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C. Markle – Half Way House Mix

Ganjaology, Portland, C. Markle,

Just heard this mix from the homie C. Markle out of Portland and it’s definitely worth sharing.

Some truly soulful vibes on this bubbly future bass mix.


Michael Red’s Sunday Morning Living Room Mix – Shambhala 2012

Today I just want to kick back and relax.  I need some good thinking music, some good smoking music, and some calm energy being cast through my speakers….

It’s time for Michale Red’s Sunday Morning Living Room Mix.

This mix will get you in the zone.  The chill zone.

Tune in.


koreless – lost in tokyo
kline – snapback
andrea – work the middle (kodak to graph rmx)
duct – blackheath (fybe one rmx)
oceania – postable
fybe one – irenidae
evy jane – ohso (andy dixon rmx)
clams casino – swervin rmx instrumental
saydo – before time
frank ocean – pilot jones
clubroot – inviolable
darling farah -fortune
deft – clotting
lianne la havas – lost and found (ifan dafydd rmx)
james blake – pan
illum sphere – blood music (indigo rmx)
pariah – signal loss
james blake – klavierwerke
saydo – rhino
jools – summa
v.i.v.e.k. – strategy
unltd – power decline
oceania – you live in me (feat n)
synkro – lost for words
sanctums – ghost forest
kryptic minds – a glimpse of hope
lorn – the well (intro drums loop)
airhead – paper street
zomby – a devil lay here
sexytime – inamorata
drop dead – basic state
clouds – rest of the cycle
actress – raven
mekha – aneurism (dsve rmx)
peek – devil’s side
l_ow – diver
cube face – called you
lianne la havas – forget (shlohmo rmx)
phon_o – die maschinistin
sbtrkt – hold on

HOOD PRI$M$ – Snapbacks And Tattoos Mix

This new mix from Hood Pri$m$ is super tuff!!! Starting off with Kris Kross, then jumping over to Riff Raff, and then to Trinidad James, Hood Pri$m$ killed it with the intro.  They did a nice job at letting you know that you’re in for a very hype 40 miutes!  This is a free download, so grab this!


Dash EXP & Ganjaology are proudly bringing you the BLACKFRIDAY Mixtape.  Featuring original tracks and remixes from himself and supporting artists such as Starkey, UZ, Antiserum, Djunya, and Banditz (Ganjaology), Dash EXP is taking you down a 45 minute bass packed adventure that touches on the sounds of today’s bass music movement.  Unlike everything else that’s just on sale today, this mix is absolutely FREE.  Whether your favorite sounds stem from hip-hop, dubstep, house, or techno, you’ll find Dash EXP brings a little of something for everyone with his BLVCK FRIDVY MIXTAPE.  Check it!



mixed by DASH EXP

    01    Fuck The World INTRO (Gucci Mane x Future)

    02    ƱZ x CRNKN – Booty 2 The Ground

    03    Dash EXP vs Tony Goods – Lose it (VIP Mix)

    04    Antiserum & Djunya – Soul Gravy

    05    Suzie Homewrecker – M.O.E. (Token Remix)

    06    Juicy J – U Trippy Mane (Huggy Bear Remix)

    07    ETC!ETC! & Brillz – Swoop

    08    Mista Hyde – G#1

    09    Rick Ross vs ƱZ – Hustlin (Big Once’s Blend)

    10    Steve Starks – Room Keys & Bitches

    11    Rockie Fresh – You A Lie (CRNKN & Branchez Remix)

    12    Abrasion Equation – Dark Matter (Dash EXP Remix)

    13    Sam Tiba – Dem Thirsty

    14    Quantic – Mishaps Happening (Flux Pavillion Remix)

    15    Tyga – Lap Dance (JWLS Bootleg)

    16    Mykki Blanco – Haze.Boogie.Life

    17    Dash EXP – Trimmin’

    18    Dash EXP – Emergency

    19    Son of Kick x Foreign Beggars x Virus Syndicate – EOW (Starkey Remix)

    20    Kanji Kinetic – Jiinx

    21    Starkey – DPMO ft Trim

    22    ¡El Cucuy! – Thug Theogony

    23    Future – Turn On The Lights (Dash EXP Bootleg)

    24    Starkey – Thugs

    25    Dash EXP – 2 Real

    26    RL Grime – Flood

    27    Banditz – Dat Ass

    28    Klever – Alright

Mixed Live

Shlohmo – “Pretty Boy Swag Remix” / “Forgot I Was Here”

Damn, I just had to do a post about this dude. Shlohmo coming from the New York is killin it with the sounds. I hadn’t truly taken in any of his music until now, and it is SUPER dope. He’s got this loose organic feel to his experimental electronic music (generalizing of course). Every tune that I’ve come across on youtube has had its own vibe, melody, swag, everything. Check out these two tunes, the first being a remix of Pretty Boy Swag… so sick. The second is a more relaxed tune that has more of a steady beat than alot of his songs and such a beautifully crafted melody. Check em.

Toki – The Slug

This tune is absolute fire!  The repetitive and beautifully crafted wobbles Toki  created for this tune leave a really smooth bounce in your step.  Along with that new found bounce in your step you may find the need to start The Slug over a couple times.  Don’t worry…you’re not the only who’s having these symptoms…

50 Carrot- Locoswag (Bryzergold Remix) [CLIP]

This song really caught my attention, its not like  a lot of dubstep thats out there. It hits hard and the wobbles are crazy weird, but definitely in a good way! Big ups to Bryzergold for this tune, keep them coming!

Compa – “Spektor”

This tune is huge. The Manchester based producer compa has killed it in a minimal dark way. Not only does this guy spin solely on vinyl, production-wise has quite an interesting sound to say the least. His drum work puts you in an almost entranced state, which is then driven along by these interesting wobble patterns that are not only appeal aurally but make you think as well. This ones a stinkah so throw it on, turn it up and let it fill your room with positive darkness.

Cloud D – Under The Influence





Lory Kong – Schmoking Choon

This is a true ‘Schmoking Choon’ right here! Blaze a big spliff and get ‘dem skankin’ shoes on bruv!  Lory Kong goes in extra hard with the level of deepness he brings to your speakers with his Schmoking Choon.  Lory Kong…now dubbed, King Lory Kong.  LISTEN!

Take a ride in the ESOLADE : The Purple Tape

 Dj Eso, of Keyel, aka co-owner of Heart & Sole, aka Clevelands next local legend, brings a extra smooth mix for the world to hear entitled Take A Ride in the ESOLADE : The Purple Tape. I’ve known Eso for more than a couple years now and he’s always been one of the freshest cats on the block.   Whether it be the smooth vibes he’s pushing through the parties speakers, or fresh kicks that stay cemented onto his feet, you’ll always know when Eso is around!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more mixes coming from Eso in 2012.  And watch your girlfriend!




Ying Yang Audio – Synergy/Sacred EP

I couldn’t find anything on the artist, but this is a big EP that will be coming out tomorrow on Soulstep Records. Really the only thing I can tell you is that the label is out of the UK (who would have guessed) and that the tracks are deep. Definitely baggin this EP in a few hours. Check the soundz!

Surge – Leech/Swaying Mantis Release

Coming up in just 3 days from now, Wheel and Deal Records is set to release a massive EP. However this is not your everyday release. No, this is an EP that has a very unique feel to it. Surge, hailing from the Dubstep mecha of Croydon, has (as he puts it) ‘built’ a very interesting sound to say the least. Both tracks are great tracks and have the same style in the way the synths move, even down to the frequency content of the synths. The track that really got me hooked though was “Leech”. That tune is simply mesmerizing, with the beautiful female vocals sung by Pyxis, and its melodic yet heavy bass to go along with it. I couldn’t stop listening, once I heard it. There doesn’t seem to be too much out there by surge, and I’m curious to see where his dubstep career pans out. If N-Type is backing him… I’d guess that he’s going to do well. Big ups to Surge on this special EP! Check it!

Goth-Trad – Sublimination

My heart stops every time the bass drops.  You would die.  I’m a troll. So I don’t. My ear drum bursts when the wobbles engage.  Thick bass.  Thick girls.  Thicker blunts.  My nose is bleeding from the subs.  I’m a troll. I like it. Get on my level. 

DARQMATTER – Check Me Out (FEAT. Motionfix, Dj Lunz, J-sonic Mc, and Ifthen)

BIG UPS TO THE WHOLE CREW THAT PUT THIS TRACK TOGETHER! Darqmatter comes with another bomb track called Check Me Out, which was produced by Dj Lunz and features lyrics by Motionfix, J-Sonic MC, and Ifthen.  This one rides out real nice.  With a thumpin’ beat and hyped lyrics on top you’ll have Check Me Out on repeat in no time.  Check it out!!  

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents : Khainz – Samba Loco


Minimal is a sub-genre of techno that is more focused on the more less complex sounds in electronic music, hence the term “less is more”

 To kick off the first Minimal Mowdi Mundaze I thought I’d start with the almighty Khainz. Simon Schwendener (Khainz), of Switzerland, started listening to electronic music in the early 90’s and making beats at the age of 14.  He began playing around with different sounds and ultimately created lighter, more chill beats that have become recognized as minimal. Its not ’till later on in his career that he started getting into the heavier side of minimal, with more aggressive bass lines that kick you in the throat and beats that just make you bob your head no matter what your doing. Anyways I leave you with this track that will blow your mind.  Turn those speakers up and enjoy the sounds of Khainz!

Headhunter – “Clone”

This ones a big one… big and deep. I don’t know too much about the artist, but they have been in the game for a minute it seems. This track is set to be released in 3 days on Blackbox Records, along side “Projector” another sick tune from Headhunter. Pumped to put this one in the cart… then straight to the decks.

Thumbnugget – Smoke On School Nights

Ohhhh man, big ups to Thumbnugget AKA DJ Beatz Off,The Blumpking, and Big Blunt coming from right here in Cleveland Heights, Ohio!! Above is possibly the most based video/song to come out of Cleveland and is filled with eerie vibes and massive wobbles. DJ Beatz Off, AKA Joe Manfredi, puts his own spin on Hip-Hop production with a lot of influences coming from Dubstep, needless to say, Thumbnugget is definitely ahead of the game in terms of production. As for the video, it is really well put together and as I watched it over a few times I began to notice a ton of intricacies that really did make it look like it was done professionally. Every aspect of this music video is sooooo based, big ups Thumbnugget! Check out their facebook page here!

ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag


Daedelus – Fair Weather Friends

Now this song isn’t new or anything… it’s just a fucking sick song haha. As usual, I’m feelin’ stressed but I re-stumbled upon this song. It always puts a smile on my face when I hear it. I actually got the pleasure of meeting Daedelus down in Baltimore during Starscape back in June. By far one of the nicest human beings I have ever gotten the chance to talk to, to say the least. And the fact that he stopped to talk to some random kid definitely says something about the guy. Anyways, check out the song if ya haven’t heard it already and take a listen to some of his newer releases. (The photo is of the Selecta himself (on the left) with Daedelus and my friend Cameron)