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Sonic Bloom – 1 Week Warning!


From the scenic setting in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains…To the impressive and diverse lineup that only Sonic Bloom could provide…To the beautiful people who make their way to Colorado for this trend setting festival…Sonic Bloom has almost everything it needs to make it’s 10 year anniversary the best celebration ever.  The one thing it’s still missing is…YOU!

Sonic Bloom is only 1 week away!  For all of you who have not yet purchased tickets for Colorodo’s favorite music festival, you’ve still got time.  Click HERE to get your Sonic Bloom ticket!

While you wait for the gates to open…Enjoy a few of our favorites from a couple of this years Sonic Bloom artists!


There are only two days left before Symbiosis kicks off!!

Music : “Steady as She Goes” by Chris KMLN.

Cinematography & Editing: The Confluence

Time-Lapses: Roy Two Thousand

Additional Videography:
Galen Oakes, Jess Weos, Alexander Sasha Nitze, Syd Woodward and Akira Chan

Artwork by Zariat


Symbiosis Gathering Schedule Announced

With only ten days until Symbiosis Gathering, you can now begin planning your days down in Oakdale with the newly announced schedule.  You’re able to download the schedule as a PDF and print it at your own convenience or you can synch your computer, smartphone, or tablet with a festival schedule that is will be updated in real-time.   Either way, it will be nice and easy to know what’s going on throughout the duration of the Symbiosis.