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Movement 2015 – Recapitulat-ION



It’s been a few short weeks and my heart is still racing from Movement Detroit. Held in the Heart of Detroit’s downtown just along the Detroit River, Movement is easily one of the largest events to ever happen in this city. Tens of Thousands pour through the gates of Detroit’s Hart Plaza each of the three days of the festival… And at they end of the night – They all file out.


Since its inception in 2000, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) has evolved into a masterpiece of international presence. Hosting over 100 DJs from around the world, the event – now titled Movement – boasts nearly 100k attendees over three days.


Six major stages are positioned in Hart Plaza, three of which are sponsored by Thump, Beatport and Redbull respectively. The giant Movement Stage is positioned naturally within the plaza’s primary amphitheater and was home to acts like Art Department, Loco Dice, Dogblood, Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, and DJ Snoopadelic (yes, that’s Snoop Dogg). The Beatport stage was positioned just along the river and was home to Catz n Dogz, Soul Clap, Ataxia, Dubfire, Maya Jane Cole, and Nicole Maudober. My personal favorite stage was the Redbull Music Acadamy stage which was home to Method Man, Disclosure, Hudson Mowhawke, Danny Brown, People Under The Stairs, Jets, Ben UFO, Brodinkski and Squarepusher. Oh my gosh… This lineup was simply insane.


Considering Detroit is known around the world as the birthplace of Techno, it’s only right that Thump Magazine (the music channel for Vice Mag) would sponsor the “Made In Detroit” Stage. Each day this stage held space for day long showcases. The Ghostly International Showcase which closed with Matthew Dear was easily one of the highlights of the festival. On the final Day, my mind was blown as the festival drew to a close and I found myself in the presence of Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May performing “Hi-Tech Soul”. Two live production audio engineers with the addition of a live percussionist reminded me of the true essence of music. It was enormous to see live drums played along side an electronic performance of this magnitude.


Beyond the Festival itself, the entire city seemed to open its doors to host after parties, mimosa brunch events and other extracurriculars. We found our way to into the TV Lounge for Soul Clap, City Club for Maceo Plex and Skream, and of course the infamous Old Miami for Seth Troxler’s Need I Say More IX day party. Wow… I don’t think anyone slept all weekend.


All around, Movement proved to be far beyond the scope of imagination. I will surely be headed back next year for another round of high potency shenanigans. Thanks for the Motor City…















no shoes

All photos are the work of Ms. Ally Cat aka Allison Roberton. Strictly film. Thank you!

Skream – “Mood To Funk”

Here’s a free release from the main man skream! What a great picture right?

Download it here for free without the guilt of illegally downloading it!!

Skream – Skreamizm 7

The brand new legendary album from one of the pioneers of dubstep, SKREAM.

Skream – “Problem Dog + The Blue Crystal”

Well I’ll tell you what, I’m pumped about these two tunes. Skream just posted them up to soundcloud about 6 hours ago and both of em deserve a post. I think Skream may have just perfected the balance of darkness, grime, and cleanliness with these tunes. Reverbs – perfect. Percussion – crisp of course. Creepy, dark vibes – check.

What’s really amazing to me, is that in this well saturated Dubstep game, Skream is able to STILL come up with unique sounds and patterns, and maintain his signature style. He mentioned in the info of the two tracks that Youngsta will be playing these in the coming months, maybe this means a release on Tempa? Wouldn’t that be a treat. Big up Skream as always. Now check em!

Jammer – Big Man 2012 (Produced by Skream)

Here is a brand new Skream and Jammer collaboration entitled Big Man 2012.  It seems like the trap train is making it’s way around the world!  This tune is huge, stay tuned for a release date.

Detzky – Datenshi

Hailing from the streets of London, the young producer, Detzky, made a big tune about a year ago called Datenshi, which means “Soul Eater” in English.  This is a minimal dubstep track which was inspired by Skream’s remix of In For The Kill.  Up until now I had not heard it…it’s definitely worth sharing, and pumping through your soundsystem…especially with such beautiful vocals from Miku Hatsune.  Enjoy!

DMZ (Mala & Coki) Set at Outlook Music Festival 2010 with SGT Pokes

I just came upon this recording of Digital Mysitkz (Mala & Coki) set they recorded at Outlook Music Festival in 2010 with Sgt. Pokes blessing the mic.  I’m almost speechless at the seriously positive vibes thrown out into the world by this set.  From the moment this recording starts Mala, Coki, and Sgt Pokes leave the crowd dumbfounded by their volume, undeniably awesome track collection, and large presence they displayed on stage.  Here is the tracklist.  You’ll need to know what’s playing over your speakers for the next 30 minutes!

1 Pinch??? – ????
2 Twinkle Brothers – Faith Can Move Mountain
3 Digital Mystikz – Return II Space
4 Goth-Trad – Cosmos
5 Mala – Eyez VIP
6 Movado – Gangster for Life (Coki Remix)
7 Coki – Marduk Coki – Lucifer
8 Skream – Tapped
9 Digital Mystikz – Anti-War Dub
10 Mala – Bury Da Bwoy
11 V.I.V.E.K. – The Big Bang
12 Digital Mystikz – Haunted
13 Coki – Spongebob
14 Coki – Shock It
15 Mala – Changes (Distance Remix)
16 Truth – Fatman VIP

Skream – Come Down

I’m speechless after playing Skream’s new track, Come Down.  What an incredibly emotional tune from the dubstep legend.  Skream says he’s looking for Weekndesque vocals to accompany this gem of a tune.  I’m interested in what will come of Come Down. Tune in.

Skream – Inhumane

This is evil, its inhumane. Skream you LEGEND

Seriously, not much else I can say listen up.

KSH – “Annihilate”

Skream and Benga just dropped this track annihilate tonight on BBC Radio 1. There’s clearly a reason why they selected it for their weekly show. This track is a huge 4×4 track that keeps a unique flavor (they can often sound the same). KSH a producer from the UK has created this massive tune keeping his unique style very present in the wobble patterns and the percussion. He also has recently released a free EP entitled the “Numbers EP” as a kind gesture to his fans which you can download here. This track is huge and I’m sure there is more to come from this guy.


Skream – “Mood2Fuck”

Here’s a Skream track that I’ve never heard, I thought I’d share it with you all. It’s not quite as loud as some of his other tunes, but its still maintains the Skream heaviness. Apparently this tune been around for a while, so if you’ve heard it, why not take another listen. If you haven’t… why not take a listen. If you haven’t heard of skream, check out more of his tracks here.

Benton – Acute Studio Mix

Here’s some weight for the bass head’s crate.  Getting down on some heavy compiling for Acute Promotions Agency, Benton slays his musical catch through mixing in talent of Kryptic Minds, Sleeper, Biome, and Thelem. Damn!  That’s only to name a few of those contributing to the sounds of every depth of treble and hardcore bass.  Anyways if your ears are at all picky like mine you will keep this beat on repeat.  I dare you to download this one and drowned in the pool of buzzing LX One shocks & quaking bass shakes from the beast of Benton himself.  Enjoy the rudeboy frequency!

Skream – Dark Keys

Skream will never cease to be one of the worlds leaders of the most elagent and majestic dubstep produced in our time.  This is a tune put up on SoundCloud last month called Dark Keys.  As you can already know without clicking play, it’s a banger.  The name pretty much takes care of the description of the song too.  Dark Keys…I’m going to guess that this is a pretty deep and minimal track that is graced with the presence of Skream’s oh too erie synth rhythm.   Aaaand we’re on to listening now! Click play.  

Taiki & Nulight – “Bad Habbit”

These guys are sick. I first heard them about six months ago when Dream tweeted about their free EP that they had released. Their track “Defate” first introduced me to their signature heavy sound. Then while watching an episode of Get Darker TV I watched them spin a very energetic, fun, heavy set and I was instantly hooked. Their track “Bad Habbit” is set to release of off Benga’s new label cleverly named Benga Beats, and its a big one. Bad Habbit has been smashing dance floors and and booming over the english radio, now it’s ready to bless the public! Check out this tune:

go grab their new EP on subway:


Boogz Boogetz and Prodigy of Mobb Deep – Supreme Flow

The infamous Dubstep legend Skream teamed up last year with a pair of notable New York hip hop MCs, Boogz Boogetz and Prodigy (aka the long locked away other half of Mobb Deep). Just releaesd, this is the official video for the song, Supreme Flow. For all you bass heads out there, this track is the real deal. But you already knew that. I mean honestly, we’ve all heard this song.

For those that are interested in some more of the hip-hop flavor, I added a few additional videos from Boogetz, one of which again features Prodigy. Enjoy!

Did I mention that Skream will be in Seattle with Benga in March? Oh ya, well shout out to Kaos Theory for this one. Check back for the writeup.

Skream – Nefariousa (Scion AV)

 Here is a brand new video from Skream for his song Nefariousa, which is from the five track ep Skream & Benga released with Scion AV earlier in December.  Be prepared for an intense six minutes to take place before your eyes as soon as you click play.  Big ups to and Skream & Benga for entertaining the masses this month! FINISH OUT 2011 WITH A BANG MATE! THE WORLDS GONNA END NEXT YEAR!

Skream – 130BPM Mix

Everyone knows that master selector/creator Ollie Jones, better known as Skream, has paved the way for the dubsteppers across the universe. What is less well known is that our boy’s skills expand far and wide, in this case into the wonderful world of 130 bpm four on the floor fatty future funk. This mix is a set that Skream did at Manchester’s Warehouse Project just this month.

I had the exciting experience of visiting the Warehouse Project while in Manchester a few years back. Once an underground auto bunker, this subterranean maze of marvelous brick work is home to one of Manchester’s most exuberant party spaces. When you listen to this mix imagine raging deep in a cavern where the vibrations resonate with so much force that the walls shake. That’s Warehouse Project.

And that’s the sound that the Skream brings with this paramount package of tunes. Enjoy!

Boddika & Joy O – Mercy
Samuel L Session – Can You Relate
Drums of Death – Bang The Drum
Robert Hood – Apartment Zero
Ramires – Praxis
Nacim Ladj – Carlito’s Way
Paperclip People – Throw
Para One – Mother (Mr Oizo Remix)
Boddika & Joy O – Swims
Fix – Flash (Edit)
Brodinski, Djedjotronic,Noob & Harvard Bass -Extreme Compote
Hackman – Close
Steve Poindextex – Work That Motherfucker
Grain – Untitled 4
Boddika – Soul What (Beats Mix)
Drums Of Death – Tear The Box Apart
Hackman – Sunburst
Skream – Thought’s of You

Scion A/V Presents: Skream & Benga

Wooooo! Well if it isn’t the two dubstep dons at it again with a nice quick release for all to hear. This 5 track sampler is available for early free download currently at

I chose to share two of the five with you friends, because these two… they’re just amazing. First up is benga’s Electro West.

I have been waiting for this damn track to be released for quite a while now. Every time I see videos of Benga he’s dropped this, everytime i’ve seen him live he’s mixed it in, they even teased us with it in the magnetic man essential mix.  Now, finally its here and I honestly can’t wait to mix this one in myself.

Second Is Skream’s Phat Head. Skream never ceases to amaze me. The way he creates these loopy songs that instantaneously evoke motion is unlike anyone else. This ones definitely a head bobber and drops nicely with the fat Skream synths.

Anticipate Feat. Sam Frank (Netsky Remix) – Skream

Now I know this already got a release but, it’s awesome… At first I was kind of indiferent about Netsky’s remix of Anticipate cause it isn’t the best song I’ve ever heard, but today, I could not get it out of my head. It has the classic feel of the Belgian producer to it, very up-beat and positive while still bringing some massive driving basslines. Anticipate originally is a great song but Netsky really did put a great spin on it, and the song absolutely needed a DnB remix. Big ups to Skream and Netsky for this one, possibly one of the happiest DnB chunes I’ve heard in a while. Have a listen below!

Tantrum Desire – “Reach”

Well, I hate to say this but I know nothing about the artist. The only thing I do know is that the song is set to release on Technique Recordings on November 27th. Skream and Benga opened up their show on radio 1 last night with it… obviously its gonna be a banger.