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Niton (The Reason) (Sigma Remix) – Eric Prydz

For a while now, Sigma have been my favorite DnB artists for a couple of reasons; one being I don’t know a song by them I don’t like, also they don’t need copious amounts of bass or layered kicks to make a song amazing. Earlier this year they released a remix of Eric Prydz’ Niton. The song is filled with energetic sounds and cool synths. Definitely a song for the summer and yet again Sigma doesn’t cease to amaze me.

Night Time DnB

This week has been quite stressful, with inconsistent friends and the summer coming to a close I haven’t been in exactly the best state of mind. As I sat in my room tonight thriving off of facebook and seeing what others have been doing with their busy and interesting lives I couldn’t help but have a feeling of slight melancholy. As always, I had my DnB, Dubstep & House playlist going on my iTunes. As I layed there with bass blasting in my ear I wasn’t getting any happier, finally this song came on, Take You There by Chase and Status. As it’s cool and relaxed rhythms went on I couldn’t help but feel eased and slightly more happy. The song has some spacey synths and an overall calming sound. Now this song may be a little older but songs like these are timeless and are worth listening to over and over. So if anyone out there is going through a rough patch this one goes out to you guys and if not make sure to check this one out because it’s a classic.

Benga – Midnight

Sadly as Dubstep gets more and more popular that underground sound has seemed to fade. Luckily people like Benga haven’t quite lost their touch. As I looked for some new music tonight I decided I’d check up on a few artist’s soundclouds, one of them being Benga’s. His latest update to his account was his song Midnight. The song is filled with heavy kicks and very choppy and deep basslines. Above all it isn’t in your face like this new poppy Dubstep is, it’s just a cool song and is definitely worth a listen. Attached to the player is a free download so make sure to grab that as well as check out the rest of his Soundcloud.

Freak – Bassjackers Remix

Welp, I’m out here in Idaho and sadly internet is scarce so I’m gonna have to make this post quick. Earlier this week I was in seattle with the rest of the Ganjaology family and while I was browsing around on soundcloud I stumbled upon this awesome awesome song, Freak by Drumsound and Bassline Smith. I was instantly hooked and of course there were several remixes up as well, naturally I thought they were worth a listen and I picked the first one I saw by the Bassjackers. The song started out pretty mellow but when the drop occurred I was blown away. The very deep and glitchy sound of the bass gave the song a very unique sound that I haven’t really heard that much. I definitely recommend both of these songs and make sure to check out more of Drumsound and Bassline Smith because they have so many unforgettable tunes as well as this one. Sadly I have to go… so here’s the download for the Bassjackers Remix but I can’t find one for the original, you will just have to buy it. LISTEN UP!!

A Classic DnB Tune

Back in 2010 I downloaded Pendulum’s Essential Mix, there were tons of songs that popped out to me and I had stuck in my head for weeks, but one in particular stuck out. With it’s heavy spacey and very choppy bass lines and the intricate drums this was easily my new favorite song. Sigma definitely is a huge name in the drum & bass community and of all their songs I would go out on a limb and say that their remix of Rescue me if by far their best tune. So check the song out and if you are looking for a good mix definitely hit up Pendulum’s Essential Mix.

And here is the Essential Mix


While going through some random youtube vids, looking for a new song, I stumbled upon this HUGE drumstep tune. The song I found was Magic Fountain (Royalston’s Drumstep Remix) by Art vs. Science. In the beginning I wasn’t sure what was to come of it but I waited for the drop and ohhh man, the song is massive! It’s got a very dark and spacey drumstep vibe to it. The bass is kind of like that transformers sound that you get from Excision tracks while bringing heavy drums and spacey synths in the background with something of a grimey melodic sound. If only there was more of these songs out there… this will suffice for now though. So here’s Royalston’s massive remix of Magic Fountain by Art vs. Science

DnB Highlight #6! Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Close

Late last night before bed I was browsing around twitter seein’ what people were saying about EDC Vegas and I noticed Rob Swire had recently posted “This tune is so fucking heavy…reminds me of hearing “Odyssey” for the first time” with a link attached. Naturally I had to look at it due to my DnB withdrawals and because Rob has shown me some of my all time favorite songs. I ended up listening to it about 15 times and was hooked! The song opens instantly with a fast pace and a huge build. The drums in the song are just massive, now most DnB songs bring some heavy and complex drums but this song just brings an intensity that isn’t carried in all songs. Welp, I’m gonna stop writing and just let everyone at it haha, so here is my new favorite song, Close by Drumsound & Bassline Smith. Big up.

Excision & Downlink – Heavy Artillery (SKisM Remix)

Now… I’m pretty tired and have work in the morning but couldn’t wait till tomorrow to write this shit up because WOW IS THIS TUNE HUGE! Excision and Downlink’s original was massive but Skism took that art and perfected it. The song was anounced and has been floating around youtube since early June but it was released yesterday officially on Beatport. The title of the song is pretty self explanatory, the bass hits so hard, the drums are heavy as shit, basically… the song is like Heavy Artillery. Big up to Skism, Excision and Downlink for this one, definitely gonna be a big track for a while. Now I need my beauty sleep… so here’s the download link, as always a 320 for you folks. LISTEN UP!!

DnB Highlight #5! – Sigma & DJ Fresh

I found out about this song Lassitude mainly through Drum & Bass Arena, instantly it was a hit with me. It’s got a true Drum & Bass sound to it, the type you here from such producers as Aphrodite (one of the older producers in the DnB and Jungle world). It kicks off with a cool summer vibe, which made it all the more logical to put it on the Drum & Bass Arena Summer Selection, then quickly moves into an intense hyped up rhythm. Much like other DJ Fresh songs, Lassitude embodies a Soul quality, I get most of that quality through the singers voice that resonates through the tune also through the piano heard in many segments of the song. Then from Sigma you get the smooth, rhythmic, but powerful and very spacey basslines. This collaboration is nothing short of perfect, the two producers have awesome chemistry coming from two different sides of Drum & Bass. Now it pains me to say this but bands/producers like Pendulum may be categorized as Drum & Bass but they really aren’t; their first album Hold Your Colour 100 percent was DnB but later albums such as their most recent Immersion only really had about two or three TRUE Drum & Bass songs on them (i.e. Crush and Salt in the Wounds). Now I still love them but what I am mainly trying to say is that the true Drum & Bass is not exactly what many have come to think it is. With songs like Lassitude and producers like DJ Fresh and Sigma the amazing genre is not even close too being lost however it must be known that Pendulum is not quite Drum & Bass but more of an Electro/Dance band nowadays (No disrespect because they are my favorite artist). Anyways, hope everyone likes the song as much as I do, and make sure to check out more from both of these amazing producers. Here it is Lassitude by DJ Fresh and Sigma. (I think there are like 20 more downloads available on this soundcloud link so hit those up and if it runs out I have a 320 so just hit me up for that)


If you are like me, and you love Dubstep and Drum & Bass, there is nothing better than a massive Drumstep tune. Drumstep hasn’t been as prominent as the two huge and growing genres DnB and Dubstep. Because of Drumstep’s small amount of productions, I usually just refer to it as a hybrid or a sub genre. Dr. Ozi (recently featured in an article by itsthejhanna) has been becoming a prominent part of my itunes and surely will be a big name as long as they keep producing huge tunes such as Coconut Water. Their heavy electro sound resonates through each song while still changing it up so each song is different. Ozi’s latest release is a remix of Chris Brown’s Look At Me Now, they applied a grimey deathstep type bass to the song while keeping the drumstep break down’s and tempo up. The breaks give the song a huge and very addictive rhythm to the song. Overall, this song is just awesome and hopefully these guys make it big cause they deserve it. Here’s the song, they were kind enough to give a free download so make sure to hit that up and make sure to check out more of Dr. Ozi on their soundcloud!

Knife Party – Save The World Remix

Finally, after months of anticipation and unbelievable amounts of excitement Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have announced their new project Knife Party. Now, their site ( is currently under construction and details about the group are scarce however they have released one song which is as Rob Swire put it “Seizure Music”. It has an overall heavy electro sound once the song gets going, but sadly sounds a little poppy due to the original Swedish House Mafia track (no offense to those who like the original). In a previous article “Pendulum Rumors” I had mentioned the brief talk with Rob Swire himself and how he told me about a possible new project being based around dubstep. Because of that talk I am sure Knife Party will be releasing some heavy tunes much like Set Me On Fire and Salt In The Wounds, and although this song might not be as massive as some of Pendulum’s big tracks I have a lot of hope and trust that Knife Party will be massive in years to come. So here it is, Knife Party’s first official release. 

DnB Highlight #3! Talk To Frank

While listening to Digiraatii’s latest mix online I heard some crazy crazy facemelting tunes. One of which that caught my ear with it’s HUGE drop was J. Rabbit’s remix of Talk To Frank Originally by Virus Syndicate. The drop is up there with some of the biggest in all my time listening to Dubstep and Drum & Bass. Everything about this song is just awesome, it’s bass is deep as hell and it hits so hard. The lead has a jungle sound and although you know something huge is coming when the “You can say no, you dont have to get high its cool, but i got flake, blues, MDMA, and Peruvian nasal fuel” picks up you have no idea how massive the drop is. Now this is more Drumstep than anything however it fits the DnB Highlight bill. Anyways… Here’s the song and the download link!! More DnB Highlights soon to come!

DnB Highlight! – Tantrum Desire

Last month Tantrum Desire released his remix of Blind Cobblers Thumb by Futurebound. The song hasn’t seemed to have hit off yet but wow is it good. The bass is very powerful, much like songs like Space Time by Delta Heavy and Tarantula by Pendulum. Overall the song has a jungle sound to it sticking true to older Drum & Bass and sounds of older DnB icons like Aphrodite. As the song builds there is a feeling of something big to come and when the song kicks in it goes hard. It’s spacey sound and fast pace will definitely be killin’ dance floors around the world for years to come. Now listen up!!


Just picked this song up off Zippyshare and wow, I am in love. This track, Playing The Villain by Son Of Kick, is awesome.  It contains a very dark sound that just sucks you in. The bass is deep, hypnotic and heavy as ever while the breaks bring a SICK rhythm. The song hits so hard and each time the bass kicks you can almost feel it. This and Doctor P and Flux’s remix of Louder are definitely the two biggest tracks out right now Playing The Villain however has a sound that you do not hear often. It’s very similar to Contact by Noisia which is very dark and just an overall loud song like this. Anyways enough of me, LISTEN UP!!! SPIT VENOM GET BLAST BLAST, BASS BLAST!!!

Download it right here, happy listenin!

This Song Gives Me The Creeps

In a search for some new music I stumbled on this little nugget. It’s called This Place Gives Me The Creeps by Herbal Sound Man (big ups just for the name). I saw his name and thought it was worth a listen, so I played it.  At first I didn’t think much of it but as I listened I was transported to all those nights watching Scooby Doo as a kid and hearing Fred, Velma, or Daphne saying “This Place Gives Me The Creeps”, and I just felt chilled out. The song has a very eerie and deep bass with some really cool minimal drums and an overall dubby sound. It’s cool when you can hear songs like this and know dubstep that sticks true to it’s name is still out there. So here’s the track. Oh and I forgot to mention… THE SONG IS FREE AND IT’S A WAV FILE. Happy listening everybody, hope ya like it.