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Feyorz – Dis Position

Here is a smooth track from Russian producer, Feyorz, entitled – Dis Position.

It’s a free download!  Happy Thursday.


Intelepaths – Neon Arrows EP

July is upon us.  In the year of the dragon, us Americans will be celebrating the 236th year of our independence as a country on July 4th.  Along with all the days off work, proud emotions, arguably some of the most epic BBQ’s world-wide, and an incomparable amount of fireworks going off nation wide, the 4th of July is known to many as a reason to throw the most outlandish parties imaginable.  This year there is a special treat for the bass music community not only in the United States, but around the world…

On Tuesday, July 3rd, Intelepaths will be releasing their debut EP, entitled Neon Arrows, through Critical Beats.  Made up of Ill-esha, and Unlimited Gravity (aka two of the West coasts most well known glitchy/dubby/hip-hoppy/all-around-awesome artists around), Intelepaths is a brand new project and a brand new name, constructed of two bass music veterans.  Both Unlimited Gravity and Ill-esha have a very steady and enthusiastic following which seems to have already launched this project into the “sucessful” realm of things.  Upon hearing about the beginning of Intelepaths from Ill-esha herself a couple months ago, I was immediately intrigued by the sound that these two would produce together and had a feeling it may be a sound unheard before.

“2 people doing live singing, rapping, looping…we both produce” was what I was told.  And that is exactly what has been delivered…and a whole lot more…

Made up of 5 songs, Neon Arrows is an INCREDIBLY different take on what you’ve been hearing in glitch-hop.  Combing their beautiful harmonized voices, over top beatbox recordings, over the funkiest of bass lines, backed by the thickest, crispiest drums, and topped off with an orchestral ambiance,  Intelepaths have crafted a sound that they can genuinely call their own.

You all heard the preview of what was on the way with Intelepath’s cover of Adina Howard’s Freak Like Me.  I don’t doubt that this will be one of the most sought after releases from Critical Beats this year.  In TWO days you’re able to get your copy of Intelepaths debut EP Neon Arrows to properly set off your 4th of July with the fireworks of their sound.

Until then…enjoy the previews!

Intelepaths on SoundCloud

Intelepaths Facebook

Critical Beats


DJ Shadow ft. Little Dragon – Scale It Back (Silkie’s Slowjam Mix)

Lets get a little sexy bass action poppin’ off in your world this morning with Silkies Slow jam remix of DJ Shadow & Little Dragon’s, Scale It Back.  This tune might not be new, well okay…its kind of new… I guess it’s not freshly uploaded 30 minutes ago on SoundCloud new, but it’s still representing just how amazing 2012 has been for producers worldwide.  One thing I love about Silkie easily his name reflects the music he makes.  It’s all Silkie smooth.  Enjoy and treat yourself well today! 

WU LYF – We Bros (Young Montana? remix)

Treat yourself good today.  Start the day off with some healthy stretches to get your body in the awake state it needs to be in.   Lead that stretch session with some healthy sounds by created by Young Montana? and Wu Lyf.  Follow your stretch session with a healthy bowl of your cities finest greenery.  Good morning…Ganjaology style… BIG UP YOURSELF!

Fugitive Motel Remix – RJD2 & Elbow

I’ve been listening to a lot of the cd’s I bought between the years of 2004-2008 and I came across one of my all time favorite albums Loose Ends, by RJD2.  This is a pretty rare album.  I bought it at one of his shows he played at the Grog Shop in…05′? It might have been 04’…anyways, the whole album is super smooth, in that classic RJD2 style, and has some good memories attached to it.  The  Fugitive Motel  remix is definitely not a club banger, but it’s worth the listen and like most other music on it sounds much better through a good sound system.  Bump it!  

Here is another remix of Fugitve Motel by September 70.  This ones REALLY chill. Enjoy.

Smooth – From Within [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Well this one has been all over the place recently and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of you have already heard and downloaded it. For those of you who haven’t, GET IT! From Within is part of Smooth’s upcoming Blinded By The Light EP off of Viper Recordings and needless to say he absolutely smashes it! The track is filled with energy and driving basslines reminds me a lot of tracks by Matrix & Futurebound. Not sure where the sample is from but it’s perfect for the song, if anyone knows what it’s from you should leave a comment below, it’d be much appreciated. Anyways, Smooth and Viper Recordings were kind enough to give this out for free so have a listen below and grab it here from the Drum & Bass Arena website!

Smooth – Blinded by the Light EP

Ohhhhh man, can’t wait for this to drop. Forthcoming on Viper Recordings on the 9th of January comes the Blinded by the Light EP by Smooth. I heard the sample of it a couple of days ago and have been dying to hear a full track, but luckily From Within, the last track of the EP, just got posted up on Soundcloud so I’ll be good for another week or so. But anyways, this album is really gonna be interesting. Smooth is a really unique producer and I can say that each song on the EP is completely different. Some are really heavy Sub Focus and some are on the smoother (no pun intended) and more soulful side of DnB similar to artists like Netsky. He is very similar to Metrik, Camo & Krooked, and Matrix & Futurebound just to name a few. Anyways, check out From Within and samples of the other songs below. Big ups to Smooth! Can’t wait for the release!!!

[Album Minimix]

[From Within]

Big Up Podcast #50 – Phaeleh

I’ve always been a fan of podcasts and am always happy to find a new subscription to get excited about.  This past week I came across Big Up Magazine Podcast and downloaded a couple episodes.  Yes, I was excited, and for good reason.  These were incredible mixes by todays biggest players in bass music and covered a wide range of music while staying pretty specific.  Make sense?  I ran through mixes by Modeselector, Mexicans With Guns, Ghostpoet, and then came across a mix by Phaeleh that blew me away with it’s smooth, sub driven beats and airy melodies.  Phaeleh produced every track you hear on this mix.  This is on par with the Mad Decent Luvstep mix that was released in 2010 AKA one of the coldest and sexiest mixes ever recorded in the history of humanity.  Deep. Powerful. Inspirational. Downright moving.  This has been on repeat at the Ganjaology headquarters for a couple days now…here is what you’re next 47min  (or next couple days) will consist of…

0:00 Phaeleh – Numb
3:39 Phaeleh – In The Twilight
5:56 Phaeleh – Unwanted (feat. Anneka)
7:46 J-One – All I Need (Phaeleh Remix)
10:03 Phaeleh – Should Be True
13:15 Phaeleh – Lament
15:12 Phaeleh – Natural Feeling
17:09 Phaeleh – Plink
19:12 Phaeleh – Think About It
21:56 Phaeleh – Lykasea
24:13 Phaeleh – Afterglow (feat. Soundmouse)
26:44 Phaeleh – Soulfunk
29:15 Phaeleh – Isolate
30:51 Phaeleh – Losing You
33:15 Phaeleh – Hollow
35:12 Hatti Vatti – You (Phaeleh Remix)
37:29 Phaeleh – From A Distance
39:46 Phaeleh – Plateau
42:03 Phaeleh – Iscabe Piano
44:35 Phaeleh – Lounge
46:40 Phaeleh – Healing (feat. Indi Kaur)

 Listen to the mix HHEERREE.

In the meantime…enjoy looking at the tracklist and listen to Phaelehs 2010 album Falling Light.

DJ Marky, S.P.Y – Mystic Sunset

Mystic Sunset off the EP Yellow Shoes by DJ Marky & S.P.Y. is different from a lot of DnB to me due to it’s blend of the smoother stuff and the heavier stuff. The beginning has a relaxed and very ambient type sound and rhythm but as the song goes on it grows into a slightly more bass oriented song but instead of a full transition it keeps it’s steady and relaxed pace. Another part of the song that I am absolutely addicted to is the vocals, there is nothing better than a good singer to pull a song together; it doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary in terms of lyrics, the voice (like an instrument) just has to match the song which it does in this song. This one definitely goes up there with Netsky’s Your Way, if you are as in love with the smooth sounds of DnB as I am, you will definitely love this one.

Benga Tracks!

Here’s three reasons why Benga is one of the best dubstep producers out there. Each song keeps the dubstep feel but all have that crazy Benga vibe to ’em. Herbals suggested before viewing.

BENGA – UNITED KINGDOM. With some crazy sounding percussion, Benga lays the foundation for this heavy track. He really does a great job of making the tune sound heavy but maintains a clean sound. The bassline is absolutely perfect for this out-there banger with its heavy chugs and staccato drops.

BENGA – TRANSFORMERS. This dark tune has a really crazy vibe, with its dirty drums and percussive bassline. He continues to have the most bizarre yet perfect vocal tracks in his songs too! anyhow, bigup benga on this tunage.

BENGA – NOTHING LONG. The smoothest sounding dub song I’ve heard. Its a lighter one, but with the deep percussion and spacey lead, he makes this one flow beautifully.