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Savage Rehab – Step Inside / Neck Funk

Haven’t posted up one from these guys in a while, but if you haven’t been keeping up to date with them, get on that!! As always Savage Rehab smashes it with a blend of old school sounds and the latest of DnB. Neck Funk has a very upbeat vibe to it, and is perfect for brightening up your day if you’re still experiencing gray weather like we are here in Cleveland. Step Inside on the other hand brings a bouncy sound that is sure to get you moving. Both of these will be out hopefully soon on their Saxxon EP on V Recordings. As always, big up to Savage Rehab!!

Savage Rehab – 360 Degree EP

Seeeeriously can’t wait to grab this one from our friends Savage Rehab! A few of the tunes off the album have been around for a little while now such as The Drums which I wrote up a little bit ago, so it’ll be nice to finally have it! This EP really covers each area of dnb, from the smoother liquid sounds of The Drums, to the more old school feel of Desire. This EP really is worth each penny due to the wide variety of sounds that Savage Rehab brings to the table. So happy to get my hands on more of their tunes, and you can preview each tune as well as pre-order the EP right here off the D&B Arena site! Big up to Savage Rehab, pre-order now or grab it on June 11th!!

Coda – Shodan

Huuuuuge one comin from Coda, bout to be featured alongside Savage Rehab on the Hydra EP which is out tomorrow on Audio Danger!! Shodan is packed with driving basslines, eerie synths, and some very dark vocal samples. Very dark vibes comin from this one, can’t wait to grab it! Hit up Coda’s soundcloud for more tunes of his!

Savage Rehab – Outpost

Gotta make this one quick, but I couldn’t leave this tune un-posted. Big ups to our boys Savage Rehab on yet another huge track. This one will be featured onAudio Danger’s Hydra EP alongside their tune Space Dock, tracks by Coda, and Flat T! This one has some verrrry smooth subs but also bring that dark quality that just can’t even be put into words. Pretty sure that the EP will actually be out Monday so lucky for you lot, you don’t have to wait very long for this one. Give this one a listen and keep your eyes peeled for the EP!

Audio Danger on D&BTV

Soooo many tight sets on this episode of D&BTV, I’ve been waiting for Audio Danger to do another episode since their last time in the studio about 6 months ago and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Huge tunes coming from everyone, especially our friends Savage Rehab! They come in right around 3:00:00 if ya don’t have 4 hours on your hands. Also much respect to them for wearing the Indians jersey! Tons of exclusive tunes in this mix so make sure you check it out, also if you haven’t liked Savage Rehab’s facebook page yet hit em’ up right here!! Big up to everyone at Audio Danger, grab the Hydra EP now if ya haven’t yet as well.

Savage Rehab – Space Dock

Man, I find myself posting near every tune that these guys put out. Again Savage Rehab KILLS IT! Space Dock has a more Liquid DnB sound to it, it actually reminds me a bit of tracks by Phace mainly because of the deeeep subs, but again it’s difficult to relate them to anyone else. Space Dock will be out soon on Audio Danger’s Hydra EP alongside tracks by Coda, Helium, and Flat T & Outpost; definitely want to grab that on on 12″, but for now have a listen to this one. Big ups Savage Rehab!!! Hit up their facebook right here for the latest on their tunes!!

Savage Rehab – The Drums

Again Savage Rehab bring an absolutely huge track! First heard this one on their D&BTV mix and since then have been dying to grab it. The Drums is a bit more mellow than their usual dark and energetic sound, perfect for listening to after an exhausting day. It has a very different vibe than most DnB you hear these days; it’s a bit similar to Baltimore, by Sigma, in terms of the light hearted feel, but instead has very relaxed qualities where Baltimore has a more lively sound. If you haven’t been keeping up with Savage Rehab, give their soundcloud a look and check out all their new tunes!

Conrank feat. MC Zulu – Verbaliser (Savage Rehab) [Repost]

Godddd damn, songs like these are perfect examples as to why I’m always posting Drum & Bass. Savage Rehab again blow me away. I could easily go deaf from listening to their tunes due to the necessity of cranking up whatever speaker I’m using as far as possible. The duo are quickly becoming a prominent name in the DnB community with tracks like this, their remix of Crucial, Walk The Bass, and tons more. Verbaliser has such a good groove to it, every time I listen to it I just get that feeling of wanting to get up and move. On top of it the bassline is so smooth but it hits sooooo hard, words seriously can’t do it for this song, give it a listen below! Also hit Savage Rehab up on Facebook to check out other masssssive songs!!

Kenny Ken – Murda You (Savage Rehab Remix)

Another massive tune from the Savage Rehab duo!! Murda You, has suuuuch good vibes to it, it’s got a very old school Jungle taste to it that isn’t found quite as often anymore making this tune all the better; this track is a really nice change of pace if you haven’t heard much Jungle and primarily listen to the newer Drum & Bass sounds. Murda You is a really one of a kind song and I really cant put my thoughts into words on this one haha! All I can say is it has a perfect blend of intense breakdowns and smooth and relaxed melodies. Have a listen to this one and make sure to buy it next week when it releases!! As I’ve said before, hit up their soundcloud to get your fill on all their latest tracks!

Savage Rehab – Osmosis

Again Savage Rehab smashes it with their dark and minimal sounds. The duo have been releasing a good flow of music lately so expect more posts in the near future about them. Back to Osmosis though, this tune really reminds me of some of the stuff featured on Shogun Audio’s Way Of The Warrior EP. The song is filled with eerie synths and drone like basslines, needless to say this track makes you want to get up and move. Check it out below, seriously can’t wait for this to release cause I can’t stop listening to it! Make sure to hit up their soundcloud and facebook pages. Keep an eye out for these guys, big ups Savage Rehab!

Coda – Crucial (Savage Rehab Remix)

Damn, words can’t describe the bass in this song. Heard it last night on the Drum & Bass Arena Podcast with the Risky and I am hooked on this one. Although Savage Rehab aren’t the biggest name in the Drum and Bass world they are definitely moving up and I’m sure they will be more widely recognized in no time. Check out some of their other tunes on their Soundcloud page, big ups to Savage Rehab for this one, can’t wait for the release!