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DJ Professor Stone – WTF?! DJ Mix from the OMG Lounge

Just a couple weeks ago one of the North West’s most notorious music fesitvals, What The Festival?!, was going full force down in Oregon.  With dozens of top notch artists from around the world performing, it was pretty difficult to make it everywhere you wanted when you planned and often times I found myself at a stage listening to music from an artist I was previously unfamiliar with.   One of the best instances of stumbling upon a “surprise performance” was when our crew made a quick stop by the OMG Lounge and DJ Professor Stone was throwing down some heavy, bass drive, reggae inspired dubstep & trap.  There were so many jaw dropping tunes coming back to back that our original plans were immediately cancelled and the OMG Lounge was our final destination for the evening.  Representing Seattle’s, ZION GATE RECORDS, DJ Professor Stone has been around the reggae scene for several decades now, and is showing that he’s still in his prime.  His DJ set was versatile, full of heady tunes, and downright fun.   Stone had the whole dance floor quaking!  Check out this mix and feel the vibes from WTF?!!

J-Path – Threshing Ground (Trigram 01)

Dub-Steppers and Reggae Heads Unite!

This release, coming from the heads at Steppas Records aka Trigram, is a nice blend between deep dubstep and reggae. These guys have been putting out awesome bass music, pressing it to vinyl, and spreading it to the world for quite some time now. They’re coming at the scene with their latest release with Seoul, South Korea Native J-Path. The A-side of the release is the wonderful release with a bit of a percussive swing to it, and the B-side is the talented Alpha Steppa’s remix of tune. Check out these vibey tunes below and grab the release on vinyl if your decks are hungry for fresh acetate!


RDG Ft. Beezy – Forbidden Knowledge // JSL – Skin Out (RDG Tribal Mix)

May 20th Boka Records is releasing Tank 7, featuring some heavy bass productions from RDG and JSL, and THE MC to set off any dubstep track, Beezy.  This is some trippy trippy music.  You’re about to get launched somewhere else once you click play!

Liquid Stranger – “Sorb”

New sounds from the Swedish bass lord, Liquid Stranger!

I’m so glad to post that the amazing electronic producer is back to his roots. I talked to him briefly in orlando after his show at Bliss Ultra Lounge about a year ago and we got to talking about the heavy stuff he had been producing versus the deeper side of things that he first started out with.  He explained how he loved all of the heavy Dubstep/DnB however  his “true passion” lied within the deep, reggae infused music. It seems that he’s making that move back now.

This ambient slow groove reminds me of his stuff off of Intergalactic Slapstick except slowed down quite a bit. This guy’s production is so full. He truly paints a picture with all of the rainforest like noise, meanwhile having an awesome song on top of it. Check the new Liquid stranger titled “Sorb”, it’ll have you in a nice chilled state. Massive ups to Liquid Stranger as always!

Go and grab the track or even the whole interchill compilation here

Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink – Nomads EP *OUT TODAY!*

FLOSSTRADAMUS X DJ SLIINK WITH AN UZ REMIX!? The NOMADS EP is absolutely bonkers and is just in time to set off the spring.  My favorite thing about this EP is how short and sweet it is.  With names like TEST ME and CROWD CONTROL Flosstradamus and DJ Sliink are letting you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when yo click play.  Club bangers.  They then stepped it up a notch and had UZ remix TEST ME.  With a spring release containing such high energy it makes me wonder what Flosstradamus and DJ Sliink have up their sleeves for the summer…!

Get Your Copy Of Nomads HERE

Kahn – Dread/Late Night Blues [Deep Medi]


These two deep ones are sure to do numbers on the day of the release, which lucky for us is within days. The Bristol based producer is set to release on the sub stomping label Deep Medi on December 5th, which if you don’t have your calendar right by you, is next Wednesday! Kahn’s production is so on point, these two tunes are just a couple examples of his many deep club bangers. I may have to grab this one on vinyl. Check the tunes and make sure you’ve got some low end capabilities with your speaks!

Murlo – Quartz EP

The LWP004 Release off of Low Up Records is a great EP to say the least. This London Based producer, has put together a nice, smooth set of club tunes that have a very melodic feel. All of the percussion throughout the EP is crisp and clean, with elements of both electronic and organics within them.

The ethnic vibes on the track entitled “Prism” really come through clearly with the eastern sounding melody, as well as what sounds like some sort of asian horn or flute. The title track for the EP – “Quartz”, its a very interesting tune. It starts off very minimalistic, but in a good way. The strange vocal sample bounces around until the track breaks down into the nice lead which was introduced in the beginning. The dimension that the producer has placed behind the synth line creates such a full feel. As it moves forward it builds with moving sounds and interesting synth lines as well. It ends up feeling very full with different instrumentation and leaves you wanting to get on the dance floor.

My personal favorite is the track “Soundboy”. This one is sooo smooth. That vocal sample is so sick, straight up. The sample teamed with that synth stab, drops the song seamlessly into another dancey club anthem. It’s definitely the highlight of the album for me, and the EP as a whole is a winner.

It’s nice to hear original vibes as always, and Murlo has delivered exactly that. Check the tunes below and go support Murlo and Low Up Recs by grabbing this EP if you get down with it too!


Squarewave (Feat. Dutty Ranks) – “Heartbeat Dub”

Yes! I’m loving that the deep dubstep community is still going strong. This pulsing subby tune is created by none other than the man Squarewave, and it was released yesterday on BOKA Records. Gwan and grab the release! Along side of this tune is two VIPs, one of which is done by the artist’s brother, Sukh Knight. Big up all involved with this one, check the tune below and get your deep sub skankin shoes on.

Widowmaker – “Tunneling Wurm”

The UK producer Widowmaker just released an awesome EP less than a week ago on N-Type’s Label Wheel & Deal. Each of the three tracks have their own sound but keep the producers vibe consistantly through it (which one would hope every EP has). The A side of the release is the track below titled Tunneling Wurm, and its one I’ve been mixing into my sets since I bought it. I hadn’t heard anything from the Farnborough producer until about two weeks ago when I found a free download of his Badman Place Remix on the Hedmuk Blog. This guy definitely is producing some deep, heavy sounds with a crisp mix. Check the tune below and if you feel so inclined grab his EP!

Distance – “A Result Of Sound”

If you like deep grimey dancefloor killers, Distance is definitely an artist to mention. His grungy bass lines make one cringe and dance at the same time. This tune has such a big sound with a beautiful dark melody to it. It is set to release on Distance’s label Chestplate at some point this year, however it does not have a date yet. Check out this one as well as the tune that will be along side it on the CHST020 release!

Eskmo – “Cloudlight”

This track just really needed to get a post. Everything about this video deserves recognition. The song is so original yet so catchy, from the weird groove to the moving synths, to the amazing vocoded vocals, this track gives the true feeling of “floating in magically colorful pieces of sky”. Eskmo is yet another dope artist from San Fran who has been in the game for several years already. Seems he’s got a dope thing going with his music as well as the San Fran bass scene as well. The track is a part of his full length album out on Ninja Step Records and is available on Beatport as well as other online stores as well.

Check it out. You wont be disappointed.

Morcee – Its You (Four40 Records)

The Ganjaologist sent me this release a few days ago telling me it was some next level stuff on a different vibe, and my god was he right. Morcee smashed this single with some large clean synth work and some SERIOUS percussive additives. My mind doesn’t know where to go when listening to the original mix of the single “Its You” the panning is absolutley insane and the space in the mix is so deep you just get lost, but not to worry… its a good thing. Next is the Lakosa remix and Lakosa came at it on a different approach, some progressive vibes on this one. With the deep bassy kick keeping the tune alive a warm outer-space like synth starts to creep into the back of your mind only drawing you closer to your speakers leaving you wondering whats coming next and to your surprise comes a deep ever so clean bassline that just cracks your skull and brings you, the tune, and the club to life. Shakers, cowbells, whatever you want to call the percussion in this tune starts to take over and the tune ties itself together, amazing. Now, the last tune I listened to on this EP was the Majora remix, which I was extremely excited to hear. The tune opens up with a nice punchy kick and some sharp synth stabs then a “tribal” like beat starts to earn its place hooking you, telling you to turn it up… then it drops and all I can see in my mind is thousands dancing until every drop of sweat works it way out of the pores of every lifeform effected by the heavy percussion and bassline of this incredible tune. Morcee, Lakosa, and Majora you have without a doubt earned the respect of many and of course left everybody’s jaws dropped here at Ganjaology, BIG UP! and big up Four40 Records for releasing this incredible work of art.

Pick up the EP HERE!

Listen to Morcee’s tunes HERE!

Listen to Majora’s tunes HERE!

Listen to Lakosa’s tunes HERE!

Dubsalon – Durban Chamber LP

Big up to the Dubsalon for this wicked LP, every single aspect of this well-crafted piece is absolutley amazing! What grabs my attention most though is the groovy percussion, every hit, every fill is so clean and panned ever so proper. The album changes tempos every so often giving the listener a nice relief from the previous groove, nothing but good vibes coming from this piece. The first tune on this LP entitled “In a Dream” hooks you into this deep space ride, training you, getting you ready to expierience something many people will never get to encounter. With synths that sound as if they were falling from the skies and ambiences only those of different galaxies can comprehend this tune takes you on a ride you won’t soon forget, and of course right smack in the middle is a thick bassline just carrying the tune right along. I suggest opening up your mind and forgetting all that you know and just letting the music take control, many people may say that but it’s not very often that the music is as smooth and thorough as this. The next tune on the album cannot be named more perfect, it is called “Shifting mood” and that’s exactly what the music is doing, the tempo slows down giving the tune kind of a “moomba” percussive feel but forget all those mid range squelches and noises, nothing but pure music and positivy is layed upon this beat, once again I love Dubsalon’s use of panning he really makes sure your head is in a different place when you listen to this, the space he provides is unbelievable and only helping that is the increble use of delays and reverbs, so clean and no masking. With all the space there is so much room for melody and Dubsalon took advantage of that like no other. Dubsalon tends to keep this slow groove for a few more tunes before bringing the tempo back up. The order of the songs on this album is even awesome, this being one of the most important things (even though most don’t know it) it makes sure the listener does not feel too dragged along and listening to this album… well, I DID NOT want it to end. BIG UP DUBSALON AND BIG UP IDEOLOGY RECORDS!

Pick up the album here (free)

Check Dubsalon’s tunes here

like Dubsalon’s facebook here

Here are a few tunes from the LP

Kasar – En Automne

What you’re about to witness is definitely out of the ordinary for what’s the norm here at Ganjaology.  All though our focus is generally bass music, sometimes we’ll put up a little surprise and step outside the box.  What we’ve got for you today is an absolutely incredible video of the electronic producer, and classical pianist extraordinaire, Arnold Kasar, performing his song En Automne live at Emil Berliner Studios.  Armed with just a sequencer and a Steinway grand piano, Kasar brings a beautifully crafted sound unlike any other to the speakers of the world.  Kasar just released a new album, The Piano Has Been Smoking, through Fabrique Records, who will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary of existence this fall, so be sure to so him some love, enhance your musical library, and awe all your friends with 5 of the most uncategorizable and downright amazing songs of 2012.  Kasar, you’re definitely on our radar! Fabrique, early congrats on your 10 year anniversary!

Purchase : The Piano Has Been Smoking

Fabrique Records

Kasar’s Website

Big shout out to Lukasz Polowczyk with for introducing this wonderful artist to Ganjaology.

Baauer – “DumDum”

Man the Brooklyn based producer, Baauer is killing it. He’s been doing work for Mad Decent recently with his electronic infused trap music. This tune is forthcoming on LuckyMe Records and it’s just too big to not share. The 808 kick is so heavy I swear it could bring down the house, literally and figuratively. Get out your pyrex pot and turn up your sub, this one is sick.

Disonata – Shadow Catchers EP

I was browsing the cloud for some new tunes to jam to when I  of course clicked on Disonata’s page, and guess what… he came through. Disonata’s latest EP “Shadow Catchers” is a basshead’s dream! Spacey synth work, skull shattering snares, and of course a bassline that’ll leave your jaw dropped.  I STRONGLY adivise bagging these tunes quick ’cause they will make any set a must hear. Big up Disonata, big up Illicit Trade Records and shouts to Standard Procedure for the massive remix of ” Sound Killa” featured on this E.P.

Very dark, very sick.

Biome – “Havana”

J. Hanna here.

This here’s a big one from UK producer Biome. The tune “Havana” is set to release along side “No Tomorrow” as well as two edits of the B side. It seems as though the actual date is not set yet but it is said to be “Coming Soon” on the label’s soundcloud. Can’t wait for this one to come out, I’m sure to bag it that day. Big up Biome for another deep banger!

Matt-U – “Uncontrolled”

I had never heard of Matt-U before I heard this song, but he’s a sick producer. I just copped the Hungarian producer’s EP off of Subway Recording’s bandcamp site, it’s pretty damn dope. The tune below is forthcoming on Blackbox Record’s at some point in the next few months so if you dig it, keep your eyes pealed. Check out this new one, it caught my ear and I hope you guys dig it too.

Laxx & Walsh – “Newest Technology”

Laxx and Walsh really collaborated on a banger on this one. I just recently watched Walsh’s set on get darker and it even more cemented my love for this label. Walsh’s label Biscuit Factory Records has been putting out nothing but bangers for several years and for 2012 DO NOT sleep on them. There are going to be many great releases from Laxx and many more great dubstep artists. Laxx has released a few free 320’s so if you haven’t already, improve your selection with a few nice tunes by stopping by his soundcloud. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Skream – “Mood2Fuck”

Here’s a Skream track that I’ve never heard, I thought I’d share it with you all. It’s not quite as loud as some of his other tunes, but its still maintains the Skream heaviness. Apparently this tune been around for a while, so if you’ve heard it, why not take another listen. If you haven’t… why not take a listen. If you haven’t heard of skream, check out more of his tracks here.