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Westerley Live @ Shambhala 2013 – Living Room Stage

Big shout out to Westerley for this huge dubstep mix!

:Michael Red on the Mic:

1) Author – After Time
2) Dubtek & Chewie – Primitive
3) The Others – One Man Show (J:Kenzo Remix)
4) Dcult – US
5) LAS – Blood
6) Karma – Smear Dub
7) Gantz – Lifebound
8) Deafblind – Humanism
9) Gantz – U Wont Mind
10) Catacombs – Badman Culture
11) Piezo – The Omen
12) Daega Sound – Rainmaster
13) Sleeper – Species
14) D-Operation Drop – Genesis
15) LAS – Minus 2
16) Commodo – Space Cash
17) Gantz – Stayer
18) Amit – No Mercy
19) Killawatt & Ipman – Killa In A Jungle
20) Chewie – Mesmerized
21) Catacombs – Music Mi Luv
22) Perverse – Tribute
23) Killawatt & Ipman – Darkplace
24) Benton – Wormholes (Soap Dodgers Remix)
25) Thelem – Elemental Fears
26) J Robinson – Mysticism
27) Matt U – Frequency
28) Daega Sound – Under Pressure
29) Demon – Door 13
30) Biome – Black Widow
31) Asylum – Blindfold
32) J:Kenzo – Ricochet
33) Daega Sound – The Ridge
34) Westerley – Keys Of Time
35) Daega Sound – State Of Mind
36) Amit – Acid Trip
37) Fatboy – Sick (Artikal Remix)
38) Ipman – Persistent Dread
39) Goth Trad – Born To Know
40) Ipman – Sensory Deprivation
41) DJG – Time Is The Fire VIP
42) Killawatt – Static Tension
43) Sunchase & Nickbee – I Speak & Spell
44) J:Kenzo – Cause & Effect
45) Icicle – Caffeine
46) J:Kenzo – Bloodlines
47) Ipman – Signal Motion
48) Thelem – Synthetic Artifacts
49) Chapta – Late Night Jazz
50) Asylum – Afterlife
51) Wayfarer – Reflections
52) Dub Phizix – Yukon
53) Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptikal Remix)
54) J:Kenzo – One Drop
55) Chimpo ft. Dub Phizix & Skeptikal – Buzzin’


Shambhala & Homebreakin Records – Night Moves Remix Contest

This year in celebration and anticipation of Shambhala Music Festival, Homebreakin Records and Shambhala are doing a remix contest of Neighbor and Thinktanks tracks ‘Night Moves’ and ‘The Peaks’.  All you producers out there who think you’ve got the skills to have your sounds played on the Pagoda stage by the legendary Neighbour, get your remixes ready and sent off to Shambhala by August 2nd!  The winner will be announced on August 6th… and they are really getting hooked up fat!

You Could Win…

  • Your remix released on Homebreakin records.
  • Complimentary 2013 SMF ticket.
  • Skip the ferry lot line and receive free parking in talent parking.
  • Greeters at reception.
  • Accreditation – talent wristband.
  • VIP Camping – tent, air mattress, linen sheets, duvet – all provided.
  • Guided Tours – by Talent Services administration.
  • Industry guests BBQ – on Saturday and Sunday
  • Meet and greet with producers and parents.

All submissions should go to :  or you can email mediafire or other download links to

Download the stems here :

 The Peaks –
Night Moves –


Gramatik – You Don’t Understand

Gramatik, Ganjaology

Gramatik… What a producer. If you aren’t hip to Gramatik, I would strongly suggest that you tune in. Boasting an impressive list of releases through a dynamic array of labels including Pretty Lights Music, OWSLA, Fat Sound, Cold Busted, Some Cutz Up, Gravitas Recordings, Seamless and now Lowtemp – Gramatik is ahead of the game. In announcing his Fall 2013 tour schedule, he has also provided us with an exciting new single from his upcoming album The Age of Reason soon to be available via Lowtemp. Check out the tune below, and be sure to catch one of his shows!

Check out the tour dates here.

If you’re headed to What The Festival!? or Shambhala… yup, he’ll be there!

FrumLater – Live at The Living Room :: Shambhala 2012

FrumLater, Shambhala, Ganjaology

Here’s a nice heady dance mix for ya… Caught this set by FrumLater last year on the Living Room Stage at Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, BC. He was filling for someone. Someone awesome, which is why I was there. But honestly, I don’t remember who that was now. I do know that this man waxed the dance floor that evening. DAMN.

Catch him at Shambhala again this year. See you there!

Michael Red – Low Indigo // Lowi 1&2

Michael Red, Low Indigo

It’s a wonder how frequently we allow the frequencies of our daily lives to govern our emotions and send us into swirling patterns of ever rolling tides. As I begin to awake to the reality that my experience is simply a song, a beautiful sonnet of intermingling notes, chords and phrases – I find the importance of filling my ear space with uplifting sound.

With the many opportunities for listening, it is sometimes difficult to choose the frequencies that we allow to penetrate.  For those out there, that share my excitement in cutting through the illusion – I recommend the music of Michael Red. This Vancouver-based dance floor don, also happens to be one of the West Coast’s leading  sound scientists. His work with the Low Indigo project is truly an experiment in the science of sound, a testing ground for new found frequencies.

Is it true what they say about the possibility that we can heal through sound? While this music may not be specifically targeted at healing any specific trauma, I feel that there is deep healing power and spiritual significance in these sounds. Tune in to Low Indigo with Michael Red’s Lowi 1&2, and allow yourself to truly listen. Everyone will have a different experience.

What is yours?

Be sure to catch Michael Red this summer at one of his many exciting festival dates including Bass Coast and Shambhala among others. He is famous for his early morning sets, so don’t sleep. Or wake up early…

Shambhala Releases 2013 Lineup!

Shambhala, Music Festival, Salmo, Ganjaology, BC

The legendary BC bass camp, Shambhala Music Festival  has listed their 2013 lineup – and oooh my oh my, this event is going to be… Well how else can I describe it, other than HAM. Shambhala Music Festival is going HAM. No if ands or buts about it. Only butts about it. HAM

Be sure to check out On The Road To Shambhala for a taste of what’s to come!


And don’t miss this exclusive interview with the infamous iLL Gates, discussing the power of SMF!


Here’s a link to check out all your favorite artists. Too, too many to list.

SMF Artists 2013

Shambhala, SMF, Ganjaology, Salmo, BC


On The Road to Shambhala 2013 – Video Contest [Ends Tomorrow!!]

Shambhala Music Festival

Well folks, the time has come to begin thinking again about summer time. While it may not feel like it yet, Shambhala Music Festival is right around the bend. Check out this exciting teaser featuring footage from last year.

Do you recognize anyone? Be sure to enter the contest for your chance to win your way into one of Canada’s most highly regarded events of the summer. Instructions are below.

Good luck!



★ PRIZE: A ticket to Shambhala 2013

★ HOW TO PLAY: Name as many artist cameos in the SMF Presents: On the Road to Shambhala! video as you can.

★ WHO WINS: Entries with the highest # of correct names will be entered into a draw for the ticket.

★ HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY: Email your answers to with Subject Line: ON THE ROAD TO SHAMBHALA. Also, throw in a note that you found out about the contest through GANJAOLOGY.


★ Please number your list, for example…

1. First artist you see

2. Second artist you see

Shambhala Music Festival, Salmo, BC

The video features fresh beats by BC locals, Clyphs (Woodhead & S2)

The track, “Out Front” available to download for free here!

Michael Red’s Sunday Morning Living Room Mix – Shambhala 2012

Today I just want to kick back and relax.  I need some good thinking music, some good smoking music, and some calm energy being cast through my speakers….

It’s time for Michale Red’s Sunday Morning Living Room Mix.

This mix will get you in the zone.  The chill zone.

Tune in.


koreless – lost in tokyo
kline – snapback
andrea – work the middle (kodak to graph rmx)
duct – blackheath (fybe one rmx)
oceania – postable
fybe one – irenidae
evy jane – ohso (andy dixon rmx)
clams casino – swervin rmx instrumental
saydo – before time
frank ocean – pilot jones
clubroot – inviolable
darling farah -fortune
deft – clotting
lianne la havas – lost and found (ifan dafydd rmx)
james blake – pan
illum sphere – blood music (indigo rmx)
pariah – signal loss
james blake – klavierwerke
saydo – rhino
jools – summa
v.i.v.e.k. – strategy
unltd – power decline
oceania – you live in me (feat n)
synkro – lost for words
sanctums – ghost forest
kryptic minds – a glimpse of hope
lorn – the well (intro drums loop)
airhead – paper street
zomby – a devil lay here
sexytime – inamorata
drop dead – basic state
clouds – rest of the cycle
actress – raven
mekha – aneurism (dsve rmx)
peek – devil’s side
l_ow – diver
cube face – called you
lianne la havas – forget (shlohmo rmx)
phon_o – die maschinistin
sbtrkt – hold on

Truth Ft. Datsik & Yayne – Too Late

Out of all the shows I traveled to and was able to add energy to by breaking out some very rare moves on the dance floor, one show I will never forget is Datsiks set at Shambhala a few weeks ago.  It was my first time seeing him, and for some reason (probably due to living in Seattle) I envisioned the crowd being overrun with Skrillex loving 14 year olds on too much ecstasy.  It was totally the opposite though!  The crowd was full of Datsik lovers from all over who were as positive, fun, and enthusiastic as you could find.  Shambhala is 19+ too so that really took care of a lot of the nonsense you see going on at his and many other big dubstep artists shows in the States. The Village stage at Shambhala was BUMPIN.  Datsik played everything from dubstep, to electro, to moombahcore, and beyond.  All of a sudden an hour and a half had gone by and I needed to sit down.   I can’t remember if this track was dropped at the Shambhala 2012 Datsik performance, but it’s dope and brings back some good memories.  It’s a song called Too Late  which was produced by Truth, some of the deepest dubstep artists in the game, and features Datsik and Yayne.  The melody is gonna be stuck in your head after hearing this one one time.  Enjoy!

Thanks to this one is a FREE DOWNLOAD too! Get this in your music library

Artist Highlight – Drifts

          There’s  an INSANE amount of artists living in Canada that are so loved in their home communities, at the festivals that flourish in the mountains during the ever so short Canadian summer, so supported by local venues, radio stations, and above all the Canadian people, that there is no need to tour around the States (or outside the West Coast for that matter) and therefore all you wonderful bass music lovers in good ol’ Amurrrica are not exposed to the musical movement that is taking place in our Northern tree covered neighbor.

          A group that I had the pleasure of camping with this summer, and who fall into this category of “Canadian artists you probably have not heard of if you’re American”, is DRIFTS.  I met Justin and Ryan together shortly after the official Ganjaology landing at Shambhala Music Festival in August. They had just come back from some sort of epic mission somewhere on the festival grounds.  The specifics of what they were up to, where they were coming from, and where they were going are unknown and not particularly important now.  What I will tell you is that these two came into camp with such a high energy and welcoming smiles that you couldn’t help but like the two right off the bat.  Justin’s a little more reserved and well spoken.  Ryan really knows how to party.  Together, they’re a duo going by the name Drifts, who create really heavy, happy, bouncy beats that are infused with all sorts of funky synth lines.  On top of that , they sprinkle a little love and… BAM! It’s time for you to get your daily dose of Drifts.     They only have a few tracks up on SoundCloud right now, but I’ve heard some of what’s to come… you bass lovers will be blessed by the sounds of Drifts in many magical ways for years to come.  


1. Luke Vibert – Ambalek
2. B.Bravo – Just Listen
3. Com Truise – Future World
4. Audit – Back to Normal
5. Poldoore – Banana Hammock
6. Robot Koch – English Money
7. Heyoka – Moth Dub
8. Bluetech – Polychrome
9. Timonkey – Heaven and Earth
10. Toddla T – Streets so Warm feat. Wayne Marshall feat. Skream
11. Mimosa – Up in the Clouds
12. Naive Machine – Robot Ramification (Virtual Boy Remix)
13. Tipper – Cuckoo
14. Ghostmutt – Thoroughbred
15. Pavel Dovgal – Kiss Purple
16. Paper Tiger – Deep Sea Space
17. Alphabets Heaven – Boosh
18. Slugabed – Mountains Come Out Of the Sky
19. Jon Wayne – Andrew
20. Hot Chip – Look at where we are (Major Lazer vs Junior Blender Remix)

DJ Dubconscious – Skankin’ and Rockin’ Promo MIX

DJ Dubconscious has spent the last decade enveloped in vibrations emanating from some of the most sinister sound systems ever created. With roots in Toronto, Mr. Jake L aka Dubconscious has been listening to reggae influenced bass music since his days as a youth in the East Ontario Jungle and Drum n Bass scene. Having bounced back and forth from Toronto to Vicoria, to Nelson, to Vancouver – Dubconscious has developed into a superior selector of today’s finest dub sounds. We recently had the pleasure of partying with this badboy soundboy at Shambhala, where we kicked back and got comfortable while he was playing the Living Room Stage. His set was easily one of my favorites.

For those that couldn’t be there, here’s his 2012 Summer Promo Mix. Enjoy!

Lafa Taylor – Mixed Emotions EP

California based performing artist Lafa Taylor is making a name for himself this season, appearing at all the major Best Coast bass music gatherings. Performing at events including Symbiosis, Lightning In A Bottle, Raindance Campout, Eugene Bike and Music Festival, Techno Tribal, Sonic Bloom, What The Festival, and most recently Bass Coast – Lafa is taking the scene by storm. Next up is Canada’s famous bass music festival, Shambhala. And yes, we’ll be there!

While Lafa mixes it up at his shows, tracks from his recent EP Mixed Emotions are certainly to be expected. Soulful, intelligent, and sexy, the Mixed Emotions EP is a collection of high vibe bass-centric beats overlaid with vocals by Lafa and others. Sincere in his message, Lafa exhibits real freedom in his creative expression. The Mixed Emotions EP touches on real situations dealt with by real people including love and loss, serenity and sadness, and elation, elevation, laughter and life.

The Mixed Emotions EP is available for free download here.

While you wait for the download, listen up!

And be sure to support…

Lafa Taylor Website

Lafa Taylor on Facebook

Lafa Taylor on SoundCloud

AC and Dell – Right Now (Udachi Remix)

Here comes Udachi with a fire remix of AC and Dell’s premier track off their new album presented by MISHKA, Right Now. I’m telling you, Udachi really knows how to create a smashing symphony when mixing heavy wobbles with hip hop. No doubt this will get some club attention in the university scene. Thank you Party Like Us Records. 

And since, this is only a clip, I’ve added a mix which includes the track. This is Udachi’s BRB… Going to Shambhala promo mix. The track drops promptly at 31:48 and gets down to business shortly thereafter. I treally love the way this guy rips it. Big ups to all that will be at Shambhala this weekend. Don’t miss Udachi’s set!

Kry Wolf – Lost in Tremé [Sounds of Sumo]
Beenie Man – Dude (The Living Graham Bond Remix)
Lars Moston – Too Much Party Time (Sammy Bananas Remix) [No Brainer]
Myd – Octodip [Marble Music]
Vybz Kartel – Go Go Wine [Mixpak]
Chase & Status – Hitz (Dillon Francis Remix)
Yoseph – Bootsy [Hot N Heavy]
Koan Sound – Mr Brown [Inspected Records]
Koan Sound – Trouble in The West [Inspected Records]
NAPT ft Lucian X – Perfect Day [Blood Sugar Records]
AC Slater & Xaphoon Jones – Believe Me [Party Like Us Records]
Kavsrave – Your Love [Tighten Up]
The Widdler – Flexstar [Mal Label]
Munchi ft Mr Lexx – Shottas (Bert on Beats Remix) [T&A Records]
Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover (Bababa) [Enchufada]
Star Eyes – White Gloves [Trouble & Bass]
Hostage – Energize [Party Like Us Records]
Wachs Lyrical – Break My Heart (Yoseph Remix) [Hot N Heavy]
Udachi ft Nani Castle – Crushed Velvet
Starkey – Street Rockers [Civil Music]
AC & Dell – Right Now (Udachi Remix) [Party Like Us Records]
ENiGMA Dubz ft Drapez & KT – One Opportunity [LU10 Records]
Mochipet – SpaceZilla (Udachi Remix) [Mal Label]
Dev – Dancing in The Dark (Proper Villains Remix)
Zombies For Money – Ankara Dream [Trouble & Bass]
Drop the Lime – Bourbon Blitz [Trouble & Bass/Scion AV]
Just Kiddin – Last Chance Saloon [Top Billin’]
Underworld – Diamond Jigsaw (Jacob Plant Remix)
Obsidian ft MelissFX – Far From Home (Udachi Remix) [Synth City]
Foamo – Vibrations [Fat!]
Wachs Lyrical – Summer Beat [Hot N Heavy]
Mustard Pimp – ZHM [DiM MAK]
Last Japan ft. Bobbie Gordon – Settle Down (Asa Remix) [LU10 Records]

Also, check out the full AC and Dell album online here!