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Ableminds – Faces Album

If any of you Ganjaology goers, are into Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, or Electronic, you should check these guys out. The Denver based Electronic trio go by Ableminds. They take the very over saturated electronic world and put a bit of an organic flavor to the mix. With Guitarist Jordan Linit and Bassist Charlie Mertens on the production side combined with the raw sounds of Drummer Greg Horn, the three create a very unique sound that will appeal to many. I wanted to show you guys three songs off of their debut full length album.

The first one is called “September 2nd”. If some one asked me what that day fealt like, I would tell them to listen to this song. The funky guitar riffs mixed with the arpeggiating synth get me honestly. If you take those two and mix in a groovy electronic drum pattern and an emotional melody, well… you would get this song.

The name is spot on for the second song as well. The track entitled “6 In The Morning” truly puts me at time period in my head. Its soothing enough to be an early morning song, as in playing this song on your morning commute, or playing it at 6AM after a crazy night of partying. Either way seems to work nicely in my head. Try it out. I bet you’ll dig it.

Lastly, is a more Hip-Hop based electronic track “Let It All Go”. It combines the flows of LA based rapper Deploi and the beatiful sampling of these Ableminds. Such nice vibes on this track, with a very organic approach to glitch hop.

Loving these sounds, I can’t wait to hear more.