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Psychedelicacy – Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine - Psychedelicacy X Penda

Here is a new tune, Liquid Sunshine, from Ganjaology’s own, Psychedelicacy.

You can download Liquid Sunshine for free via the Ganjaology BandCamp.

Stay tuned for their debut EP dropping in early 2015…

GANJAOLOGY on SoundCloud

Art By James Keith

Sasquatch Presents : BADBOYS III

This mix is one of the best beat tapes up on SoundCloud at the moment.  Take an hour and enjoy the smooth vibes of Sasquatch as he takes you on a journey through an array of samples and all original beats.  This is the first I’ve heard from the Vermontian, but his minimal hip-hop beats laced up with a plethora of easy listening melodies have got me interested in what’s to come from Sasquatch in 2014.   Enjoy!



Deafblind & Warsa – Dark Frontier

As the more mainstream dubstep sounds seem to be a thing of the past and bring back memories of 2008-2010 for many, the deep dubstep scene has still held it’s place around the world and continued to stay underground, and out of the eyes of the masses.   What keeps the sound so submerged?

This free download, Dark Frontier, presented by Deep Heads, was produced by Deafblind and Warsa, both of whom have vibrant solo projects.  Enjoy the deep sound they’re pushing and make sure you download Dark Frontier!

Follow Deafblind on Soundcloud: @deafblind

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Follow Warsa on Soundcloud: @warsamusic

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Follow Deep Heads on Soundcloud: @deepheads

Nightizm – “No God Only Us”


The Toronto based producer Nightizm has done it again!  His most recent tune titled “No God Only Us” was just released today on his soundcloud for FREE so g’wan and grab it!

This guy’s style is really unique. His ambient synths consistently carry a late-night vibe, and mesh so perfectly with his perfected trap sound. The melody in this song that bends throughout the spacey chords is the icing on the cake for me. Big things coming from this producer, don’t sleep on him.

Seize the Night!

Buku – Fullagold

It’s not everyday I can say I’ve heard some new ‘original’ sounding trap, however today there was not a normal day.  A few minutes after throwing on my SoundCloud player on my Iphone I found myself bobbing my head uncontrollably on the bus to some unknown tune.  I dug my phone out of my pocket to check out who this mystery bass badman was, and found that I was listening to Buku’s new unreleased track that’s coming out on Never Say Die Records, FULLAGOLD.  There is only a preview up so far…but it’s definitely enough to know that you’ll be hearing this one in the club worldwide all summer long.  From the epic intro to the dubstepish trap wobbles that Buku subtly incorporates into this tune….everything just works. April 21st you’ll be able to get your copy of NEVER SAY DIE, VOLUME TWO, which has tracks from  Buku, Dodge & Fuski, Schoolboy, Killagraham, Mobscene, Antiserum, and more.



Lost & 50 Carrot – “Leanin”

Damn this tune just needs a post, Its way too tough not to share. It’s been up for about a month on Lost’s soundcloud, and man is it a stinkah. The mix of Wiz’s vocals, over top the combined production of the two is just so perfectly heavy.

I saw Lost posting on twitter about how they wont ever be able to release it, so hopefully we’ll be blessed with a free 320 of it! Fingers crossed, we’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to a free 320 of the tune:

Dead Exit – The Mix – Volume 1

Huge mix coming from a new name in the Dubstep scene, Dead Exit. This mix is filled mostly with heavier tunes, but it really took me back with some classics by Skism, Flux, Doctor P, Funtcase, as well as some newer tracks by Metrik, Plan B, and many others. They also released a tune, Work On You, which is available to download for free on their soundcloud. Big up to Dead Exit, keep your eyes peeled for more releases on their soundcloud!

David Lynch – In Heaven (Self Help)

“In Heaven, everything is fine.  You’ve got your good things…and I’ve got mine…”

Here’s some new Self Help for ya!   This time he’s bringing some unclassifiable awesomeness to your home speakers with a remarkably graceful remix of David Lynch’s, In Heaven, from the movei Eraserhead.  It’s stellar.  Check it out!

Biome – “Havana”

J. Hanna here.

This here’s a big one from UK producer Biome. The tune “Havana” is set to release along side “No Tomorrow” as well as two edits of the B side. It seems as though the actual date is not set yet but it is said to be “Coming Soon” on the label’s soundcloud. Can’t wait for this one to come out, I’m sure to bag it that day. Big up Biome for another deep banger!

Mary J Blige – Aint Nobody (Brown & Gammon Remix)

Without a doubt, dubstep producer Brown and Gammon will be blowing up in no time, his incredibly clean productions, catchy leads and ear splitting drops crush venues and make dancefloors shake and crumble. Every track he releases blows me away more than the last, being a member of the well known “Circus Records” he supported by many influential and talented producers and musicians, take notes.


Jakwob – Let It Fall

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from Jakwob, but 6 days ago he broke the silence on SoundCloud with his new single Let It Fall.  I dig this track a lot.  As usual, the bass is as low as it can go, and Jakwob hit us with some silky smooth vocals on top of the deep piece of art we call dubstep.  Let this be the song of the day, and stay positive! 

Dj Cut La Vis – Rootstep Blend Vol. 6 – Mitoo Elliot

This is quite the mash up brought to you by none other than Dj Cut La Vis, of Brighton, England.  The two tracks are a mash up of Jackie Mitoo and The Soul Brother’s Ska Shuffle and Missy Elliot’s Pass that Dutch,  Both of which are extremely lively tracks.  AND HOW GOOD DO THEY SOUND TOGETHER!?  I’m blown away and thoroughly impressed with this one.  I’ve already clicked “save to favorites” on SoundCloud and would love to find a 320 of this.  Keep your ears posted for more “Rootstep” from the UK dj!

Skream – Outlook Dub

 Here is the brand new track, Outlook Dub, from the dubstep legend and pioneer, Skream.

Junkyard Bassics – “A Breach of Bass”

So this ones a little different than most of my posts, but I put the J. Hanna stamp on it! Shit is funky! I’d never heard Junkyard Bassics until now but they’ve got a real cool sound. They keep heavy feeling even though their synths are pretty smooth sounding. This song in particular has a cool melody and some nice synth switches that just make me wanna get up and dance. I don’t know much about the artist so just check the damn song out! Oh and by the way the song is available for free download on their soundcloud so grab it! J. Hanna out.

Nit Grit – Bomber

Epic intros, intricate synthesizers, the HEAVIEST bass, you feel like you’re in a club on Jupiter…yeah…you’re listening to Nit Grit.  We know his name out here on the West Coast by now but where is the rest of the dubstep community when it comes to showing Nit Grit the proper love he deserves?  Follow him on SoundCloud and keep up with his 2011 tour via his facebook page HERE.