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Nosaj Thing – Fog

Do you ever end up with music on your computer and you just don’t know how it got there?  That’s how I came across Nosaj Thing a little over a year ago.  I was scrolling through my music library and came across this funny name…no…saj…thing?  What?  Oh, I get it.  I instantly became interested  after reading his name and the fact that I had a full album of his and had never heard of him, so I picked a song and clicked play.  The first track I selected from Nosaj Thing was fog.  This is not your huge club banger, or heavy bass overload track.  Instead this is a beautiful, ghostly instrumental laced up with mellow drums that get your head bobbin’ to the beat.  I immediately fell in love with Nosaj Things production style and have since been a steady listener of his music.  It brings calmness to any environment and keeps your energy in tune.  Enjoy this one and relax today. PEACE!