 last night with it… obviously its gonna be a banger.

Orbatak – Ganja Remix Project

Here is a three track remix project of Orbatak’s Ganja, put on by Betamorph Recordings, featuring L-Nix, Ganja White Night, and Liquid Stranger.  Of course, Liquid Strangers remix goes the hardest by far.  Enjoy!