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The Bloom Series Vol. 2 :: New World

The Bloom, New World, Ganjaology

Once again, the Bloom Squad has done it! With support of Muti Music, the team over at The Bloom Series has released a brand new package of paradigm shifters. Be sure to pick up the soundtrack for the second installment of The Bloom Series, an exciting look at what is emerging through the culture of collaboration and creative building. This is the New WorldHow do I (you) fit into it?

We can start by supporting this project through purchasing this incredible set of tunes!

Get it on Beatport or directly from Bloom through Bandcamp.

If you haven’t seen The Bloom, peep the films here.

Bless up!


The Bloom Series Vol 1 :: Fundamental Frequencies

Bloom, Ganjaology, Fundamental Frequencies

We are blooming. Things are beginning to really line up and the frequencies are beginning to sting ever so sweetly. With all the positivity that’s been going ’round it would be a shame if we didn’t share it with our network. That is why the Bloom Squad has decided to bring to us the music that so elegantly carried the vibes through the whole first film, Fundamental Frequencies. 

So, if you haven’t yet watched The Bloom, head on over to their screening room and take a peek. The film series documents the culture that is emerging surrounding transformational festivals, and oh’ if it isn’t done in the most uplifting fashion.

Tune in to The Bloom!

Purchase the tunes on Beatport or directly from The Bloom via Bandcamp.

The Bloom Series – Community Screenings [Tonight in PDX!]

The Bloom, A Journey Through Transformational Festivals

If you happen to be in Portland this evening, be sure to check out the premier screening of the Bloom Series. The Bloom, which will be shown tonight at The Academy Theatre, is a special opportunity to tune in to the Fundamental Frequencies with which our emerging culture resonates. Director Jeet-Kei Leung and his team have been around the globe gathering footage and interviews in an effort to document the cultural renaissance that is occurring through the advent of Transformational Festivals.

Tonight is the flagship screening in Portland which will be followed by US screenings in Denver, Worcester, Austin, Minneapolis and Seattle along with Canadian screenings in Victoria, Calgary, Vancouver, Enderby and Ottowa. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to link, laugh, love and elaborate on all the wonderful ideas that make our reality so enlivening. See you there!

Learn more about The Bloom here and purchase tickets here.

One Love