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Roommate – Treasure Island LP

Your favorite rub-a-dub dub producer is back with another huge release! San Francisco dub doctor, Roommate will be delivering a heady selection of bubbly tunes burgeoning with life through Avocaudio Records on February 6th, 2013.

If you’ve been affected by the rainy season and you’re ready to kick back and enjoy an evening of tropical tunes and warm riddims, Roommate’s Treasure Island is a must grab. Until then, do what you can to stay warm and protect that booty!






Rommate – Treasure Island EP

Bay Area dub guru, Roommate is gearing up for the release of his newest EP entitled Treasure Island, set for release January 2013 with Avocaudio. As the label head of Avocaudio, Roommate aka Justin McCauley has as much artistic license as he could ever want. It’s no surprise that this man’s colors are showing through, once again on this huge release. If you are looking to identify the dance hall legend of the new millenia, look no further. Roommate has it all. The man, the legend, the sound… the love.

Check in with Roommate at one of his many online musical outlets below, and enjoy this free download!

Roommate on Facebook

Roommate on Soundcloud

Acocaudio on Facebook

Avacaudio on Soundcloud

TRAP FUNERAL – Portland’s Trap Monthly

As you may have noticed, the EDM sub-genre which has appropriately been given the name TRAP, is blowing the fuck up.  In the last year trap has gone from a few key producers like Baauer, Flostradamus, and UZ making this odd, bouncy, instrumental music, to literally every single bass music DJ ranging from Megalodon (A leader in the West Coast dubstep scene) to DJ Craze (You all know him!) to Borgore (No Comment) to Skream (Living dubstep legend) dropping some trap song that makes the crowd go bonkers.  In fact, there has been such a wide variety of people supporting the “new” genre that there are now trap monthly’s popping up!  Or at least two that I know of…  There is TRAP CITY, which, from what I’ve heard, is going harder than ever down in San Fran, and there is also TRAP FUNERAL, which from my experience down there this past weekend, is one of the most enthusiastic, ass shakin, twerkin’, bottle poppin’ parties in the North West.

The lineup for Trap Funeral this past Saturday was what initially caught my eye and prompted me to make the 3 hour trek down to Portland from Seattle.  DJEMBA DJEMBA (Mad Decent), Most Custom (Stylss), and GANG$IGN$ (Stylss) throwing a trap party the weekend before Halloween?  I’m in.

GANG$IGN$ was on stage when I showed up at the Crown Room, and already had a crowd of costumed party people dropping dance moves you only see in rap videos and was going through a mix of tunes that ranged from Chief Keef to his own arsenal of original trap beats.  When I looked around the room, people were cookin’, EVERYONE was smiling (even the bouncers) and it’s Portland…people are weird…weird people come up with even weirder costumes!  Big ups GANG$IGN$ for a dope set. 

Djemba Djemba came on after GANG$IGN$ dressed like Spok from Star Trek.  That almost says it all right there.  The Mad Decent representer was taking the captains chair and skillfully re-routing people to a bass planets that only he knew the whereabouts of.  Okay, truly, this is where I started focusing less on the music and more on the beautiful ladies of the night that I was surrounded by.  Unlike many bass music nights that are dominated by a male presence, this party was really saturated with an even number of ladies and gents.  Yet another reason everyone was having such a good time.  There was enough lovin’ going around for everyone to feel in their prime! Djemba Djemba knows what the ladies want to hear.  Big Ups Spok!   

Closing the night down and coming on stage with the spookiest presence of the evening was Portlands own, Most Custom.  Tyler Tastemaker and Quarry, who together make up Most Custom, decided they were going be Insane Clown Posse for the party.  Coming out in full makeup with their swag TURNT THE FUCK UP, the night was about to get crushed.  Everyone in the club was at the “Okay…now I’m properly dunk and high…” point of the night which resulted in people going HAM for the last hour and a half. Booty’s were droppin, I may have seen a couple of bras and panties on the ground, and the speakers getting cranked to the proper volume .  It was sounding and looking really good in there.  Most Custom dropped a little bit of everything, but it was particularly nice to hear their remix of Dorrough’s I.D.G.A.F.through the club system.  That remix goes hard!  Chopped and screwed vocals over top sprinkler snare drums and throbbing bass lines were all you heard all night because of the hard work that these two are putting in down in the Portland scene.  Definitely keep Most Custom on your radar so you can check out one of their enthusiastic sets live.  Big ups fellas!    

Ganjaology is definitely gonna be back down in Portland for the next installment of Trap Funeral in November featuring NastyNasty.   If you’re in Seattle, it’s worth the trip down…shit maybe you can ride with us!  If you’re already in Portland…you gotta get there!



Here are a few more photos of the night, shot by

Janaka Selekta – Murderer Moombah

MURDEREEEEEEEER!  Moombahton has been killing the eardrums of an unknown number of people in the year 2012 and guess what…  Summer is not over yet!  I recommend a glass of rum, ginger beer, and nutmeg, on ice to fully enjoy the hot vibes being thrown out by this scorcher.  Janaka Selekta is coming in hot people! 

Intelepaths – Neon Arrows EP

July is upon us.  In the year of the dragon, us Americans will be celebrating the 236th year of our independence as a country on July 4th.  Along with all the days off work, proud emotions, arguably some of the most epic BBQ’s world-wide, and an incomparable amount of fireworks going off nation wide, the 4th of July is known to many as a reason to throw the most outlandish parties imaginable.  This year there is a special treat for the bass music community not only in the United States, but around the world…

On Tuesday, July 3rd, Intelepaths will be releasing their debut EP, entitled Neon Arrows, through Critical Beats.  Made up of Ill-esha, and Unlimited Gravity (aka two of the West coasts most well known glitchy/dubby/hip-hoppy/all-around-awesome artists around), Intelepaths is a brand new project and a brand new name, constructed of two bass music veterans.  Both Unlimited Gravity and Ill-esha have a very steady and enthusiastic following which seems to have already launched this project into the “sucessful” realm of things.  Upon hearing about the beginning of Intelepaths from Ill-esha herself a couple months ago, I was immediately intrigued by the sound that these two would produce together and had a feeling it may be a sound unheard before.

“2 people doing live singing, rapping, looping…we both produce” was what I was told.  And that is exactly what has been delivered…and a whole lot more…

Made up of 5 songs, Neon Arrows is an INCREDIBLY different take on what you’ve been hearing in glitch-hop.  Combing their beautiful harmonized voices, over top beatbox recordings, over the funkiest of bass lines, backed by the thickest, crispiest drums, and topped off with an orchestral ambiance,  Intelepaths have crafted a sound that they can genuinely call their own.

You all heard the preview of what was on the way with Intelepath’s cover of Adina Howard’s Freak Like Me.  I don’t doubt that this will be one of the most sought after releases from Critical Beats this year.  In TWO days you’re able to get your copy of Intelepaths debut EP Neon Arrows to properly set off your 4th of July with the fireworks of their sound.

Until then…enjoy the previews!

Intelepaths on SoundCloud

Intelepaths Facebook

Critical Beats


Nawabi – March of the Daleks

This new song from Nawabi of San Francisco, California, entitled March Of The Daleks seems to be nothing but 100% appropriate to be the theme song for one of the most evil extra terrestrial mutants ever to make it to our television.  For those of you unaware of what a Dalek is, please read on…

“The Daleks are a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, created to be an emotionless “master race” bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion or remorse. Various storylines portray them as having had every emotion removed except hate, leaving them with a desire to purge the Universe of all non-Dalek life. Occasionally they are shown as experiencing other emotions, primarily fear, although such occurrences are rare.” – Wiki

Nawabi – Psycho Mutant EP

Uh oh. I might need to get out my mutant strength for this one…

One-man Bay Area sound system Nawabi is smashing up de place with his murderous snares. With metal in his blood and hellfire in his heart, Nawabi has come a long way from his days as a youth. Now, performing weekly at Milk Bar in SF among other shows, this demon at the decks is making a name for himself… And that name is Nawabi.

So now, without further ado, we announce the release of his newest production, the Pshycho Mutant EP. These killer selections will turn your stereo into a bass thirsty ravenous beast. Digital sales start tomorrow, so have a listen and sleep on it. Nawabi’s sinister sound will surely slither into your subconscious to haunt your dreams and feed on your frequency.

When you arise you will find the EP waiting for you, staring into your soul, ready to begin incubation in your crate labeled “HEAVY”.

Get the Psycho Mutant EP here and be sure to big up yourself as you do.

Roommate – Cool & Alright

With the new week beginning and the hectic Halloween weekend on the way, it’s time to have a chill out session and vibe to the weather and the deep sounds of Roommates Cool & Alright.

Decibel Festival – Bare Necessities Party

 This is a pretty epic video! It was put together to help keep the memories of Mt. Eden’s recent US tour alive.  Luckily the fun in the US is not over for the dubstep duo from Auckland, New Zealand, because they are headlining a show at The Showbox (downtown) next Friday for Decibel Festival!   Be sure to get tickets HERE before they are all gone.  Mt. Eden will be accompanied by Ill-esha, Breakage, and Triage.  Yeah…this show is gonna be one to remember for 2011.

Ill-esha – Hunting Season

Breakage –  Higher

Triage – Pitbull