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Dubamine – Ju Shei (Feat. Jelal)

Santa Cruz’s hottest underground bass producer, Dubamine, is known to many for his heavy reggae influenced dubstep.  However, this time he’s showing his hip-hop background and versatile style with this beautiful track entitled Ju Shei.  Jelal is the MC responsible for the deep smooth lyrics over top of Dubamines production which create a warm, sleepy environment for listeners.  This is not the first time the two have collaborated on a track together.  A little less than a year ago Dubamine and Jelal released two tracks entitled The Goal and Vocal Illusions, which much like Ju Shei, carry an old school hip-hop feel and really just get you in a comfortable chillin mood.  Check out all three tracks from the Californians and be on the lookout for more collaborations from Dubamine and Jelal in the near future!