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I’ve been hearing a lot of real dope hip-hop lately.  I was really excited to get this release from Tokyo Dawn Records and Pugs Atomz, BAMA PI.  This is an album you can play from start to finish and not skip a track.  ENJOY!


Tokyo Dawn Records Presents… Makings of Amalia

Are you ready to dance? Are you ready to shed your shell and take back that beautiful soulful step buried deep within your being? We invite you to please press play and proceed to privilege yourself with the delicious lyrical treasure that is Amalia.

Since the start, this celestial sound seamstress has brought an energy of exuberance and bliss to every tune she sings. Tokyo Dawn Records has decided to deliver a taste of this delectable diva’s tunes to the world with…

Amalia – Makings of Amalia 

Featuring an impressive array of international collaborators, the album highlights some of the best tunes of Amalia’s superior career as an artist. Gently guided by the playful spirit of Amalia, this album launches us into the outer reaches of futuristic funk music.

We hope you enjoy it!

 The album is available for digital download from Tokyo Dawn Records, here.

If you like it, be sure to also grab her solo album Art Slave.

Positive Flow – Flow Lines LP

UK-based multi-instrumentalist producer Jesse Reuben Wilson has blessed us this year with his first ever full length album, recently released through Tokyo Dawn Records. Adopting the name Positive Flow as the moniker for this project, Wilson uses the Flow Lines album to positively project a stellar vision into the culture vortex that is music.

Gathering influences from funk, soul, hip hop, and electronica Flow Lines offers fifteen tracks packed full of sounds. Including a multitude of both analogue and digital synthesizers, plenty of full bodied live instruments and an extraordinary collection of vocals from fellow UK recording artists, Flow Lines is a multifaceted journey through sound. Joining him on the album are UK soul legend Omar along with Stacy Epps, Colonel Red, Vanessa Freeman, Andre Espeut, and Heidi Vogel of the Cinematic Orchestra to name a few.

After listening to this album, you will surely know the mastery and creativity with which this man creates. If you are interested, we invite you to check out his bio directly from Tokyo Dawn Records here. Purchasing options are listed below.

Enjoy Positive Flow!


Tokyo Dawn Records is currently hosting a remix contest for one of the tracks from the album featuring vocals by Omar. Download the Acapella below and create your own beat. There are 24 days left to submit your tracks to TDR.





Tokyo Dawn Records : The Boogie Volume 3

Tokyo Dawn Records is bringing back the boogie with their recently released compilation album, The Boogie Volume 3.  This 17 track album is made up of artists from around the world, who collectively share one common knowledge.  What is that one common knowledge?  Understanding what it takes to make your feet move, no matter who YOU may be.

This is a really refreshing album to listen to.  It’s the third installment of the Tokyo Dawn Records Boogie series, and they’ve made quite a splash in the international dance community with this one.  With my inbox being flooded with glitch-hop and dubstep, it was really nice to open this gem and experience the cool positive vibes each track pushes from the speakers.

My favorite track on The Boogie Volume 3 is Eternal Wisdom by Reeno.  From the 80’s opening synth line all the way down to the clear muffled drums, this track flows like water.  It’s the kind of song you start moving your body to and all of a sudden 4 minutes has gone by!  The simplicity and concentration on the synth lines really brings the atmosphere being projected from Eternal Wisdom  to a whole new level of chill.

If you like beats inspired by hip-hop, funk, soul, and R&B, you’ll love The Boogie Volume 3.