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SaQi – At Quest’s End

SaQi, Jumpsuit Records, Ganjaology

While many of us continue to question our place, our potential and ultimately our purpose… there are some that simply know. This is certainly the case with California’s freshest new producer, Saqi. As the newest addition to The Polish Ambassador’s emerging label Jumpsuit Records, SaQi is poised for success in a space that he has long called home.

His recently released album At Quest’s End is an inspiring look into the life and frequency of Luke Solman, better know as SaQi. The album features eleven beautifully crafted tunes featuring a number of collaborating producers including The Human Experience, Wildlight, The Polish Ambassador, Worth, KMLN & Santino Rice, and Leah Song of Rising Appalachia.

Drawing his name from the Sufi title for a mystic muse, SaQi’s productions find balance in the space between organic and electronic. These dance inspired rhythms combine musical elements from a wide array of cultures from across the planet, mixing them into magnificent arrangements of pulse and sound. It is obvious that this trumpet toting musical traveler has indeed traversed the globe many times. Here, with At Quest’s End, we see a dynamic representation of a man and his experience elegantly blended into a story told through sonic frequency.

SaQi will join the Polish Ambassador next year for the Jumpsuit Records spring tour. For SaQi, one quest has ended and another is beginning. Where are you on your journey?


The Bloom Series Vol 1 :: Fundamental Frequencies

Bloom, Ganjaology, Fundamental Frequencies

We are blooming. Things are beginning to really line up and the frequencies are beginning to sting ever so sweetly. With all the positivity that’s been going ’round it would be a shame if we didn’t share it with our network. That is why the Bloom Squad has decided to bring to us the music that so elegantly carried the vibes through the whole first film, Fundamental Frequencies. 

So, if you haven’t yet watched The Bloom, head on over to their screening room and take a peek. The film series documents the culture that is emerging surrounding transformational festivals, and oh’ if it isn’t done in the most uplifting fashion.

Tune in to The Bloom!

Purchase the tunes on Beatport or directly from The Bloom via Bandcamp.