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Truth – Hollow World Album (Preview)

Attention sub stompers and low end listeners the Dubstep don’s by the name of Truth are getting ready to release their full length album entitled Hollow World. The 14 track album, filled through and through with their signature sound across the BPM spectrum, is set to release June 10th on Firepower Records and is sure to do numbers.

The two hailing from New Zealand are some of the most productive and consistent producers in all of bass music, and from the sounds of these previews, they haven’t held back a bit. They’ve collaborated with many different artists and have kept it fresh throughout this deep sub-bass experience by implementing the grimey sounds of Joker and the precisely rhythmic vocals of MC Flowdan to name a few.

Listen through to each of these tracks and take in fresh sounds these two talented guys have provided, and get set to grab it June 10th!

Cessman – Inner Vibes EP [Dubliminal Records Apr. 8th]

April 8th is going to mark the release of an absolutely massive EP from the UK’s, Cessman.  The name of this EP is Inner Vibes, and it couldn’t feel more appropriate to have such a chilled out name.  This EP has got nothing BUT positive vibes!  As you may have already read in the title, it’s going to be released through Cessman’s own label, Dubliminal Records, and consists of four very inspiring, dubby, tracks that are very similar in the sense that they’re all awesome and will DEFINITELY make you glad you’ve got a sub, but at the same time the patterns and sounds throughout each song are very different, ultimately leaving you (the listener) with a non-repetative 4 track EP that’s gonna make the neighbors cranky.  Big ups Cessman! We’re looking forward to Inner Vibes! 

Kahn – Dread/Late Night Blues [Deep Medi]


These two deep ones are sure to do numbers on the day of the release, which lucky for us is within days. The Bristol based producer is set to release on the sub stomping label Deep Medi on December 5th, which if you don’t have your calendar right by you, is next Wednesday! Kahn’s production is so on point, these two tunes are just a couple examples of his many deep club bangers. I may have to grab this one on vinyl. Check the tunes and make sure you’ve got some low end capabilities with your speaks!


The three tunes below are so beautifully crafted. They have also been given as gifts to us bass music fans as a present by the Kiwi Duo. They have quite a minimalistic sound yet they still manage to keep a rather large sound. The percussion is what gets me initially, and then the genius that surrounds the rhythm sets in. The soothing melodies, the perfectly big ambience, the deep sub, all of its amazing. Check them out, I think you’ll dig.

Skream – “Problem Dog + The Blue Crystal”

Well I’ll tell you what, I’m pumped about these two tunes. Skream just posted them up to soundcloud about 6 hours ago and both of em deserve a post. I think Skream may have just perfected the balance of darkness, grime, and cleanliness with these tunes. Reverbs – perfect. Percussion – crisp of course. Creepy, dark vibes – check.

What’s really amazing to me, is that in this well saturated Dubstep game, Skream is able to STILL come up with unique sounds and patterns, and maintain his signature style. He mentioned in the info of the two tracks that Youngsta will be playing these in the coming months, maybe this means a release on Tempa? Wouldn’t that be a treat. Big up Skream as always. Now check em!

Ray Foxx – “The Trumpeter” (Subscape Remix)

Yes yes, new sounds from the Dub Police artist Subscape! He’s one of those guys where very rarely do you hear anything unpleasing with his stamp on it. This one has nice summer vibes to it in the ravey Subscape style. This remix of Ray Foxx’s song will definitely get people moving on the dancefloor. Check it!

KI HOON LEE – Undercover

Bang bang goes this man’s drum and bass game!  Ki Hoon Lee, the Korean don of DNB, fires away with 8-bit snares and jungle tech flares kicking against the rolls of deep, droning, monstrous bass.  This track has a license to kill with Lurka like drum kicks infused into heady, growling bites. This track drops infinite clips with countless notes of ingenious creativity.  Be ready because these dense strokes of sound will pump your ears with serious voltage.

!Click here for more of Ki Hoon Lee’s DNB!

Distance & Cyrus – “Titan”

This tune was posted up by Distance about half a year ago, it still hasn’t been released. If it is to come out, it will surely come out on his label Chestplate. Cool chuggy wobs over the driving Distance percussion are completed by the bass that you can hear from a DISTANCE. See what I did there? Ok enough, listen to the music.

Septum – “Occupation”

I just found this guy on soundcloud, I instantly followed him. This guy seems to be coming up in the electronic game solely judging by his soundcloud (which honestly means nothing). He’s got a sick deep sound, and for this song I’m REALLY diggin this vibes. This Dutch producer  has killed it with this smooth driving sub tune. I’m excited to keep watch on what else he has in his arsenal. Also, you can pick up his EP May 7th from Vulcan Audio! Go grab it.

Requake & Brownz – Bounce

Straight WEIGHT coming from the unstoppable bass pioneers Requake & Brownz. I have never been dissapointed when I press play on one of their tunes and as soon as I hit play on this one it had to be shared. This tune presents such craft, sofistication and creativity all under the nice warm blanket of bass that rattled my entire studio throughout the entire track. The synth and percussion work in such a way that it’s sure to make you BOUNCE!

MAN-AMEN – Broken Mickey Heart Mix

Straight vibes coming from Ganjaology’s own Man-Amen with his Broken Mickey Heart Mix. This is one hour of non-stop love, bass, and positivity. I popped this in my system last night and as soon as the smooth pad-filled 16 bars of D Minds banger “Ugly” blessed my ears, I was hooked.  The mix speaks for itself. Big up to the professor himself, Man-Amen.


Ugly – D*Minds
Broken Heart – TRG
DZ & Kozee – Turnin’ Me
Dog Money (Lovemix) – Asbo (Loefah & SGT Pokes)
Shallow – 16 Bit
Underwater City – TZR & Press
Love Don’t Come Easily – Skream
Sunday Morning Dub – Ripple
No Sunshine – Distance
Take Me Back – The Widdler
Sidetrak – Boxcutter
Crystal Film (Close Remix) – Little Dragon
Subconscious – Jogo
Reminissin’ – Geiom (Featuring Marita)
Strawberry Kiss – Orien
Gorilla March – Grimelock feat Alchemyst
Sirens – V.I.V.E.K
Red Sand – Jack Sparrow
Evolution – Benga
Otherside Remix (Earth Is My Spaceship) – Boxcutter
2012 – Pinch & Emika
Spread Love – V.I.V.E.K

Surge – Leech/Swaying Mantis Release

Coming up in just 3 days from now, Wheel and Deal Records is set to release a massive EP. However this is not your everyday release. No, this is an EP that has a very unique feel to it. Surge, hailing from the Dubstep mecha of Croydon, has (as he puts it) ‘built’ a very interesting sound to say the least. Both tracks are great tracks and have the same style in the way the synths move, even down to the frequency content of the synths. The track that really got me hooked though was “Leech”. That tune is simply mesmerizing, with the beautiful female vocals sung by Pyxis, and its melodic yet heavy bass to go along with it. I couldn’t stop listening, once I heard it. There doesn’t seem to be too much out there by surge, and I’m curious to see where his dubstep career pans out. If N-Type is backing him… I’d guess that he’s going to do well. Big ups to Surge on this special EP! Check it!

Soap Dodgers “Rachel Went South/Belly” Release

Such a clean sound coming from these UK cats. This EP, which was just released on Wheel and Deal Records last night, has such a crisp and full sound to it. Both tracks which instantly make me want to dance, are definitely set for the club. Everything I’ve heard from the duo I’ve like so far, I’m interested to see where they go from here… expect big things. Check it!

Farkas – “Tribal Dance”

Biggin up the Swedish producer Farkas on this one. There isn’t an actual date for the release yet but it has been set to release sometime in 2012 on Biscuit Factory. This one’s quite the ravey tune, with its four to the floor vibe. Tribal Dance has been getting plays from a lot of the UK dubstep DJs and I’m sure will be getting plays by all once it becomes available. Blast this one out your speakers and get yaself movin’!

Randomer – “Stalker”

Coming at you HEAVY with this one. Randomer, the London based garage producer,  has created this song “Stalker” to get your bead bobbin’ and your feet stompin’. I honestly don’t even know how to categorize this track under a genre. Maybe…UK heavy garage house? Anyhow check out this deep, absolutely massive tune, brand new from Randomer.

“Shanker” – Cessman

Here’s a nice tune from the Croydon producer Cessman. It reminds me of Jakes a bit with its weird harmony wobble. He labels all of his tunes under the genre “dubliminal”, which I think is a nice way of putting this deep, reggae influenced dubstep. I don’t know what it is about the dubstep that comes out of Croydon (maybe its because they haven’t lost sight of the reggae or garage roots), but a majority of what comes out of there is absolute fire. Check the tune out, and honestly check out more of his tunes on his soundcloud. He’s a really talented producer.. Big stuff. Big ups. BUH!

Biome – “Propaganda” & “DMT”

Man, I really hope that this minimal, more sub driven stuff keeps coming. This ones deep, its got a nice groove, and has nice spacey wobs trickled throughout. Definitely gets me bobbing my head. Biome just released this EP on Osiris Records, which has been putting out some solid stuff. Check it, it was just released 3 days ago so go grab it at your nearest online music store. BUH!


Truth – “Full Baked”

This ones another deep dubstep tune that truth has conjured up. The ambience is a nice filler to this bouncy yet deep tune. The new zealand producers have some very nice sounds coming out and have released several EPs in the last month. Check their soundcloud for the rest of the tunes but definitely check this one!


Here we go with the Belgium dubstep producers again. This time we’re excited to share some free tunes from Requake, a dubstep trio from right outside Brussels.  Requake reached 4000 ‘Likes’ on their Facebook page so they decided to celebrate and give the public 4 ‘Frequakes’.  I love the selection of songs Requake gave out.  Each of these tunes are deep, pretty minimal, with a driving bass line that is definitely not too heavy.  I can see the influence from the Deep Medi crew coming out in the production style of these Belgium bass masters.  My favorite of the free songs has got to be Blunt.  The song starts off with a nice bouncy reggae feel to it, followed up by a mellow wobble and a ghostly trumpet to get you into maximum relaxin’ mode.  This is a rude tune bwoy! TURN UP DEM SPEAKERSS,  and fire up that blunt! These are all a free download so click HERE to add these four beastly tracks to your library.

Eptic – “Like A Boss”

Here’s a nice swung dubstep tune from the Belgian producer, Eptic. This one is a little lighter than most of his songs… but its still pretty damn heavy. Can’t wait til he releases this one. Big ups to Eptic, and big ups to YOU! Now check the mufuckin tune.