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Artist Spotlight :: Te Wa

Huge things comin’ from this Bolivian based Drum & Bass/Jungle producer! I’ve gone through a bunch of his mixes up on his soundcloud and I seriously can’t get enough of em’. Each mix has such a good flow to it, and it really demonstrates the versatility of Te Wa as a DJ. He always brings different sounds into the mix that are always really unique and off the beaten path of popular Drum & Bass. His song selection might not always be the most popular stuff, and it won’t come as a surprise if you don’t know every song, but each tune is perfectly selected and molded into the mixes flawlessly. Check a couple of his mixes below and hit up his soundcloud right here!

EEK A MOUSE – Wa Do Dem (Janaka Selekta Dub Remix)

GET THOSE LEGS JUMPIN HIGH! A WA DO DEM A WA DO DEM DEM DEM!  This is a track I was sent by an old random acquaintance out of Florida.  Sometimes you forget people exist…and then you get an email that contains nothing but a SoundCloud link. Click it!  It might just be a gem, like this song.  Janaka Selekta BIG UP YOURSELF!