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SaQi – Heart’s Castle EP

Fusing the speakers with cultural rhythms and instruments, SaQi brings the danceable beat around with engaging tempos.  SaQi, a composer, producer, and trumpet player emerging from Portland flourishes in bohemian style on GYPSYPOP RECORDS!  On his 6 track EP, “Heart’s Castle,” SaQi incorporates talented vocalists into a wide variety of intimate instruments blending with stylistic synths.  The combination of sexy brass,  unique vocals, buzzing distortion, and wobble fusion keeps your ears glued to his sounds and will surely get your body in a deep groovin focus.  Support the artist on and reward yourself with his tracks of treasure.

Skream – Dark Keys

Skream will never cease to be one of the worlds leaders of the most elagent and majestic dubstep produced in our time.  This is a tune put up on SoundCloud last month called Dark Keys.  As you can already know without clicking play, it’s a banger.  The name pretty much takes care of the description of the song too.  Dark Keys…I’m going to guess that this is a pretty deep and minimal track that is graced with the presence of Skream’s oh too erie synth rhythm.   Aaaand we’re on to listening now! Click play.  

Ying Yang Audio – Synergy/Sacred EP

I couldn’t find anything on the artist, but this is a big EP that will be coming out tomorrow on Soulstep Records. Really the only thing I can tell you is that the label is out of the UK (who would have guessed) and that the tracks are deep. Definitely baggin this EP in a few hours. Check the soundz!

Kill The Noise “Dying” (Brown & Gammon Remix)

This stroke of genius just needs to be shared with you ganjaologites. Brown & Gammon should honestly be paying me for the promotion I do for him. But seriously this shit is amazing. His synth work is on a whole new level. So ravey but soo good at the same time. This ones a great remix, I definitely put the [J.Hanna] stamp on it.

Document One – Tainted Dub EP

Here it is…ZUUUUUUGGGGGG WRAAAAAWWWWWWRRR SKUUUUURT CRRRRRRRAAAKKKK! Those are the sounds you’re about to hear.  I am not surprised by any of the tracks off Document One’s new EP, forthcoming on Buygore Records,  Tainted Dub.  In fact I think it might be a little mellow to be on Buygore!  Okay not really…this EP really goes off into the realm of dark screaming synths and eardrum bursting bass.  It’s a little heavier than most of the dubstep I listen to on a daily basis, but none the less it’s a great preview for the upcoming EP.  Try not to blow your speakers out.  THAT IS YOUR WARNING!

Junkyard Bassics – “A Breach of Bass”

So this ones a little different than most of my posts, but I put the J. Hanna stamp on it! Shit is funky! I’d never heard Junkyard Bassics until now but they’ve got a real cool sound. They keep heavy feeling even though their synths are pretty smooth sounding. This song in particular has a cool melody and some nice synth switches that just make me wanna get up and dance. I don’t know much about the artist so just check the damn song out! Oh and by the way the song is available for free download on their soundcloud so grab it! J. Hanna out.