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Shock One – Relapse EP

Ohhhh man, so excited for this release. Both the original by Shock One and the Tantrum Desire remix are sooooo so good. With all the garbage Dubstep coming out these days it’s always so huge to find a great tune. Relapse has that grime to it but it’s not just noise, it has some awesome spacey synths and a relaxed melody to balance out the song. As for the Tantrum Desire remix… seriously, the two outdid themselves. There is sooo much energy in the song and is a perfect DnB interpretation of the original. Check out the vid above for Relapse and have a listen to the Tantrum Desire Remix below as well. Keep an eye out for the release exclusively on Viper Recording’s website and Beatport on November 21st. BIG UPS TO ALL YOU FOLLOWERS, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


DnB Highlight! – Tantrum Desire

Last month Tantrum Desire released his remix of Blind Cobblers Thumb by Futurebound. The song hasn’t seemed to have hit off yet but wow is it good. The bass is very powerful, much like songs like Space Time by Delta Heavy and Tarantula by Pendulum. Overall the song has a jungle sound to it sticking true to older Drum & Bass and sounds of older DnB icons like Aphrodite. As the song builds there is a feeling of something big to come and when the song kicks in it goes hard. It’s spacey sound and fast pace will definitely be killin’ dance floors around the world for years to come. Now listen up!!