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Knife Party @ Space – Ibiza

Last night Radio 1’s Essential Mix covered a MASSIVE show, acts featured on the mix included: Deadmau5, Magnetic Man, Annie Mac, Skream & Benga, and, the one I was most excited for with their first show ever , Knife Party! Although some of Knife Party’s sounds may sound slightly “poppy” to some, they are going to be a very prominent name in the Dubstep/Electro world for the next while. They premiered some of their new tunes last night and ohhh man am I satisfied, their choppy, glitchy, intense electro vibes definitely got me hyped and I’m just listening at home! While there may be many other great Electro and Dubstep producers out there I would definitely say to keep an eye out for Knife Party, I mean all you have to do is listen to Set Me On Fire and you will know that Rob and Gareth have a lot in store for everyone. I’ve got great expectations for Knife Party, check out some of the tracks they premiered last night in the links below.

If you like these songs make sure to check out Knife Party’s website to download their full set here


Knife Party – Save The World Remix

Finally, after months of anticipation and unbelievable amounts of excitement Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have announced their new project Knife Party. Now, their site ( is currently under construction and details about the group are scarce however they have released one song which is as Rob Swire put it “Seizure Music”. It has an overall heavy electro sound once the song gets going, but sadly sounds a little poppy due to the original Swedish House Mafia track (no offense to those who like the original). In a previous article “Pendulum Rumors” I had mentioned the brief talk with Rob Swire himself and how he told me about a possible new project being based around dubstep. Because of that talk I am sure Knife Party will be releasing some heavy tunes much like Set Me On Fire and Salt In The Wounds, and although this song might not be as massive as some of Pendulum’s big tracks I have a lot of hope and trust that Knife Party will be massive in years to come. So here it is, Knife Party’s first official release. 

Pendulum Rumors…

About a week ago I sent Rob Swire a message on Facebook.  I was not expecting anything back but felt it was worth a shot.  I asked him “Are you guys gonna release any more dubstep tracks?” and after a few minutes I heard the little “bloop” Facebook gives you when you receive a new message. His response was “Yes, but under a different name.” I’m really excited to see what has to come of the new group with an unknown name.  To this day, Set Me On Fire still has one of the heaviest drops I’ve heard and Rob Swire’s Drumstep Remix of Witchcraft truely defines the hybrid genre.  Take a listen and keep an ear out for new music from Rob Swire!

Make sure to listen in 720p!