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Sevdaliza – The Suspended Kid [EP]


This EP is a great example of where pop music is going to be going in the next year or two. Drawing production inspiration from more underground outlets like Trap, Dubstep, Deep House, and HIp-Hop the EP provides a fresh array of songs. When you mix those inspirations with Sevdaliza’s entrancing vocals and incredible song writing, you get fresh, unique music that will set trends for plenty of others to follow.

Check the sounds below and buy the EP on itunes


Sergio Medes – Mas Que Nada (LAXX Remix)

When I first saw LAXX’s post on FB about this tune, I for some reason didn’t read the title of it. I just pressed play. When the sample first came in I was instantly hooked. LAXX has taken a Samba/Jazz classic and has made it truly club ready. There’s such great energy in the original tune, and the Oxford based DJ/Producer has accurately improved upon it. This tune is the first of his holiday giveaways so if you dig this one prepare yourself for more. He just posted it up a few hours ago, so get it while its hot!

Side note, the photo above is from LAXX and Farkas’ back to back set on Get Darker TV. Check it out here if you have an hour to spare, its a great set.

Biggin’ up LAXX as always, for more from him check his Facebook and Soundcloud.

Indigo EP – Forth Coming DEEP HEADS

Oh my deep based god, this is a massive release. This EP had me at the first drop. Theres such a grungy-ness to this set of tunes and I love it. The three tunes are perfect for each other as they fit together as a whole, meanwhile each maintaining their own uniqueness. This is a definite purchase as soon as it comes out!

Gaudi In The Studio

There are a lot of reasons why Gaudi is one of my favorite artists out there today.  A few reasons would be his high levels of positive energy, his classic analog production style, his ever so entertaining live performances, and because he makes videos like this one to really show you himself in his creative process.  Enjoy.

New highly anticipated Gaudi album coming soon…

KSH – “Annihilate”

Skream and Benga just dropped this track annihilate tonight on BBC Radio 1. There’s clearly a reason why they selected it for their weekly show. This track is a huge 4×4 track that keeps a unique flavor (they can often sound the same). KSH a producer from the UK has created this massive tune keeping his unique style very present in the wobble patterns and the percussion. He also has recently released a free EP entitled the “Numbers EP” as a kind gesture to his fans which you can download here. This track is huge and I’m sure there is more to come from this guy.


Jakwob – “Feeling The Desire”

Jakwob just posted up his new mixtape entitled The Prize on Soundcloud. All 10 tracks have the melodic feel that is consistent to most Jakwob’s tunes. This one stuck out to me because of its low key, melodic, groovy feel. The weird woosh sound that is layered over the kick gives the song a different feel as well. Honestly you should check out the mixtape here if you have an extended amount of time. But if you’re just popping in for a listen check out Feeling The Desire.

Cloud D – Under The Influence





Lauwness – Rastafari Healing Of The Nation

Some tunes are so deep and contain such emotion that you just gotta put ’em on repeat for a few hours.  This is definitely one of those tracks.  Lauwness, of Rotterdam, Netherlands, is bringing some heat with this tune that he’s currently still working on entitled Rastafari Healing Of The Nation.  This song is absolutely beautiful.  You definitely need a sub to get the full effect of this tune too…otherwise you’re just missing…well…the most important part of the song.  Stay posted for the release of this track and for more tunes from Lauwness on Ganjaology.  

Bob Marley – Hammer (VibeSquaD Restep


Bob Marley’s lyrics have, and will continue, to reach out and speak to people worldwide and throughout every generation we will see.  Hammer was recorded in the late 60’s, fairly early on in Bob Marley’s career, and then later on in the 70’s it was finally released on Bob Marley and The Wailers albums.  VibeSquad came in and took a Marley classic and did his own little “restep”.  I must say…I’m really diggin’ the bass on this one!  This track rides pretty hard, so big up yourself and tune in!

Soap Dodgers “Rachel Went South/Belly” Release

Such a clean sound coming from these UK cats. This EP, which was just released on Wheel and Deal Records last night, has such a crisp and full sound to it. Both tracks which instantly make me want to dance, are definitely set for the club. Everything I’ve heard from the duo I’ve like so far, I’m interested to see where they go from here… expect big things. Check it!

Bryzergold & Benzmixer – “Face The Facts”

Big ups to the Orlando based producers, Bryzergold and Benzmixer. This tune really stuck out to me with its driving percussion and deep, dark wobbles. These guys definitely are coming out with some original stuff. Check their soundclouds for more dark, dissonant bangers.

Kill The Noise “Dying” (Brown & Gammon Remix)

This stroke of genius just needs to be shared with you ganjaologites. Brown & Gammon should honestly be paying me for the promotion I do for him. But seriously this shit is amazing. His synth work is on a whole new level. So ravey but soo good at the same time. This ones a great remix, I definitely put the [J.Hanna] stamp on it.