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HOOD PRI$M$ – Snapbacks And Tattoos Mix

This new mix from Hood Pri$m$ is super tuff!!! Starting off with Kris Kross, then jumping over to Riff Raff, and then to Trinidad James, Hood Pri$m$ killed it with the intro.  They did a nice job at letting you know that you’re in for a very hype 40 miutes!  This is a free download, so grab this!


HOOD PRI$M$ – Light Me Up

The Portland Trap scene is goin’ hard as hell right now!  With Trap funeral going absolutely bonkers once a month there is a lot of buzz about this “new” sub-genre through the city.  While there is always a surplus of talent passing through the small North West city, Portland is also home to many trap/bass music artists such as Tyler Tastemaker, Quarry, Gang$ign$, Tony Goods, and last but not least HOOD PRI$IM$.  Being made up of EXODUB & TIGER FRESH, this duo, HOOD PRI$IM$ has got some serious sounds they’re playing with.  Their single Light Me Up is a real smooth trapped out tune that’s got some crazy arpeggiator action going on throughout the whole song.  Along with some nice spacey bleep/bloops to keep your feet moving and your mind entertained, this song is a reminder that you are NOT on planet Earth.  Blast off!!


10 Days ’till Decibel – Bassdrop

 This year at Decibel Festival, one of Seattle’s most well known names in the dance music community will be hosting their own musical showcase featuring some of the hardest hitting bass heavyweights in the game.  Ganjaology would like to congratulate Bassdrop Music on hosting MartyParty, R/D, Danny Corn, and their own artist KAT1LYST, at The Crocodile on Saturday, September 29th.  Bassdrop is known for the diverse assortment of shows they’ve been bringing to Seattle over the last few years, and this show is going to be another memorable night put on by the forever-grinding label.  In celebration of the Bassdrop Community Bass Session taking place at Decibel, KAT1LYST has released a promo mix called Trunk Muzik, which is just a little preview of what you can expect on the night of the 29th.  The name kinda says it all about this mix…you’re on your way to the trap.


Stinkahbell – Stinkahz in Paris

THIS ONES A STINKAH!! Haha…seriously though…Stinkahbell went in extra hard on this one.  I’d take this over Jay-Z and Kanye any day.  Nuff said!  The samples are hot and the wobbles are killin’ my speakers! In a good way.  Okay, CHOON IN! Huge shout out to everyone in the UK coming with that next level bass music for ears worldwide.

Pressha – Everything In Moderation

Sexy…Bassy…Glitchy…Wobbly…Fifty minutes long…what’s not to love about this mix from Seattles own, Pressha?  After getting back from Envision Music Festival in Costa Rica and being surrounded by artists such as Gladkill, Chris B, Ill-Esha, KllSmth, and Russ Liquid, I’ve been on a serious glitch-hop/sexy bass hunt.  Luckily, I’m not the only one who’s been feeling the energy of the gorgeous tunes coming from countless artists across the West Coast.  This mix Pressha released through BassDrop on 4/20 is absolutely ridiculous.  Whatever it is you’re doing at the moment will probably get that much better as soon as you click play and tune into the sounds that have been inspiring one of Seattles most well known bass DJ’s.  FIRST, here are a few words from Pressha himself regarding Everything In Moderation.

“When I set out to make this, I wanted to make a sequel to Sex to make Dubstep to. I found myself wanting to push a very similar sound but yet the tempo increased as I chose tracks I wanted to use over and over. Midtempo and Sexy Bass music has taken a stronger hold of me than I expected and it comes through on this. There are a few unreleased tracks by a couple of my favorite producers at the moment, the whole thing is meant to be played and replayed while making love, partying, enjoying the sunset, and just generally anything that makes you feel good inside.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you.”


1). A Gift To-Sugarpill
2.) Stay Awake-Gladkill
3.) Walking Away-Kastle ft Mc Armanni
4.) It’s when I miss all of you- Goldrush (Gladkill Remix)
5. ) Say you want to- Sugarpill (Unreleased)
6.) I know-Kastle (Bokator and Jock Styles Remix)
7.) November 18th-Drake (Stratus Remix)
8.) Tanktop-Sugarpill (Unreleased)
9.) Roof Back-Minnesota
10.) Cats used to harmonize- Sugarpill (Unreleased)
11.) Back to the Bay-Matty G. ft. Ugene
12.) Pony-Ginuwine (Molecule Remix)
13.) Space Leaf Dub-Polish Ambassador (Gladkill Remix)
14.) Something for Everyone-Frequent C and kLL sMTH
15.) Waking-Guttstar
16.) Sail-Awol-Nation (Slim Thugz Remix)
17.) So Precise- Paper Diamond
18.) Be Cool- Chris B (Unreleased)
19.) Tickle Parts -Oh Tebins
20.) Capture the Flag- Samples

Bliss – Cross Over

Bliss, also known as Antonio Bliss, of Chicago, Illinois, is bringing some ghetto heavy bass to the midwest dubstep scene with this track.  Upon first hearing the track I couldn’t quite imagine what selection of sounds he had in mind for the listeners of this tune, Cross Over, but my ignorance was soon turned to pure knowledge of how to make subs properly function.  This one is DEEP. I look forward to hearing what Bliss has in store for dubstep in 2012.  LISTEN!