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CocoRosie – Smokey Taboo (Unlimited Gravity Remix)

Pure beauty.  That’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I finished listening to Unlimited Gravity’s remix of Smokey Taboo, by CocoRosie, for the first time.  I can’t really describe what ‘pure beauty’ looks like or what it feels like…it’s beyond words…but you’ll know what I mean when you experience it first hand.  Click play, kick back, and enjoy a good bowl of ganja while you’re taken to a new level of chill through the amazing work of Unlimited Gravity.


Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You (Self Help Ghetto Disco Dub)

When Self Help releases…we write…about everything…!  Ohio’s lead player in the underground bass music scene is stepping up the awesomeness of summertime with his new remix of Department Of Eagle’s song, No One Does It Like You.  What a proper title for this song too.  Why? You might ask?  Well…because no one does it like Self Help.  No One Does It Like You has all the addictive qualities Self Help has been pumping out through speakers world wide over the last couple years.  An unmistakeable bouncy bass line…samples chopped up with the utmost style…and melodic builds and breakdowns that have feet two stepping and percolating in every direction on the dance floor.  All the technical aspects of this remix are great and I could continue to say positive things, but my favorite thing about this track and a lot of the remixes Self Help has done is the fact that the originals are still worth listening to too.  A lot of producers are putting out remixes that sound great…but you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to the original song.  For Self Help that is not the case at all and this leaves him ranked very high up there in my top artists list.  He has a great ear for good, authentic, emotionally moving music, which is reflected by the tunes he chooses to remix and in his versatile, genre-limitless DJ sets.  Self Help’s Ghetto Disco Dub of No One Does It Like You is a free download so be sure to add this one to your library!  Also worth checking out is the video for the original song by Department Of Eagles.  Enjoy!

Detzky – Datenshi

Hailing from the streets of London, the young producer, Detzky, made a big tune about a year ago called Datenshi, which means “Soul Eater” in English.  This is a minimal dubstep track which was inspired by Skream’s remix of In For The Kill.  Up until now I had not heard it…it’s definitely worth sharing, and pumping through your soundsystem…especially with such beautiful vocals from Miku Hatsune.  Enjoy!

David Lynch – In Heaven (Self Help)

“In Heaven, everything is fine.  You’ve got your good things…and I’ve got mine…”

Here’s some new Self Help for ya!   This time he’s bringing some unclassifiable awesomeness to your home speakers with a remarkably graceful remix of David Lynch’s, In Heaven, from the movei Eraserhead.  It’s stellar.  Check it out!

Kulture – Old Dubs Downloads

 Here is a nice and dubby 5 track playlist brought to you by none other than London, England’s, Kulture.  This is such a nice sexy, dubby, and smooth set of tunes to vibe to in the early morning.  I recommend a big cup of coffee, a medium-large spliff, a nice set of speakers, and 30 minutes to get into your chill space.  It can’t do anything but stick a little extra positivity into your daily flow.

WU LYF – We Bros (Young Montana? remix)

Treat yourself good today.  Start the day off with some healthy stretches to get your body in the awake state it needs to be in.   Lead that stretch session with some healthy sounds by created by Young Montana? and Wu Lyf.  Follow your stretch session with a healthy bowl of your cities finest greenery.  Good morning…Ganjaology style… BIG UP YOURSELF!